Day 3 of Spring Garden Show 2017: Butterfly Habitat

Saturday, April 30, 2017

EvaGeorgiev / Pixabay

I woke up in the morning, and the first thing I noticed was the time: 8:19am—which is significant sign form me because it is the month and day of my birthday. And, it happened for two mornings in a row.

At 10:30am, I went to the Seminar Room B for a seminar on Creating a Butterfly Habitat.

  1. Have nectar plants to invite butterflies into your garden/yard.
  2. The host plants will create the habitat.
  3. Nectar and host food for caterpillars includes flowers, shelters, and a puddle place, which is a little jar that provides drinking water.
  4. The cycle starts with caterpillars laying eggs, when they are in “The J” position. During Chrysalis stage, the butterfly emerges out of its cocoon. (the caterpillar lays its eggs on a particular plant. The caterpillar eats a lot).
  5. Eggs laid on host/larval food plant. Monarch butterfly eats milkweed, Gulf Fritillary eats Passion Vine, and Anise Swallowtail eats dill, parsley, and fennel.
  6. Caterpillars are selective about their food. Mourning Cloak eats willow and elm, Painted Lady eats mallow and thistle because they are migratory and they hang out in flocks.
  7. Within 10 to 12 days, caterpillars make “The J” position, and they are vulnerable during that period. They form a silk pad by spinning.
  8. Chrysalis remains in the 10 to 12 period, as the caterpillar turns into a butterfly during winter, and they flutter out of its cocoon as a butterfly during spring. It is all about transformation and new beginning, as referenced in the bible as well as many philosophies about transforming your life and creating your new beginning.
  9. Swallowtail Chrysalis forms a sling, which is like a camouflage with trees.
  10. It hangs from the empty Chrysalis, dripping orange fluid. After it dries out in two hours, it flutters away.
  11. Don’t get milkweed in your eyes because it is poisonous. It is important to keep this plant away from kids and pets.
  12. The female monarch has thicker black webbing design, while the male monarch has black spots. The queen monarch has white dots, but no webs.
  13. Gulf Fritillary is an OC native butterfly, and it eats Passion Vine. It is a purple passion vine. The host plant is the lavender lady passion vine.
  14. Other butterflies include Marine Blue Butterfly, Hairstreak, Skipper, Cabbage White, and Sulphur.

The first step to create your butterfly habitat is to plant nectar plants in the ground or pots. Butterflies don’t eat food. They only drink their food. They need food, shelter, and water. They also need a full sun area in your yard with lizards and bugs. Add a water source, such as a decorative stream or pond. Add a Cassio Tree because it has Sulphur food on this tree.

It is important to use ethical means of controlling pests because pesticides will kill butterflies. Such toxic pesticides will end up in the ocean to kill other marine plants, animals and creatures. So, use your brain before contaminating the earth and ocean.

For more information, check out


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Year of the Rooster event at Spectrum Center

GDJ / Pixabay

Saturday, January 28, 2017

By 1pm, I drove to the Spectrum Center to check out another Year of the Rooster event, but this event was from 12pm to 3pm. I was watching the movie, Gone Baby Gone on indie channel as I was eating my breakfast, and it finished at around 12:30pm. But I remember when I sat inside my car, and started driving off toward my destination, I noticed the time was 1:11pm. I took a lot of videos of Chinese music, dancers, woman on stilts, and selfie wall with Chinese props. I bought some Dragon Breath dessert treat to try it out, and it is really made of cereal but in a very cold freezer machine that when you eat it, there is cold smoke-like substance coming out of your mouth. I noticed many kids were eating it, and I think that is why they like this stuff. I bought blueberry sauce with mine. I have always wanted to try it because it looks interesting and different. But I think it is more for kids’ treat. I noticed that I did like 14 videos.

At around 4pm, I drove to the Showcase Gallery to check out their latest art reception. I noticed that it was quieter than usual because it is usually busy and social, filled with people mingling together and a band playing in the background. There wasn’t even any band in this reception. I did one video, nibbled on some snacks, and tasted some Chinese biscuits, crackers, and milk black tea. I noticed many rooster paintings in the art gallery, which is good timing with the Year of the Rooster event going on during this week from Thursday until Sunday.

