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Yakap (Hug) is from an Original Pilipino Music song that this very day I kept on playing and playing specifically the one sung by a handsome guy from Luzon. I just can’t simply resist his charm and his voice. He’s totally a complete package to be a lover. Just joking because its really impossible to him to notice me or even to meet me. Well, back to the song Yakap is a lover’s song who seperated for I don’t know how long and got reunited and the rest follows as what lovers will do when they meet again and still inlove with each other.

As for me, every word of this song tortures me to be with my special someone as well as you know we are into long distance relationship. And yes, I broke up with him for reason unknown to him but I am willing to explain it on him personally very soon if he still wants to patch up things between us. Because up to this day I admit that he alone is the owner of this heart of mine. He alone occupies the spaces in my heart. He alone is the one I am in love with and longing to be with not just for days but for a lifetime. This song simply would keep me on dreaming on what may happen on us if the time comes that he will go back to our country for a month or so.

Yakap (hug) is all I need from him to remind and let him know that I still belobgs to him and he has an effect to make me feel better and comfortable even just for a hug. A hug that will make me pour out all my unspoken love and devotion on him. I believe that we can still be friends despite of the hurts he had gone through because of me. And he will hug me tight with love.

Be happy and inspired,

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Tadhana (Destiny)

Tadhana is a song from the band Up Dharma Down. Its a Filipino term for Destiny. The song as it is talks of unspoken love to a person and hope for destiny to work for their relationship to happen, start and work out.

Everyday, we met lots of people which we believe that they might be destined for us to make our one true love dream come true. But what would really be our basis to tell that the said other person is the one destined for us? Is it the signs? The qualities of that person that we dreamed of? The repititive unexpected meeting every now and then? How and when could really say that destiny is working on us? Or we should be the one to make it happen?

On the other hand, some say that you can only that the said person is the one when that person can love us beyond the love we give to ourselves. Or when we set certain standards or qualities that the said the one should possess and that person should have them. Or maybe we can wish upon the stars for signs and pray for it to come on us.

Back on the song, well, we’ll be meeting our destined person yet we might be denying it simply because we might be on a denial stage and disbelief that that the one will really come to us. We tend not to believe that it is happening yet deep in our hearts we really wanted it to happen. Simply stated, we let it to destiny and says another sign(s) to prove that that the said person is the one. But destiny do really will happen to work with our relationship if we ourselves will not allow to pour out what we also feel and what we want? Do destiny will really work if we expect too much yet will not act if it is already right in front of us? We too should also moved to work it out or else nothing also happens. A love commitment is a mutual decision between the two person to start a relationship. So move.

Are you also searching for your destiny? For how long will you wait if you do not move and make it happen?

Be happy and inspired,



A Moment Like This

Well, its a song I knew you knew it as well even just the chorus line. Isn’t the song implies happiness, success and triumph? And some people wait a lifetime while others kept on waiting like say forever?

It may be in life, love, or career it depends on what are you waiting for.

In life, everyone of us aims for a self-fulfillment or self-actualization that’s why we kept on struggling because we wanted to achieve sonething that we do not have yet. That something could mean a house, bank deposits, stardom, anything that we always aim and dreamed of. That anything that is yet to come. Anything that keeps us holding on that the best is yet to come.

In love, well, I think almost everyone wants to have a one true love to be with in a journey towards forever love. The one that would make our fantastic dream come true. That one we wish to hold hands anf hug every single day until night extended up to the following days. We wanted to have that unconditonal love and romance to a person that would give us love, respect, faithfulness and trust. The search may be over or not but the relationship needs to be nourished and nurture every single day like it was the first that you see that special person.

In career, I believe it does not only involved money wherein who will have the highest salary but also a self-fulfillment that you have achieved thr position that you’ve dreamed of for some years. On the other hand, for some it also means of helping others who are just beginners from their field of works because money can’t buy that smile or the success of those people you have helped, motivated or inspired to reach and realized their dreams into reality.

A moment like this. Do you wait for a lifetime or for forever to happen?

Be happy and inspired,





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