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After Glory

But first he must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation.

~Luke 17:25


All of us have experienced different frustrations, problems, worries and disappointments but after we have gone through with it I believe that we felt happy, relieved, fulfilled and blessed which makes us to become better, wiser and stronger us. Everytime that life gives us problem test to solve, it is our chance to prove that aside from trust and belief from ourselves we also put our faith to God who will be with us and help us to surpass those test through living our life and making our decisions and actions with his laws, commandments and interventions.

I believe there were also times in our life that we feel fear and doubt and we already thought of giving up and hopelessness. I also feel those feelings because I did rely on myself alone, but when I already take it to God I know that he will listen, help and be with me so my burden is lighten and possibility happens. It is only with God that we can feel that no matter how big our problems are, God’s glory always supersede those problems.

Thereafter, I know that aside from our problems were already solved and settled, our relationship with Him also becomes stronger. We then offer our very life on Him alone, we want to bond with Him always through reading God’s word and we feel happy and fulfilled when we are serving his people. Aside from that, because of our experiences we can inspire others with our success stories as to motivate them to go on with life. Stories that we alone did experience and can narrate that life is so blessed and beautiful if we live according to God’s plan. To God be all the glory, praise and honor. Always and forever.

Be happy and inspired,



©November 12, 2015



The Search: Connection

Connection pertains to on how my one true love is connected to me or to others. After all, it’s a small world. So somehow, I have yo be carefuon choosing as well as how I’ll be stating my search for him.


As usual, there are three rules. Rules that in as much as I can, I will strictly follow this standard of mine.

Rule 1: He is NOT my FRIEND

I firmly believe that real friendship last forever and isn’t it an awkward that your ex is one among your friends as well though there were some that its just okay for them.


I remember one of my friend would jokingly say that why do I keep on searching that someone and getting hurt when she is just there waiting for me? The reason? She is one among my best of friends that I am with during our college flirting days. And she is a girl.

But ironically onto this day, I want to find my special someone and we have to start as friends but not the close one. Because of course undeniably lots of people out there would first approach you to have s*x with them and its just so disgusting.

Rule 2: He is NOT my CO-WORKER

I don’t want neither that my special someone and I were working in the same workplace because whether we like it or not when we are on a quarrel mode, our emotion might hinder our efficiency at work. And its simply unethical that we involved other people much more our workplace in to our personal issues and problems.

I don’t want that public display of affection thing and I want also that our relationship will be private in as much as we can. I don’t want to get jealous when I’ll be seeing him flirting to others when I am just in a background as his co-worker.


Of course, its a big NO that I’ll be a third party in someone’s relationship. It’s never been my dream to be a wrecker though I love to take the challenge. I do believe on Karma that it will go back to you what have you done in the past.

I admit its really tempting to see a daddy bod, responsible and loving father but what can I do if he’s already taken though he’s flirting on me? Temptation is really GOOD. As it will lead you to be good and do good. Doing the right thing is still the best choice in life. Thus, I would never get involved knowing that my posssible partner is already committed.

Be happy and inspired,



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