I returned home at 7:30pm, and I decided to upload my videos and snapshots on my computer and youtube. I turned on the TV on an indie channel, and I decided to watch Waking Life again because it is an interesting animated movie about dreams and philosophical thinking.

After I finished uploading everything from my iPhone to my computer, I suddenly noticed that the time is 9:11pm. Wow, is this some kind of sign? Now, I need to start uploading videos into youtube.

Firefox noted that today is Happy Data Privacy Day.

Vlog for Saturday, January 28, 2017, from 12pm to 3pm

Year of the Rooster 2017 Chinese New Year event continues, but this time it is at the Spectrum Center in Irvine, California. I went there at 1pm, and stayed there until 4pm. It was very crowded at the mall, where many people enjoyed a new dessert treat, Dragon Breath, as well as other entertainment activities throughout the mall. I took a couple snapshots and made some videos of the musicians, dancers, and performers for this Year of the Rooster event.

As I was waiting for the third video to upload on youtube, I checked the time to notice it is 11:11pm.

I just noticed that two of these videos had background music with copyright issues. So, I had to remove them and add youtube featured tracks. I decided on jazz and blues music, Rhythm Changes by John Deley and the 41 Players. The music fits with their dancing, even though the music isn’t Chinese music.

For another video, I decided to use the RB Soul music, Supreme by JohnDeley and the 41 Players.

In the third video that I had to change the original background music, I added Ambient music, Open Sea Morning by Puddle of Infinity.

Two people on youtube told me that I can use their remix music, but I can’t figure out how to add their music into my video. I only notice that youtube featured tracks music under the audio section, and I don’t see other people’s playlist in that section. So, I am waiting for one of these people to return my message and explain how to use their music. Meanwhile, I guess I will use the youtube music for now until further notice.

I did 12 videos for Saturday, at two different events.

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December 6 is Put On Your Own Shoes Day?

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

When I turned on my computer and went on Firefox, I noted that Firefox stated it is Put On Your Own Shoes Day, which apparently is another national or international holiday. These national days are becoming very creative and unique because a new and different one is always being created somewhere by someone who obviously has a lot of time on their hands. It probably has to do with telling people not to follow the crowd or stupid people, and do their own research to educate themselves, express their uniqueness and individuality, and follow the truth.

At 5:45pm, I decided to go to this evening street hiking at the Sidewalks of Turtle Rock. But when I sat inside my car, I noticed that time was 5:55pm. It was a two-hour hike in a hilly residential neighborhood with nice homes, and I think everyone was brisk walking, although at difference paces. When we met at the parking lot of the elementary school, I saw a round pin with lion crest and Gryffindor. It looks very Scottish, but I have never heard of the name. I later looked up the name in the internet, and I found out that it had to do with Harry Potters, and I never saw the movie or read the books. But I think I found this for a reason, and I might use it somehow in my graphic novel.

According to the Harry Potter stories, Hogwarts is somewhere in Scotland. Moreover, according to Wikipedia, “Gryffindor values courage, bravery, nerve, and chivalry. Its mascot is the lion, and its colours are scarlet and gold. The Head of this house is the Transfiguration teacher and Deputy Headmistress, Minerva McGonagall, and the house ghost is Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington, more commonly known as Nearly Headless Nick. According to Rowling, Gryffindor corresponds roughly to the element of fire. The founder of the house is Godric Gryffindor”. And, since my main character is Scottish, I might make her have some association with this name. I think the Scottish crest of this name is interesting, and I seem to resonate with it because I am originally from Edinburgh.

More information about this name and Harry Potter story: “The Gryffindor common room is in one of the castle’s highest towers, and its entrance is on the seventh floor in the east wing of the castle and is guarded by a painting of The Fat Lady, who is garbed in a pink dress. She permits entry only after being given the correct password, as was distinguished in the third book, when Sirius Black tried forcing entry into the tower, only to be blocked by The Fat Lady after he could not give the correct password. In the first book, Neville Longbottom tends to forget the password and must wait near the painting until other Gryffindors arrive to open the way.”

