One More Sleep

This is my last night in New Zealand, tomorrow we leave early for the trip to Auckland then I’ll be on the plane and starting my journey. I am so excited but the nerves are definitely starting to build. I have the general worries that I forgot to pack something, despite checking everything off of my check list.

Then there’s the worries that I’ll forget something in my rush to get out the door tomorrow morning, or what if my checklist didn’t actually cover everything I’ll be needing? So many silly little worries mixed with the excitement are making it hard to sleep, and I’m bad at getting up early as it is..

I just have to trust that I have the important things, and anything else can be bought at the airport stores or markets once I arrive in South Africa (Or at the stop over in Hong Kong)

I know the real nerves will kick in once I’m at the airport and getting on the plane, till then I just have these worrying thoughts and last minute double checkings.

But that doesn’t mean I am not 100% excited and pumped up for this amazing journey, people keep telling me it’s a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ but I hope not. I hope to do more travelling just like this trip later in life. And I definitely plan to go to Europe, (though I may have to wait until I’ve finished paying this trip off.)

My family has been so supportive of me as I prepare for this trip, and I hope I can repay them all with awesome souvenirs when I get back, 🙂

Then there’s the small issue of home-sickness, but with such a packed itinerary, I think I’ll be too busy or too tired to even begin to miss home, and then I’ll be back before I even know it.

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