One Day Always Comes!

tall_ships_7Being a writer is hard work and it can be a thankless task. So many have set out with high hopes only to give up after a while of not being able to see where the road ahead is taking them. A real writer cannot give up, because something inside won’t let them. A real writer always has to write.

So, today I read a story of someone who had planted a tree, hoping it would grow tall and up to the window where she worked on the top floor. She was hoping she would be able to listen to birds singing in it. She knew it would take a while.

The tree grew a little, slowly, sometimes sprouting berries. She watered it and pruned it regularly, removing all the old and useless branches and leaves. It took so long to grow that she had almost forgotten why she had planted it.

Then one night, after many years, she heard a bird singing outside her upstairs window. When she looked out, she realized her tree had reached the window and the bird was perched on it singing.

This is a lesson for us writers who continue on writing, although at times it seems as though we are not making any headway. Don’t do like some and stop for a season or write in spurts. Continue to write regardless of whether you see your story up in lights.

One day, when you have forgotten what your goals meant and you wondered if dreams ever did come true, you’ll look up and see that story or book you worked so hard on, in publication. Continue to write, don’t be put off, pour your heart and soul into your work. It may take years, but your one-day will come. Continue to prune and nurture your craft. Your ship will come in!

IMAGE CREDIT: Morguefile

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