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Happy Halloween!!!

Its halloween time again! Actually I don’t remember much of this event as I never did attend to any gathering wearing a scary costume or something like of that. And I never dream either of attending in party like that maybe because I’m not a party person and I’m not also used of wearing something way beyond my comfortable simple clothes.

I usually just go to cemetery on this event to visit my family and relatives that passed away and offer candles and prayer on them for their souls to be at peace and happy. Very often can we offer flower because its kind of expensive and we rather buy it food to cook and offer a little piece of every food for them to share.


Then, on this season as well I usually frighten and got goosebumps when watching various horror shows, special episodes and documentary on television. And of course sometimes in even go with me until I go sleep and luckily not on my dream.


But I observe that as years passed by, the prices of our needs for this event getting higher that some of us can’t really afford to buy and would just rather stay at home and just offer a prayer for their soul.


Do material things really matter to the soul of our loved ones or one genuine prayers for them? So no matter what situation we are right now just always believe that always choose what you believe is right thing to do that would make you happy that you wouldn’t regret doing it on any other way.


Halloween is just a season in a year, enjoy life and don’t and never stress your life of things that you don’t have. What matter most in this season is that we offer our genuine and from the deepest point of our heart for them. A prayer of love.


Be happy and inspired,





Depending on Trash

Trash. Who would really think that there were lots of people who depend their livelihood on trash? People that we call as scavengers. And the worst part may be is that some of them eat directly or recook the food that they found from loads of trash. But for them they are so happy to live with these trashes that for some of us we already consider as waste and useless.

Plastics, iron, and many others trash that can be recycled into another product is the source of their livelihood. Every piece of these trash is equivalent to money for them. Every single day of their lives they may be swimming into the deep part of murky body of waters just to get few of these trashes or they may be burning their skin under the heat of the sun and kept on inhaling the foulest smells of various garbages in order to live. And the worst part of this reality is that some of these people were children.
Children that on their age should enjoy playing with their peers and getting an education to have a work or build a business on later years but because of poverty they have no choice but to help their parents to earn money by joining on scavenging.
Another problem arises is that when these children hold a little amount if money they will come into realization that they will opt to work than to go on school simply because when they work they have money, they can eat and they can survive to live. While when they go to school, they need to ask money from their parents to buy food at school or as payment for school needs and requirements but they may die of hunger.
Education and family control then is a key to stop this issue. We need to educate these people that having family is responsibility and one among these responsibilities is educating their child for a better future and life.
Be happy and inspired,


Insecurities? Well, I’m telling you I have lots of them. Physically, emotionally, intellectually, financially, and even spiritually. Sometimes I even thought that I’m no better and I’m not worthy of anything that makes me happy and enjoy. And sometimes I may get hurt easily despite that its not directly for me or its just a joke.

Physically. There were times that I don’t like my color, the form or shape of my body and its parts or why I have this that I think I don’t even need. But all this discontentment were all in the past as I already accepted what I have and what I am. I am blessed.

Emotionally. This one is simply because I am not a showy type of person. I don’t say or care much to a person I love but I prayed for them privately. And I realized that I am too weak that’s why I would not allow my emotion to be shown.

Intellectually. I admit that I am not really an intelligent type of person, I’m just a typical and boring. Some might not even know or notice my existence though we may be together for a long time. I sometimes envy of those people who almost know and can do everything while I’m so dull and worthless. But now, I’m happy and continue learning things that interests me, those that would fulfill the emptiness in me.

Financially. Yeah, I’m poor for the longest time I can remember my existence. I don’t have flashy things, own a house or work in big company. They were still dreams for me. But there were times that I’m testing myself that I can live without money and simply just have people around me that loves, respects and understand me. They already are treasures that money can’t buy.


Spiritually. Even this made me insecure in times that I can’t even pray or reflect. Times that I don’t feel God’s presence and I lose my faith. But I kept on looking on a positive side that the best is yet to come. Just hold on.

Insecure no more. Count how blessed you are, appreciate them and be a blessing. God blesses you.

Be happy and inspired,





Emotion as defined in Merriam Dictionary is a strong feeling such as love, anger, joy, hate or fear.

We let our emotion shows usually when we are affected on something may it be what we have seen, heard, tasted, touched or smelled which may make us smile, laugh or cry.

