Yakap (Hug) is from an Original Pilipino Music song that this very day I kept on playing and playing specifically the one sung by a handsome guy from Luzon. I just can’t simply resist his charm and his voice. He’s totally a complete package to be a lover. Just joking because its really impossible to him to notice me or even to meet me. Well, back to the song Yakap is a lover’s song who seperated for I don’t know how long and got reunited and the rest follows as what lovers will do when they meet again and still inlove with each other.

As for me, every word of this song tortures me to be with my special someone as well as you know we are into long distance relationship. And yes, I broke up with him for reason unknown to him but I am willing to explain it on him personally very soon if he still wants to patch up things between us. Because up to this day I admit that he alone is the owner of this heart of mine. He alone occupies the spaces in my heart. He alone is the one I am in love with and longing to be with not just for days but for a lifetime. This song simply would keep me on dreaming on what may happen on us if the time comes that he will go back to our country for a month or so.

Yakap (hug) is all I need from him to remind and let him know that I still belobgs to him and he has an effect to make me feel better and comfortable even just for a hug. A hug that will make me pour out all my unspoken love and devotion on him. I believe that we can still be friends despite of the hurts he had gone through because of me. And he will hug me tight with love.

Be happy and inspired,

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Depending on Trash

Trash. Who would really think that there were lots of people who depend their livelihood on trash? People that we call as scavengers. And the worst part may be is that some of them eat directly or recook the food that they found from loads of trash. But for them they are so happy to live with these trashes that for some of us we already consider as waste and useless.

Plastics, iron, and many others trash that can be recycled into another product is the source of their livelihood. Every piece of these trash is equivalent to money for them. Every single day of their lives they may be swimming into the deep part of murky body of waters just to get few of these trashes or they may be burning their skin under the heat of the sun and kept on inhaling the foulest smells of various garbages in order to live. And the worst part of this reality is that some of these people were children.
Children that on their age should enjoy playing with their peers and getting an education to have a work or build a business on later years but because of poverty they have no choice but to help their parents to earn money by joining on scavenging.
Another problem arises is that when these children hold a little amount if money they will come into realization that they will opt to work than to go on school simply because when they work they have money, they can eat and they can survive to live. While when they go to school, they need to ask money from their parents to buy food at school or as payment for school needs and requirements but they may die of hunger.
Education and family control then is a key to stop this issue. We need to educate these people that having family is responsibility and one among these responsibilities is educating their child for a better future and life.
Be happy and inspired,


Insecurities? Well, I’m telling you I have lots of them. Physically, emotionally, intellectually, financially, and even spiritually. Sometimes I even thought that I’m no better and I’m not worthy of anything that makes me happy and enjoy. And sometimes I may get hurt easily despite that its not directly for me or its just a joke.

Physically. There were times that I don’t like my color, the form or shape of my body and its parts or why I have this that I think I don’t even need. But all this discontentment were all in the past as I already accepted what I have and what I am. I am blessed.

Emotionally. This one is simply because I am not a showy type of person. I don’t say or care much to a person I love but I prayed for them privately. And I realized that I am too weak that’s why I would not allow my emotion to be shown.

Intellectually. I admit that I am not really an intelligent type of person, I’m just a typical and boring. Some might not even know or notice my existence though we may be together for a long time. I sometimes envy of those people who almost know and can do everything while I’m so dull and worthless. But now, I’m happy and continue learning things that interests me, those that would fulfill the emptiness in me.

Financially. Yeah, I’m poor for the longest time I can remember my existence. I don’t have flashy things, own a house or work in big company. They were still dreams for me. But there were times that I’m testing myself that I can live without money and simply just have people around me that loves, respects and understand me. They already are treasures that money can’t buy.


Spiritually. Even this made me insecure in times that I can’t even pray or reflect. Times that I don’t feel God’s presence and I lose my faith. But I kept on looking on a positive side that the best is yet to come. Just hold on.

Insecure no more. Count how blessed you are, appreciate them and be a blessing. God blesses you.

Be happy and inspired,





I do and always will love wattpad world. Before I was just a reader of different teen fiction but now I am also writing. Yeah, I know that I am not really that great writer – my thoughts were not that imaginative and creative, my grammar flunks and I am not really a writer. But wattpad was been my avenue to share my thoughts, opinions and works anonymously. It feels great that I can share what’s on my mind without hesitations what other people may say towards me. That they might criticize my work and hurt my feelings. Then, I will lose your inner motivation to write. So I prefer it this way to hide my identity to enjoy and enhance my passion in writing.


Aside from sharing my thoughts I also wanted to have money from this passion. Actually, few years ago I kept on searching on how to monetize blog but mybe because my attention was not focused on this matter so it never was materialize until I join blogjob. I may not have yet get money from blogging but I believe through patience and perseverance, it will be possible.