There were a couple of people walking ahead, some walking way in the back, and I was walking somewhere in the middle. At 8:30pm, some people met by Albertsons, where we just hung out for an hour while having a snack. I dropped by Starbucks to buy a cup of Caramel Macchiato, which was good. Then, I met them at Gina’s Pizza, in which most people were eating pizza, while two were eating ice cream. I just sampled veggie pizza and garlic bread, which were good.  I returned home at 10:30pm, and I decided to take a shower and drink a cup of herb tea.

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Sidewalks of Windy Woodbridge Lakes Hike


currens / Pixabay

Hiking in Windy Weather and at Night

Friday, December 02, 2016

I couldn’t sleep all night because it was very windy all night that I think there was a wind storm. Gumby looked scared and worried because he kept looking at me and he said a soft meow. I just held him to tell him he is ok. He went closer to the window, near his cat tree, and just looked at the wild winds and trees swaying back and forth. I could also hear jingling noise outside, like metals. At 5:55am, I got up, fed Gumby, and got ready for yoga. I went to the gym at 10:10am. When I arrived, I noticed that the weather was still windy, but sunny and warm, although the wind felt cold. This is typical tropical weather for southern California. After yoga, I went back home, before going to Mother’s Market for few stuff, and then returning home to eat my lunch at 3pm. Then, I changed my clothes for tonight’s Sidewalks of Woodbridge Lakes hiking. I decided to go anyway, even though it felt cold and windy. Only 6 people showed up for tonight’s hike. It felt quiet, but it was still interesting to walk in cold and windy weather because the waves in the lakes were moving rapidly, which looked quite dark and eerie, like Halloween. But the crescent moon looked beautiful, especially near what looked like a big and bright star, although the man next to me said it is probably the planet Venus. I am not sure what it was. We finished our walk in one hour, and most of them went to a movie. I decided to go home because I wanted to shower and wear warm, comfy clothes as well as drink a cup of herb tea.

Oh, I just remembered that a pot of flowers I just received as a gift from city politicians who wanted my vote is still outside by my doorstep. It is 10:22pm, as I went outside to notice that it is standing upright. I decided to take it inside for tonight. I placed it in the foyer, on the tile floor, and I poured some water over the plant. It is still very windy.

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Getting Active

Friday, November 18, 2016

When I arrived at the gym this morning, I went inside the sauna for a couple of minutes. Then, I went to the lobby, in front of the flat screen TV, and I noticed the time was 11:11am.  I hung out in the lobby, just chilling out with my small tote and yoga mat, as I waited for yoga class to start. Then, by 11:30am, the room was empty, and I entered to set up my mat. By noon, the class was full, but the instructor was a little late. After one hour of yoga, I walked out of the gym, and I browsed in the mall, before I drove home, where I ate my lunch while watching cable movies. I gave Gumby some dry food snack, but I noticed he is out of canned food. So, I drove to Albertsons to buy some Fancy Feast, which was the cat food that he used to eat before he met me. I like changing up his food, from Wellness canned food to Fancy Feast, and other brands. By 5:30pm, I decided to go to the street hiking meetup in Woodbridge Lakes. As I drove, I noticed there was a lot of traffic on Harvard Avenue, which looked like a very long caravan of cars. I am not sure what is going on tonight. So, I eventually decided to go on Culver Drive, which was a little better, but there was still a lot of traffic. I wonder what was going on this weekend, if there are any special events. When I parked my car, I noticed that the time was 5:55pm. It felt cold, and I decided to wear my mini infinity scarf and denim jacket in the car. When we started walking, I started to warm up during the first 15 minutes. The hike went by fast, which felt shorter than one hour. Some people went to a movie, but I didn’t feel like it because I would rather wait for these films to come on cable, even though this movie theater is cheaper than the rest because each ticket was either $4 or $5. I went home to take a shower, change into my pajamas, robe, and slippers, and relax on the couch to watch Spanish movies on independent channels.  I ate some nuts and popcorn. I felt very tired today that I didn’t work on my graphic novel.

