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Who Really is YOU?

As gold in the furnace, he proved them…

~Wisdom 3:6

As we reminisce our childhood, we can still remember how every member of family is so kind, loving and giving us much attention and to show their love sometimes they will spoil and tolerate our wrongdoings. We enjoy our freedom to do what we want and free from responsibilities and worries. And as we grow up, they are still there gently giving us advices, restrictions and limitations for us to prepare of life challenges. And as a young adults, they are expecting us to be already accountable and reponsible for every actions and decisions we are making. They may not be always on our sife but still our family is always there to guide and understand us in every trials we are encountering.

Much more is our God, who provides and supplements us with our daily needs. That though we’ll stumble yet he will bd there to catch us and help us stand firm again. The trials, struggles and challenges daily is a test for us to trust on His will on each one of us. That God has a better plan for each one of us. There may be gloomy and sad days of our life but as we continue living we will see the beauty of purposes and meaning of everything that set ahead of us. There may be time that were losing our hope but we may not forget to take courage from God, let us not forget to connect with Him anytime of the day. And we may always believe that everything has its own time and season for us to discover his plan. Just have faith that his plans are always better than us though we may be thinking that it is not what we want still God knows better than us.

Whatever we are going through right now, we are on the process of sharpening our character for God’s will.


Be happy and inspired,






Blessed are YOU…

Matthew 5 talks of beattitudes as follows:

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Ask and you will be filled with all the desire of your life as God is a God who provides all your dreams and desires in life.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Before we experience every suffering and struggle we encountered, God is expecting us a closer relationship with him and a better, wiser and stronger version of us. God will be our comforter in times we mourn.


Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. When we are simply good and gentle, every actions we take will bring back to us. Everyone and everything in our life is also good nd gentle.


Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Ask and you will receive for as long as you believe on it everything will work together to fulfill what you have asked for.


Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. What you sow is what you reap. So if you planted mercy, a thousand folds of it will be yours every secomd of your life.


Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Just like children who are so pure and innocent, we can always see and be with God if we allow that child-like character in us to be activated. When our thoughts were all just good and happy, there you will see the goodness of God that is in your life and your environment.


Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. Jesus grants us peace before he ascend to heaven, he wanted us to be also called as son of our Father God by living in peace and love.


Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. For as long as your actions were in accordance to the laws and commndments of God, do not worry for others because you know that what your doing will be rewarded of eternal life with our dear God.

Remember this: Ask, believe and receive. Life is good. You are blessed more than you can think of. God blesses us always and forever.


Be happy and inspired,




Gift for Life

For the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable.

~Romans 11:29

Gifts. These are innate talents and endowments that we have. The gift on us to be used to serve and to show on others the goodness and providence of God in our life. Every single day it is our burning passion to love, honor, praise and glorify God in a way that he intends us to do for the fulfillment of our meaning and purpose. And each of us have various gifts within us that no one elses could have done better but just us alone. Gifts in various forms that if combined and work interdependently with others will bring out a better service and harmony.

Call. This is our vocation for life or may even be our profession. This call is fulfillment and actualization of our dreams and ambition in life. Dreams that started since were kids through an inspiration, influence, or interest from our environment.

But some where having detour on using their gifts and calling. Some were lucky to  use it even at their young age. No matter what, there will comes a situation or event in our life that our gifts and calling will be utilized fully on what they are really intended for.

There were even people who doesn’t know that they possess a gift that is so unique or special and sometimes it is hidden. Yet I believe that every gift will just come out for God’s glory at the right if we allow it to be used. When there will be no more ifs, whys, waiting and hesitations.

Take a look from within and we will discover how blessed we are. The gifts and calling that we have was already been planned by God before we were born. In God’s due time, everything will come true.


Be happy and inspired,




Ask, Seek and Knock

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

~Luke 11:9


Ask and it will be given to you. Many were the times when we asked lots of things to make our life more easier, better and comfier. Some were granted though its shallow while other were still on progress as it requires lots of process prior to its completion and the rest were still on our dream list. But rest assured that as long as they are in accordance to the plan and will of God in our life, it will be granted to us and we’ll just reminisce and say: Oh, yeah I have asked for this few times a few years back. Thank you God! Just wait.


Seek and you will find. For as long as what were searching for is within our reach, I believe we will find it. And sometimes we will find what we’re searching for not because we use our five senses but because we open our mind nd hearts for different outcomes, possibilities nd blessings beyond our grasp and comprehension. There and then, we realized that we are blessed undoubtedly far more of what we are looking for.


Knock and the door will be opened to you. Everyday we encounter lot of people as well as problems as we to go through life and there times that the problems knocks us on our feet. We feel so weak, dismayed and helpless. Yeah, some door were close but somewhere else windows were open for us. It may not be what we are thinking of but it is the best for us to use to serve and honor God.


