My most recent trip – Curacao, in the beautiful Caribbean

Just a quick little bit of information on Curacao, before I delve in to the details of the trip, and all of that. Curacao is an island nation in the south Caribbean Sea, approximately 65 kilometers (40 miles) north of the Venezuelan coast. There is a population of 150,000 people on a 444 square kilometer area (171 square miles). The capital of the island is Willemstad. Also, there are four main languages spoken on the island, which include: English, Dutch, Spanish, and Papiamentu.

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Okay, so the story goes, it was a freezing cold early (and might I stress early!) morning when I awoke. I got ready, got my aunt to drive myself and my brother to the airport. My brother and I, we both almost thought we missed our plane (or we about to) but thank goodness we didn’t, everything turned out fine for us! Anyways, we boarded our plane fine, everything was fine, minus the sketchy turbulence that I was not expecting, because it was a bit more intense than I have experienced for a long time, maybe if EVER! Anyways, the flight went fine, it was about 5 hours, give or take.

So, finally, we arrived! What a relief, so I thought! Oh man, the weather was so beautiful, a huge burst of nice, dry (but not too dry) warm air hit me, after I got outside. My brother and I were greeted by my parents. You see, they were on vacation in Curacao for 2 weeks, but my brother and I only one week, so myself and my brother, we met them for my parents’ final week down there.

Anyways, we put our luggage in the parents’ rental car, then drove over to the villa they were renting, it was quite beautiful, after having checked it all out! 🙂 All in all, I was pretty happy with how things had been going so far that day.

I would just like to say sorry that this first part of what should be a 2 or 3 part series of my Curacao trip started off pretty boring.. I promise you it will go better, I just had to get some of the boring stuff out of the way, haha.