Writing is fun. It leads you to be you, just simply you. The inner you that is full of potentials and talents. Writing also leads me to read and watch various books, songs, movies and articles not just to learn but also to write my thoughts, opinions and reactions. I usually just choose those of my area of interest to keep my passion on burning.


Some people who knows me finds me boring. So plain and dull. Routinary. I’m introvert and a wallflower. People might not even noticed my presence. On the other hand, others finds me friendly, fun to be with and happy-go-lucky type of a person. But the way I view myself is also different, there were these thoughts that I kept for myself just to compromise of what their want me to be. (more…)

Ask, Seek and Knock

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

~Luke 11:9


Ask and it will be given to you. Many were the times when we asked lots of things to make our life more easier, better and comfier. Some were granted though its shallow while other were still on progress as it requires lots of process prior to its completion and the rest were still on our dream list. But rest assured that as long as they are in accordance to the plan and will of God in our life, it will be granted to us and we’ll just reminisce and say: Oh, yeah I have asked for this few times a few years back. Thank you God! Just wait.


Seek and you will find. For as long as what were searching for is within our reach, I believe we will find it. And sometimes we will find what we’re searching for not because we use our five senses but because we open our mind nd hearts for different outcomes, possibilities nd blessings beyond our grasp and comprehension. There and then, we realized that we are blessed undoubtedly far more of what we are looking for.


Knock and the door will be opened to you. Everyday we encounter lot of people as well as problems as we to go through life and there times that the problems knocks us on our feet. We feel so weak, dismayed and helpless. Yeah, some door were close but somewhere else windows were open for us. It may not be what we are thinking of but it is the best for us to use to serve and honor God.


Let us not forget whether we’re asking, seeking or knocking that there is our God who knows already what we need. Always remember, He’s always beside us. God blesses us.


Be happy and inspired,




© October 08, 2015

Malachi 3:13-20

Psalm 1:1-2,3,4,6

Luke 11:5-13




Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.

~Luke 11:4

Forgiveness is an attitude to forgive others. But I myself is guilty at times that its hard to forgive when the hurt and pain is too much to bear or when it leads to ruin your plans, dreams or life. At times, it occurs even within our family or close friends. Still some of us were not that brave enough to forgive especially when our ego was hurt, our pride is too high or we thought that we are on the right side.


But how can we also be forgiven of our sins if we can’t let go of our past, hurts and sadness that eating us to be more righteous than others. (Admit it, we commit mistakes every single day of our life, intentionally or unintentionally). Simply because we can’t be humble to accept that there might be a reason why that person have done such thing on us. We must be open to talk it with that person and let go of our own feeling to understand the point of the other person. S/he might be wrong but isn’t it more worthy that s/he should be given a chance to learn and correct his/her wrongdoings because might be that person also regretted his/her action. Just take time to approach the person and listen.


Moreover, how long can we really hold a grudge to a person especially those we love? Some were for hours, days, weeks, months or even years. Yes, that’s how long we can spend our life being bitter. And might be, some relationship can be healed in the right time of unknown future as time heals almost everything.


When both of you were already open to listen, forgive and accept each other; then, both of you can start a much better and stronger relationship than before. Forgive and let live whatever might be the consequence, be forgiving.


Be happy and inspired,




© October 07, 2015

Jonah 4:1:11

Psalm 86:3-4,5-6,9-10

Luke 11:1-4




Emotion as defined in Merriam Dictionary is a strong feeling such as love, anger, joy, hate or fear.

We let our emotion shows usually when we are affected on something may it be what we have seen, heard, tasted, touched or smelled which may make us smile, laugh or cry.

We feel love when of course we are with our loved ones. Those people that we really cherished, treasured and cared for. People who were so important that were our source of happiness and contentment. People who kept us motivated and inspired in every endeavor we take. People who cared, believe and trust us no matter what we do they understand and emphatize with us because without explanation they deeply know the reason(s) of every actions and decisions we commit.

On the other hand, we may feel anger when someone especially those we loved embarrassed, disappointed or humiliated us when we expect the opposite of their supposed actuation. This may sometimes can lead to hate if unresolved and even fear to be with them or even their presence irritates us badly that we want to escape and avoid to get into contact with them. But when we deeply loved them we can forgive and forget those misunderstanding and to start anew. Simply because if we really know them we should knew the reasons of their actions. And we must not hate the person but the situation that triggers that person to act a way we did not expect them to. But if it’s really too much, believe that everything takes time to heal.

Thus, we should be enslave of our emotions rather we should control it. We all been hurt before so we may already have felt what our loved ones may feel if our actions and decisions is against from what they are expecting from us.