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Toggling between Internet Traveling and Real Life Hikes

geralt / Pixabay

Antranias / Pixabay

geralt / Pixabay

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

While watching some youtube videos and eating a simple lunch of raw green beans and seasoned pumpkin crackers, I suddenly notice that the time is 12:12pm.

After I finished decorating my Halloween Suburbia Condo, I noticed that the time is 3:33pm.  I decorated it to resemble a condo in OC, which includes some palm trees in the yard. I turned the backyard into a wildlife sanctuary for some wildlife to have safe haven, if they choose, while the pets are all indoors. I also remodeled the second floor to add a second bedroom by the hallway, where the two bedrooms share the same large bathroom. There is also a nice balcony upstairs for sunbathing, reading, and relaxing. I added a small door at the side of the staircase downstairs, which is for the storage, similar to the one I have in real life. I also added two slide doors, one downstairs facing the backyard sanctuary and the other one upstairs facing the balcony. The indoor pets have a nice and comfortable view.

At 6pm, I went to Turtle Rock for the Sidewalks of Turtle Rock hiking meetup, and I noticed it is getting darker earlier nowadays, which made the area look different and a little confusing. But it was still a good walk, which I needed. It was probably around four to five miles hike. Then, we met at University Town Center, which is across the street from my townhouse. I just bought a small cappuccino because I really can’t eat much at night, although I wanted to try the vegetarian pizzas at Blaze. I will probably try it sometime earlier, maybe for brunch, if I am outside and I get hungry for pizza. I returned home at 9:30pm, relaxed, and snacked on a crunchy purple carrot.

I noticed on Facebook that it is World Teacher’s Day in the Philippines.

I watched a couple of SNL videos about politics because they were funny. When I decided to turn off my computer, I suddenly noticed that the time is 1:11am.

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Sidewalks of Turtle Rock

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

After breakfast, I worked on drawing two scenes in my graphic novel. Then, I decided to browse on the internet before getting ready for this evening’s Sidewalks of Turtle Rock street hiking. About seventeen showed up at 6:30pm, and we walked about four miles in the residential section of huge homes. For some reason, I felt I had a lot of energy, more energy than usual because I was walking way up front, leading the pack, although I wasn’t sure where I wasn’t supposed to go, and I had to occasionally look back to see which route they were going this time. I noticed I even had a lot of energy for walking uphill, as well as going up lots of steps, which is a good sign for my middle age of 52. Afterwards, some people met at the town center, and I decided to buy a cup of cappuccino. I ended up staying there until 10pm. I came home and relaxing, before making some popcorn to snack on.

While hanging out on Facebook and checking out different stuff, I suddenly glanced on my computer clock to notice the time is 1:11am. The Sponge Bob movie came on, and I decided to listen to it while I typed as well as occasionally glancing at the TV set. I think it is lame as well as it is filled with Illuminati symbolism.

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Browsing on a Busy Saturday Afternoon

Saturday, September 03, 2016

I originally made plans to draw at a location for Saturday. So, after I ate my breakfast, I changed my clothes, took my sketchbook, and drove in my old MX-3 to the shopping center, which has Wholesome Choice, Ace Hardware, and Rite Aid. It was a lively environment, very crowded with people as well as a very crowded parking lot. I also noticed the small stores there have changed, and the hair salon where I sometimes cut my hair is no longer in that center. I walked around to look for a scene to draw, but nothing interesting was happening. I noticed that one café had a stack of OC Weekly magazines for customers. So, I grabbed one to browse through, and I noticed interesting graphics. I decided to go inside Ace Hardware, just to browse. While browsing, I decided to ask if they have hammocks, and they actually had one left, with a stand, for $60, which is an OK price. So, I am really considering this one, but I want to check out Lowe’s first. I told them to keep it for me on hold until tomorrow afternoon because it isn’t likely that I will find a cheaper one with a stand. I decided to go to The District mall, and that center was also very crowded. It is like the whole city is shopping for a big party. Well, I guess, it is Labor three-day weekend, and many people are probably partying this weekend. I browsed inside TJ Maxx, and I saw lots of cool things, include vegan specialty food, but I don’t really need anything for this month. But it was fun to browse in such crowded environment. I also checked inside Costco and Target. And, Costco had this really huge but cute teddy bear giant, which would make a comfy bean bag to lounge on. Target had a lot of interesting appliances, like a waffle iron and Panini grill as well as Brita pitches in different colors, which looked pretty. There were also coffee machines in different colors as well as other appliance in a variety of colors, which is fun. I know Macys have that too, in which I think it is now a big trend to create a monochromatic room in a specific color that you like. When I went to Lowe’s, I noticed that their hammocks with stand are more expensive than Ace’s hammock, although just as nice. It is 4pm, and I decided to go home for now. I didn’t draw anything today because I went on scavenger hunt. While walking in the parking lot, I noticed a box of Capri Sun drinks, which were closed and sealed. It looks new, and it must have dropped from someone’s bag. I picked it up, but didn’t know what to do with it because I don’t drink that stuff. But I didn’t want it to go to waste because it looks new and unused. So, I just put it in my car trunk. I want to go back tomorrow to Ace and buy that hammock because it is a good price, and it even comes with a bag. It is probably too late now, even though I think they are probably still opened.