Let us not forget whether we’re asking, seeking or knocking that there is our God who knows already what we need. Always remember, He’s always beside us. God blesses us.


Be happy and inspired,




© October 08, 2015

Malachi 3:13-20

Psalm 1:1-2,3,4,6

Luke 11:5-13




Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.

~Luke 11:4

Forgiveness is an attitude to forgive others. But I myself is guilty at times that its hard to forgive when the hurt and pain is too much to bear or when it leads to ruin your plans, dreams or life. At times, it occurs even within our family or close friends. Still some of us were not that brave enough to forgive especially when our ego was hurt, our pride is too high or we thought that we are on the right side.


But how can we also be forgiven of our sins if we can’t let go of our past, hurts and sadness that eating us to be more righteous than others. (Admit it, we commit mistakes every single day of our life, intentionally or unintentionally). Simply because we can’t be humble to accept that there might be a reason why that person have done such thing on us. We must be open to talk it with that person and let go of our own feeling to understand the point of the other person. S/he might be wrong but isn’t it more worthy that s/he should be given a chance to learn and correct his/her wrongdoings because might be that person also regretted his/her action. Just take time to approach the person and listen.


Moreover, how long can we really hold a grudge to a person especially those we love? Some were for hours, days, weeks, months or even years. Yes, that’s how long we can spend our life being bitter. And might be, some relationship can be healed in the right time of unknown future as time heals almost everything.


When both of you were already open to listen, forgive and accept each other; then, both of you can start a much better and stronger relationship than before. Forgive and let live whatever might be the consequence, be forgiving.


Be happy and inspired,




© October 07, 2015

Jonah 4:1:11

Psalm 86:3-4,5-6,9-10

Luke 11:1-4




Blessed are the eyes that see what you see.

~Luke 10:23

We are blessed beyond what we see as we have lots of blessings that we did not asked for yet we are enjoying them every single day.

We have the gift of life that we used to honor, glorify and praise the mighty name and the goodness of our dear God by sharing and serving his people who are in need.

We are blessed for the gift of love from within, our family and relatives, friends, even on strangers and above all from God. The love that is overflowing that we will also used to be compassion with other people to emphathize with them and love them unconditionally regardless of their status, age, sex, orientation, and religion. Love that would create a relationship of building a world full of joy and peace.

We are also blessed of forgiveness from our wrongdoings and lapses without even asking for it as God is a forgiving and understanding God as long as we acknowledge our mistakes and learn from it to becomes better, wiser and stronger person. Let us not forget that Jesus himself saved us from our sins as He suffered to die on a cross despite he is sinless. He did it on our behalf to restore our relationship with God. Thus, we should also not be hesitant to forgive others when they commit mistakes against us though I admit that its hard as times but rather we just pray for them that they will also realized theor mistakes, be renewed and be closer to God.

We should always appreciate our blessings no matter how small they may be in our perception as its better to appreciate small blessings that we have than to be envy of blessings that we do not have yet. The tine may not come yet for us to have them, just be patient as the desires of our heart will be on us when the right time comes that we deserve to have them. We may always be a blessing to others in our own little ways. And don’t forget to see the countless blessings that we have. We are all blessed in a way that we deserve them. God blesses us always.

Be happy and inspired,



Today’s reading:

Baruch 4:5-12,27-29

Psalm 69:33-35,36-37

Luke 10:17-24



Why in the World

Why in the world?


That’s a very question I kept on asking myself. A question in times of troubles, obstacles and problems I am encountering which seems to be endless. Everyday is a new day, also a new struggle to surpass. Another excruciating pain that I have to gont through. Another day of denial for every signs that I see on myself.


Why in the world?


As days passed by, I also reminisce of the days that everything is okay. That I am still happy. The days that though I complain too much yet I am healthy. I have work. I have insecurities but still coping with it. But those were just the days. The days that I should have enjoyed and contented with. The days that I should live a life rightly and justly. The days that I have sinned. And those were just the days. Some old days of my life that I cannot brought back into action anymore. Just all memories.


Why in the world?


Really, I mean why do we really need to suffet? Why do we need to get hurt? Why do we reall need to be sad? Can’t life be just simply be what we want it to be?


A life that is simple. A life wherein you have what you want though its not as glamorous or extravagant as others do have. A full life that is good enough to live by each passing day. A life that you think is perfect in your own little way.


Why really in the world?


That when you lost your self you also lost the precious things and people in your life? Do these were  the consequences of my wrong actions? Is life really a cycle that goes up and down? Then, why am I always on the low? Can you feel me? Do you? Why really in the world?


Be happy and inspired,





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