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I do and always will love wattpad world. Before I was just a reader of different teen fiction but now I am also writing. Yeah, I know that I am not really that great writer – my thoughts were not that imaginative and creative, my grammar flunks and I am not really a writer. But wattpad was been my avenue to share my thoughts, opinions and works anonymously. It feels great that I can share what’s on my mind without hesitations what other people may say towards me. That they might criticize my work and hurt my feelings. Then, I will lose your inner motivation to write. So I prefer it this way to hide my identity to enjoy and enhance my passion in writing.


Aside from sharing my thoughts I also wanted to have money from this passion. Actually, few years ago I kept on searching on how to monetize blog but mybe because my attention was not focused on this matter so it never was materialize until I join blogjob. I may not have yet get money from blogging but I believe through patience and perseverance, it will be possible.


Writing is fun. It leads you to be you, just simply you. The inner you that is full of potentials and talents. Writing also leads me to read and watch various books, songs, movies and articles not just to learn but also to write my thoughts, opinions and reactions. I usually just choose those of my area of interest to keep my passion on burning.


Some people who knows me finds me boring. So plain and dull. Routinary. I’m introvert and a wallflower. People might not even noticed my presence. On the other hand, others finds me friendly, fun to be with and happy-go-lucky type of a person. But the way I view myself is also different, there were these thoughts that I kept for myself just to compromise of what their want me to be. (more…)


Life is a roller coaster ride indeed.

There come a point wherein all you have to do is to reflect and reminisce what have you really done to suffer this and that. You may think that you can have everything that your mind is thinking yet what is happening to you is an exact opposite.

Karma. Indeed what have you done in the past will bear fruit in the future. All things that you taken for granted and have done which were not supposed to were reaping it now.

If you have done good, you are happy today. But if you’ve been irresponsible, abusive and cruel to yourself, now you are struggling and suffering, you may feel unlucky, that world is against you. You might even question God the big WHY.

Why me?

Why is it happening to me?

Why I am into this?

Endless WHYs.

Some may come to a point that would curse and blame God. Who really wouldn’t?

Do we really need to gone through and struggle and suffer before we realize the importance of life.

Some may even feel miserable. That life has no point of living it anymore. That life has no meaning at all. That they even want to end their own life.

Do we really need to suffer a disease to pay for all the sins we have done? Why isn’t it just easy that we have to accept that we have sinned. Pray with all our heart, then, were completelt back to normal as if nothing had happened.

Some may be in denial and think lots of scapegoat and cannot accept what were happening right now. That it is wrong, that its not happening. That it is just a nightmare and tomorrow it will gone.

Do we really need to suffer and struggle and to be humiliated because of our sins? If that so until when? Is there an end?

Be happy and inspired,





Destiny Rose

Destiny Rose is a new afternoon soap opera in GMA TV Network which will show the struggle, humiliation, discrimination as well as inspiration, courage and education of being a homosexual. Its one among shows that’s an eye-opener especially that the LGBT community is gaining unity, attention and strength all over the world.

The show wants us to be aware that being gay is not always instantly relate to flirt, promiscuity or cheap rather gays like other human being have emotions too that needs to be respected, understood and valued before judging us.

There may be parents who wouldn’t accept their child being a gay as it may deemed to ruin the reputation of family. That a third sex in a family mean shame, disappointment and embarrassment. Its simply a big no-no for them, believe me, I’m felt that way and I’m trying always my very super best to prove them that I could also be their pride, honor and glory.


And like the main character of Destiny Rose my father also hate gays. As he only perceive man as strong, brave and macho image. But my heart like the young character is also shouting that I’m a woman. I also wanted to act, dress and do girl thing. Its just that now I do not want to crossdress.


No matter who we are the show just want equality, that no gender will be left behind. No biases. That our worth as human does not guarantee that if you are a man or a woman makes you superior to the third sex. That you have more right and privileges than us. That you will become bitter if there will time that we are more successful and happy than you in life, business, academics or even in love.


The show though may be criticized by upright and righteous people may gives us knowledge and information to better know the LGBT community that in the eyes of our God, we are all his children.


Be happy and inspired,




I’m Ho

IMHO. That stands for In My Humble Opinion. As the name suggests some of my post here were just my opinions, thoughts, point of views or perspective on certain matter or issue. I am not a writer nor a grammar nazi. And I will accept correction(s), feedback(s), suggestion(s) or comments in regard to my posts.

Just an introduction before I write on various topics I could think of in the future, of course, I believe I do need to introduce myself to you my readers (assuming there will be lots of you). I am a Filipino, so our time might not coincide. I am still single but already taken by someone. I just wanna try how this blog site really works. I also wanted to write that's why I was interested to join here.

Anyways, just so you know I am not that guy on my profile picture because he simply is one of my favorite and has super huge crush. He is Park Yu Chun, a South Korean actor. I like him when he smile and when on poker face mood. He simply is handsome and a good actor. Every now and then, as my time permits I watched his previous shows and already made my day.

I'm kinda hopeless romantic you know, I want an ideal person who wouldn't anyways. I tend to daydream those from fantasy movies, fairy tale stories and romance from novels. But then again, my real world is not like that, I do still need to talk with my someone special for him to understand what and how I feel in our relationship. But for now, I believe that he is special in a way that he makes me happy in his own ways.

Well, enough of myself. I believe you will read even some of my post in the near future. God blesses us always.

Be happy and inspired,

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