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Who Really Is You?

Every man is three man: a man he think he is, the man others think he is, and the man he really is.

Each one of us is unique individual so there’s really no point of comparing ourselves with others on various criteria as no one is really same as we are.

There is always this thoughts and perception within us of who we think we are. They may based on what we heard, what we observed, or what we believed into. Our yardstick of what a person is also reflects of what we are or what we want to be. But not all that we think of ourselves is all truth unless you are that honest enough to admit of what you really is as a person even without the presence of other people. But whatever that may be, inside of us believe and think of what we are.

On the other hand, other people will also talk of who we are that we do not even think of as an us. Others have their own views on every word we utter, every action we take and every decision we make. Their perception of us somehow affects us but we may always take it on a positive way to become a better and wiser person.

And combining our perception of ourselves and others configure to who we really are. The us that we think we are or how the other think of who we are. The real us usually show when we are alone or when in desperate situations. The real us will reveal fully when we are already open and accept the us no matter what without hesitations. The us that we accept, we believe and we live without considering how other people will view us as long as we know that we are enjoying life and what we are doing is good and just.


Be happy and inspired,





Seize your Day, Everyday!

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, usually what composed our thoughts which could make us either bitter or better.

Yesterday. Though its all in our past still some of us can’t simply let it rest – in peace. Rather, we kept on thinking about it – the what ifs and if onlys were just some that occupies our mind. Some of us can’t even forgive ourselves for what we have done when in fact others had already moved on and its only us who haunts ourselves with our past. Past that we should take as lesson for us to learn. Let put past in the past because we can’t change it anymore and lets live at present.


Today. It is our present and as the saying goes we must be enjoying it. Its not that we will forget the past as it makes a part of us of what we are today but of course it does not define the us of today as a new day for us is all a chance to change and be better person. Today is our choice if we will use it to have a better tomorrow.


Tomorrow. Though we should not worry much of it as we are not even really sure if it will come still lot of us worries too much that occupies much of our thinking. Tomorrow that is still uncertain of what circumstances or events we have to deal with. A tomorrow that will be the product of what we are today that will be our past of tomorrow.


Yesterday, today or tomorrow is always our choice. Everything that occupies our mind is what makes a life of us. What happens in the past is all in the past, let us enjoy living for today for us to face a better tomorrow.


Be happy and inspired,





Power of Three

Our world gives us the easiest, fastest and comfiest ways, tips and steps in almost everything. May it be about life, love, solutions name it our world is composed of various teachers, innovators and problem solvers that makes us happy, relieved and successful.

Here in my new serial blog Power of Three I’ll be summing up three thoughts, opinions, or point of views on different topics that concerns me or you. May it be personal, educational or anything under sun that you may also want to know.


I envision and I believe that I could be of help on you on your queries the various whys, whats or hows in our life. Undeniably, we are living in this world with so much questions in our minds, questions that we can gather lots of answers but what really matter on this is that we trust and it affects on us if and only if we can relate on what we are reading.


I cannot assure I know that you may like my viewpoints on what I am about to write. I’m even asking you to follow what I’ll be saying. Or you may also believr on what I believe. As all I am about to write were my opinions, reflections or experiences that I have gone through. It also be either that what I am about to write were my dreams, ambitions or frustrations in life.


Yeah, I may not be that good enough yet and who really am I to persuade you to even read my writings? Admit it or not we have our own biases in life. That since I am just a novice on writing I may be just be a waste of your time. But if ever you take a chanve to read my works, may your mind be open on various possibilities to happen and may you enjoy reading them. For now, I’m already saying thank you and God bless.


Be happy and inspired,





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