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September 2 is Vietnamese National Day

Friday, September 02, 2016

It is a hot day today, as I drove to the gas station before going to the Spectrum Center for one hour of yoga. After yoga, I returned home, ate a snack, and drew another page for my graphic novel. By 4:30pm, I turned on my computer to check on things. I noticed a post stating that today is National Day in Vietnam. I googled it and found out that September 2nd is Vietnam’s Declaration of Independence from France, which was on September 2, 1945, in which Vietnam became Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

I am learning a lot about different countries from the internet and Facebook. So far, two countries have a national day in September. Vietnam and Brazil both have a huge celebration for their independence. Although I have always hated history in school, I seem to be making up for it on the internet via research, reading, and youtube videos. When I was young, I actually enjoyed Geography, and I considered majoring in Geography in college, but I just didn’t know what I would do with a BA in Geography. So, I just chose Social Science. Geography is a part of Social Sciences.

Hopefully, everyone on the internet can help Palestine create its national day against Zionist Israel. Then, Syria will be next.

Style Week OC 2016 is coming up in September. I am not sure when it is this month, but they usually scatter out these runway shows, fashionista shopping parties, and other fashion activities between Spectrum Center, Fashion Island, Laguna area, and maybe South Coast Plaza. But for the past couple of years, South Coast Plaza appears to have quit this OC Fashion Week events.

I think the Global Village Festival is this month, but I am not sure what day.

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September 7 is Brazilian Independence Day

ASSY / Pixabay

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Today, while I was playing the City Girl game, I was inspired to blog about Brazilian Independence Day because I didn’t know anything about this day, although I have been to Rio in 1985. It is a big day for celebrating Brazil’s history and culture with Brazilian food, music, songs, and dances. There are many Samba drums, such as Alfaia drum, as well as samba music and dancers for live entertainment. Acai berry is a healthy Brazilian fruit. Such celebration and partying takes place at parks and beaches, where many people might also enjoy rainbow-colored snow cones. Moreover, Carmen Miranda is a famous Brazilian celebrity from the 1940s, where she performed many music and songs as well as in movies. I am not familiar with her work, but I remember seeing photos of her wearing colorful fruit hats and outfits.

I googled Brazilian Independence Day, and I found out that it is officially celebrated on September 7th.

I went on youtube to gather some Brazilian information about Carmen Miranda, as well as the history, culture, and scenes in Brazil. They look fun and exciting, filled with color and parties. It kind of reminded me of a Latin Las Vegas. Enjoy the following seven videos:

Brazilian history 1st video

Brazilian history 2nd video

Carmen Miranda Singing Brazil

Carmen Miranda in Copacabana

Brazilian Food

Some Brazilian Samba Music videos

Brazilian Samba Dancers in Streets of Rio


But my Tuesday was a relaxing day, where I spent my day drinking espresso, going to Trader Joes, and working on my graphic novel. I also received a Rachael Ray Nourish dry food sample for dogs. Gumby liked that cat food sample. I might give this sample to my mother’s shihtzu, Gizmo, when I see them again.


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