3 Weeks

With final exams in full swing my trip took a back seat to my studies. But with three exams down and a some time before my last one I found myself with some free time and found myself staring at the calendar.

The days seem to speed by and my departure date is getting closer. It’s hard to contain myself because there is still so much to do before I leave!

A few more things on my packing list to get, a couple more official type documents to print out, and some small details to sort out.

But with each tick off my checklist, my excitement grows.

A friendly email appeared in my inbox and I was finally introduced to my programme leader, Tasch.

She seems really nice and is very experienced with the ISV programme as well as having her own personal experience volunteering overseas. I can’t wait to meet her!

I also now know the entire list of my fellow volunteers who will be in my programme with me, and a few of us will be flying out of NZ together! It will be nice to meet them before heading out to South Africa.

But the one thing I am most excited about is the adventure tour in the last two weeks while in South Africa. Because my application for the OAP is officially through and paid off so I will be participating in some amazing activities! I never knew that there was so much more to South Africa than the safari tours.

South Africa is home to the tallest bridge bungy in the world, 216m! I am definitely keen for that and will be first in line. But I know nerves will hit as it’s a lot taller than the 50m bungy I did in Taupo, NZ.

There is a zip-line tour in Tsitsikamma where you can get a fast paced view of the national flora and fauna, and travel between platforms high above the Kruis river.

There is also the rich culture, amazing food and spectacular beaches. All of which I am thoroughly looking forward to.

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