I’m not also saying that you are no or never will show what you really feel but just bear in mind that what you have done cannot be undone anymore. Just be careful cause it might ruin your relationship. Always share love and joy.

Emotions? The power is on yours.


Be happy and inspired,





Blessed are the eyes that see what you see.

~Luke 10:23

We are blessed beyond what we see as we have lots of blessings that we did not asked for yet we are enjoying them every single day.

We have the gift of life that we used to honor, glorify and praise the mighty name and the goodness of our dear God by sharing and serving his people who are in need.

We are blessed for the gift of love from within, our family and relatives, friends, even on strangers and above all from God. The love that is overflowing that we will also used to be compassion with other people to emphathize with them and love them unconditionally regardless of their status, age, sex, orientation, and religion. Love that would create a relationship of building a world full of joy and peace.

We are also blessed of forgiveness from our wrongdoings and lapses without even asking for it as God is a forgiving and understanding God as long as we acknowledge our mistakes and learn from it to becomes better, wiser and stronger person. Let us not forget that Jesus himself saved us from our sins as He suffered to die on a cross despite he is sinless. He did it on our behalf to restore our relationship with God. Thus, we should also not be hesitant to forgive others when they commit mistakes against us though I admit that its hard as times but rather we just pray for them that they will also realized theor mistakes, be renewed and be closer to God.

We should always appreciate our blessings no matter how small they may be in our perception as its better to appreciate small blessings that we have than to be envy of blessings that we do not have yet. The tine may not come yet for us to have them, just be patient as the desires of our heart will be on us when the right time comes that we deserve to have them. We may always be a blessing to others in our own little ways. And don’t forget to see the countless blessings that we have. We are all blessed in a way that we deserve them. God blesses us always.

Be happy and inspired,



Today’s reading:

Baruch 4:5-12,27-29

Psalm 69:33-35,36-37

Luke 10:17-24



Tadhana (Destiny)

Tadhana is a song from the band Up Dharma Down. Its a Filipino term for Destiny. The song as it is talks of unspoken love to a person and hope for destiny to work for their relationship to happen, start and work out.

Everyday, we met lots of people which we believe that they might be destined for us to make our one true love dream come true. But what would really be our basis to tell that the said other person is the one destined for us? Is it the signs? The qualities of that person that we dreamed of? The repititive unexpected meeting every now and then? How and when could really say that destiny is working on us? Or we should be the one to make it happen?

On the other hand, some say that you can only that the said person is the one when that person can love us beyond the love we give to ourselves. Or when we set certain standards or qualities that the said the one should possess and that person should have them. Or maybe we can wish upon the stars for signs and pray for it to come on us.

Back on the song, well, we’ll be meeting our destined person yet we might be denying it simply because we might be on a denial stage and disbelief that that the one will really come to us. We tend not to believe that it is happening yet deep in our hearts we really wanted it to happen. Simply stated, we let it to destiny and says another sign(s) to prove that that the said person is the one. But destiny do really will happen to work with our relationship if we ourselves will not allow to pour out what we also feel and what we want? Do destiny will really work if we expect too much yet will not act if it is already right in front of us? We too should also moved to work it out or else nothing also happens. A love commitment is a mutual decision between the two person to start a relationship. So move.

Are you also searching for your destiny? For how long will you wait if you do not move and make it happen?

Be happy and inspired,



Pair of Slippers

Some say that slippers is just like love. Wherever you go, you still and always longs to go home to where your heart, real love and comfort zone is.

You might have lots pair of shoes or sandals yet they were just for special occassions and events but the real and true you can only be seen on a pair of slippers.
Slippers is like a love as when you have already found that pair of your soul, no matter how great or better that other persons you met in any place yet your heart is faithful on that one true love of yours – nothing compares and can ever replace that special person in our heart. That person alone can make our world go round. That person could make our life complete. That person accepts, understand and respects us no matter how messy our life can be. And that person alone can make our heart beats faster and slower at the same time doing nothing.
Our hearts like our slippers only like that other person and no one elses. Then, slippers can be also compared to the virtue of faithfulness. That when love is real it does not look on the value or worth of a person based on worldly standards but the heart values how that other person can make a change in our life beyond our expectations and comprehension. And when it is really real you wouldn’t allow that it can be changed on some other things of value or you wouldn’t allow that it will be taken away from you. There comes also that you trust and believe that person even if you’re not together at all times.
And of course, our slippers is our comfort and just like love we feel so comfortable with special person to talk and be with every second of our life if possible. You wont either hesitate to show the real you because that person knows your flaws and strenght and accept them as part of you – the real you.
Have you find your slippers?
Be happy and inspired,
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