We feel love when of course we are with our loved ones. Those people that we really cherished, treasured and cared for. People who were so important that were our source of happiness and contentment. People who kept us motivated and inspired in every endeavor we take. People who cared, believe and trust us no matter what we do they understand and emphatize with us because without explanation they deeply know the reason(s) of every actions and decisions we commit.

On the other hand, we may feel anger when someone especially those we loved embarrassed, disappointed or humiliated us when we expect the opposite of their supposed actuation. This may sometimes can lead to hate if unresolved and even fear to be with them or even their presence irritates us badly that we want to escape and avoid to get into contact with them. But when we deeply loved them we can forgive and forget those misunderstanding and to start anew. Simply because if we really know them we should knew the reasons of their actions. And we must not hate the person but the situation that triggers that person to act a way we did not expect them to. But if it’s really too much, believe that everything takes time to heal.

Thus, we should be enslave of our emotions rather we should control it. We all been hurt before so we may already have felt what our loved ones may feel if our actions and decisions is against from what they are expecting from us.

I’m not also saying that you are no or never will show what you really feel but just bear in mind that what you have done cannot be undone anymore. Just be careful cause it might ruin your relationship. Always share love and joy.

Emotions? The power is on yours.


Be happy and inspired,




Pair of Slippers

Some say that slippers is just like love. Wherever you go, you still and always longs to go home to where your heart, real love and comfort zone is.

You might have lots pair of shoes or sandals yet they were just for special occassions and events but the real and true you can only be seen on a pair of slippers.
Slippers is like a love as when you have already found that pair of your soul, no matter how great or better that other persons you met in any place yet your heart is faithful on that one true love of yours – nothing compares and can ever replace that special person in our heart. That person alone can make our world go round. That person could make our life complete. That person accepts, understand and respects us no matter how messy our life can be. And that person alone can make our heart beats faster and slower at the same time doing nothing.
Our hearts like our slippers only like that other person and no one elses. Then, slippers can be also compared to the virtue of faithfulness. That when love is real it does not look on the value or worth of a person based on worldly standards but the heart values how that other person can make a change in our life beyond our expectations and comprehension. And when it is really real you wouldn’t allow that it can be changed on some other things of value or you wouldn’t allow that it will be taken away from you. There comes also that you trust and believe that person even if you’re not together at all times.
And of course, our slippers is our comfort and just like love we feel so comfortable with special person to talk and be with every second of our life if possible. You wont either hesitate to show the real you because that person knows your flaws and strenght and accept them as part of you – the real you.
Have you find your slippers?
Be happy and inspired,


Life is a roller coaster ride indeed.

There come a point wherein all you have to do is to reflect and reminisce what have you really done to suffer this and that. You may think that you can have everything that your mind is thinking yet what is happening to you is an exact opposite.

Karma. Indeed what have you done in the past will bear fruit in the future. All things that you taken for granted and have done which were not supposed to were reaping it now.

If you have done good, you are happy today. But if you’ve been irresponsible, abusive and cruel to yourself, now you are struggling and suffering, you may feel unlucky, that world is against you. You might even question God the big WHY.

Why me?

Why is it happening to me?

Why I am into this?

Endless WHYs.

Some may come to a point that would curse and blame God. Who really wouldn’t?

Do we really need to gone through and struggle and suffer before we realize the importance of life.

Some may even feel miserable. That life has no point of living it anymore. That life has no meaning at all. That they even want to end their own life.

Do we really need to suffer a disease to pay for all the sins we have done? Why isn’t it just easy that we have to accept that we have sinned. Pray with all our heart, then, were completelt back to normal as if nothing had happened.

Some may be in denial and think lots of scapegoat and cannot accept what were happening right now. That it is wrong, that its not happening. That it is just a nightmare and tomorrow it will gone.

Do we really need to suffer and struggle and to be humiliated because of our sins? If that so until when? Is there an end?

Be happy and inspired,





Take Pride

We not have the best in our life yet when our hearts are full if gratefulness, there and then, we will see how blessed we are. I’m talking about family here. I don’t have that great parents, we’re not rich, they’re not professional nor we have close family ties. This very hour, as I am studying at adoration chapel (of course after I have prayed), I have seen a father and daughter interaction. You may be right also that I did not heard what they have talked about yet I just wanna compare myself with that daughter. How I wish I am also proud of my family despite that we don’t have every material things and money which I believe is one source of happiness. Yeah, I never did introduce my father to even one of my friends or classmates because I feel so ashamed, shy and private(?). I would never allow someone to go to our small and filthy house and too took pity and see how poor we are. I lived a life that is not really my life. A life that is full of pretentions. A life that I have hated. A life that I cannot accept. A life that I was never been proud of. A life that I kept secret and hidden. And how I wish that when I was a kid I am not insecure and jealous of things that I do not have, I might have been proud of my family.


Yeah, we not be perfect family but we are happy at times. We may don’t have everything but were still alive. We may not have the latest and expensive gadgets yet we can have the cheapest ones. We not have lot of viands yet we can still eat foods. We don’t have designer dresses yet we can also afford to buy ukay-ukay.


Were poor and I’m too tired to be one. I feel so ashamed being poor and living a life with lies. I can’t stand to eat with friends in a fancy restaurant while my family may not have food to buy. I can’t take anymore to watch movies in a cinema while in fact we do not have a television. And I can’t just go to a festivities, tourist spots and happenings while my family can’t afford to travel for a very need destination to go to.


How I wish I am that kid who is so innocent. So simple and happy of what I just have. That I was not been a brat. That I would just be happy and contented what they can give to me. That I will be proud to brag even its cheap and old as long as it was from the sweat and blood of efforts of my parents to have what I have.


Thus, don’t take yourself in a life that’s not yours abd take pride of what you have. Don’t let that insecurities and greed eat out your heart from being simple, humble and happy.


God blesses us! 🙂

Be happy and inspired,



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Don’t settle for less because you deserve the best.

The above statement is so plain and simple yet when desperate curcumstances and trials comes, admit it, its so difficult to decide. Yeah, who wouldn’t want to have the best of everything? Well, very few and those are the hypocrites, shallow and/or ambitionless people. Some may view having the best as luxury, power, status, influence, pleasure or life. What really matter? Is how you view it, how can you have it and why you want it. Its all solely depend on you. Believe me, if you will not change the way you view your life, nothing will happen. None.

In life, its not too much if you want the best because that best things, people, job, house and you is what woukd make you happy and fulfilled but just remember your roots. Roots just like trees is the hidden you – your values, emotions and real happiness. Always remember to give back to the one who showered you all those blessings. Always remember the people who were there as you climbed to your success in life. And always remember who was you before the new you. The you why you become who you are today or the you who will become someone, the you who dreamed and dreaming.

On love, well, some of us have our own standards while some just wait for who will come on their life. But how would you be certain that he is the best? Well, first if that person qualifies for your criterias or checklist for your the one. But if you don’t have criterias or checklist, then, I can only say that he might be the one if that peraon can show and make you feel love more than how you love your self. That’s already one best person.

We want best in life or love. Believe on it, work for it and pray for it. Yeah, don’t settle for less because we all deserve the best. God blesses us.

Be happy and inspired,







1. Life is beautiful. Life is indeed beautiful, its all about your perspective. Always think positive and how blessed you are.

2. Life is unfair but it is still good. There were times that we’re feeling so down and sad but be thankful that your still breathing.

3. Life is how you make it. Don’t and never compare yourself to others. Just be good and do good, in as much as you can, in every way possible.

4. Life is a game. Just play with it. Follow the rules and end it everyday with a smile and prayer.

5. Life is a risk. Take the chance especially on something that would make you complete and happy.

6. Life is a blessing. Everyday as you wake up be thankful for another day. Another chance to serve, honor and glorify God.

7. Life is loving. Because its as if your not living if you do not know how to love. Love for yourself, others and God.

8. Life is full of surprises. May it be good or bad, enjoy it and make use the best of it. Enjoy and savor every moment.

9. Life is ironic. Sometimes fate offers us the opposite of what we desire yet at the end and in due time we realize that it makes us better.

10. Life is fun. Who wouldn’t? Ups and down gives more fun. Every stage we struggle but we learn.

11. Life is exciting. We all don’t know what will happen the next day yet we’re expecting that it’s how we want it to. We tend to look after on what will happen next.

12. Life is learning. We are all given the free will to do what we want but as we go through life it always gives us something to learn from even if its just like the same from yesterday. Learning is reflecting that we become mature, better, stronger and wiser.

13. Life is YOU. No one can replace you, just live it to learn and love. It may be unfair, ironic, good, or exciting always take the risk, make it fun and get excited to play its surprises and blessings. Because no one except you chose how you make it. Only you and you alone.

Be happy and inspired,


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