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Searching for One True Love

They say love encompasses on all things. It even defies age, distance, time or even gender. And talking of that one true or great love that is erotic and romantic on someone special is a usual theme or topic on composing a song, writing a book, or making movies. Undeniably, almost everyone of all ages would buy it and feel the love on listening a song, reading a book or watching a movies.


Though not all, we are expecting to find our one true love in this lifetime to have an endless happiness journey of forever love. A love that is unconditional, romantic, and never-ending. A love that is a source of our inspiration, joy and contentment. A love that we could exchange to the wealth and treasures of this world. And a love that surpasses even our love for ourselves.


There were also some people who tends to love on someone who’s already committed or taken. A love that has no assurance but just hanging and just waiting to share a spare time for that someone.


There were also these people who almost want to take everyone that comes on their. Some consider this love as a game; a love just to have a benefit from someone, a no string attached relationship which could lead to an end anytime they want or anytime that they get caught.


But seriously, whichever category you belong, all of us wants to have a long lasting love that’s why we kept on searching until we find our one true love. Just always remember that upon searching we should keep in mind that we must be careful and conscentious because we might get hurt or attached to someone that is not worthy for us. Because when you get trapped, sometimes, there is no way out for you.


Be happy and inspired,





The Search: The MOST Important

Above all, my one true love MUST be GOD-FEARING.


The best place to find One True Love is meeting him on a church. Relationship that founded and centered to God bonds two person stronger to go against all odds in life. Binds us to love each other till eternity, understand each other despite the doubts, respect each other in whatever situation we are into and hold me when I’m about to give up.


Someone so sweet on his own little and unique ways. Someone to have and to hold. Someone to listen and understand me when others will left me. Someone to love in a way that no one else will.


May that someone will come to me the soonest possible. I know you are waiting for me too. Let’s just wait for our time. I know I will met you at the right time and at the right place. Labyu!


Be happy and inspired,




P.S.: Actually, this was written and published first at wattpad but I unpublished this September 2015 after six months to be published here at blogjob and I already had someone. He may not be that someone that I described as a standard of my fantasy guy yet he is my one and only love. I will fight for our love no matter what as long as I know that our relationship is still worth fighting for. That we still love each other despite of the distance and our limits of contacts. And despite that we cannot be always together, we uphold the care, respect, understnding and faithfulness to each other. I know we are not a typical nor an extraordinary partners, that we might face criticism and unacceptance, yet we want to prove that love knows no gender. Our journey may just be starting but when we sustain being happy and contented it will lead to love now and for our lifetime.



The Search: Character

When we say character it refers to certain qualities of a person the way he thinks, behaves or acts. For me, the character of a person is an important aspect to consider when finding my one true love. Because, psychologically, we should be mutually do love, respect and faithful to each other. These three elements were some among the foundations of a happy, successful and fruitful relationship that destined to last forever.


The character that I want my one true love to have which I just have heard in  homily during my college years were very  basic yet so important: my one true love is simple, honest and humble.

Rule 1: He is SIMPLE

Simple. Yeah, he should be simple as he is. A real person. A person who acts and behaves as what a human being with dignity is expected.

Simplicity for me implies that my one true love is someone of being just himself especially when our colleagues looks so classy and talks about flashy things.

He doesn’t care if we don’t have this and that for as long as we are happy together. That what matters most in our relationship is we have each other to hold in hands at night and hug tightly until the next day.


Rule 2: He is HUMBLE

A humble person does not think of himself much and does not change despite of his worth and value were going higher still he is grounded to earth. His values and virtues overpower all the success and achievements he has. What matters most to this person is the true few people in his life and relationship built through the years.

This person does not boast and does not see the person based on their looks or status in life because what he sees on every individual are only the good and positive sides. He does not help to promote of himself or to be popular but he helps because its his desire and helping is what makes his life complete and meaningful


Rule 3: He is HONEST

As the adage says: Honesty is the best policy. An honest person does not want to cheat on other people. He does not think to be more powerful, richer, influential among others to other people through taking advantage and corruption but prefers to reach all his goals in life with his brawn and blood working

He’s honest enough to tell me what he feels and what he don’t like about me. It does not matter to him if I may get hurt because he knows that he wants me to be better person. His were full of concern and love. A person that would honestly love, respect and understand me no matter how messy I can be.

Be happy and inspired,





The Search: Characteristics 2 of 2

Rule 3: Someone who is WHITER than me

I admit that I’m really mesmerized with people who has flawless skin much more if that person’s color is white. That someone who always appears so clean and unblemished.

That also explains why I’m a fan of Korean heartthrobs though there were also hot guys from various races.

Who really wouldn’t want to have a glowing, shining white skin? Others were even hooked to intake, inject or used various whitening products available in the market. Unluckily, because of such vanity others got complications and even death.

Well anyways, its always better to love yourself and be natural. Accept what we have and be happy with it. As beauty is not merely based on someone’s skin color but the golden heart that he has within.

I remember that I have this discussion with my friend that when were young we all want a perfect, charming and handsome knight in shining armor but as we grew up we realized that life is not like that of fantasy and we have to accept and be happy of our partner despite that the said person is not like that from our fairy tale wishes and dreams.

My true love may not be white then but I’m praying that his heart and love for me is pure and real.

But what really matter in the end is not our love one’s age, height or color but how could that person prove us the meaning of what love is. Love that is not merely based on exchange of sweet and endearing words but of actions and moments of love shared. The time that that person could give on us despite of busy life, the said person could find to spend a time for us because that person value the relationship that we share.

Be happy and inspired,




The Search: Characteristics 1 of 2

A person characteristics is kinda important to me though some poets out there would argue that love is blind and love does not look on WHAT the person has as long as that person will love you but still in my humblest opinion it does matter not just to show to the world that your partner is so handsome and damn hot BUT i don’t know either why its just that I know that it matters to me wayback in my high school years. Well, my rules were not that hard either – I just want someone who is older, taller and whiter than me – that’s all yet until now its really hard to find for that THE ONE!

Rule 1: Someone who is OLDER than me

I always had wanted that there would be someone of authority to love, understand, respect, guide, and protect me maybe for a fact that I am eldest and I am not that close with my father made me want that my true love must be then older than me.

Somehow unconsciously I made myself believe that when someone is older than me he is more experienced in life lessons and mature. As a grown up and learned, I also believed that he is patient, considerate and sensitive as he already have gone through and get over with my struggle.


Unfortunately, as I grew up I realized that this belief is not as I perceived it to be. Not all grown up and older than me were really acting their age. As the adage says: Age doesn’t matter. But in this perspective it would mean that maturity doesn’t come with someone’s age as others were just growing old but not growing up.

Thus, this rule should be: I envision my one true love as a MATURE individual.

Rule 2: Someone who is TALLER than me

I just don’t know clearly why would I want someone who’s taller than me as a requisite of finding my one true love. Maybe because I badly need a protector since I am a pathetic victim of bullying everywhere I go. My mind believes that tall people has authority like that of power and influence to our leaders in various walks of life.


On the other hand, for me height matters as he is capable to cradle me and I would find that so sweet. He would looks hot and appealing in my eyes too.

But does height really matters or the purity of someone’s heart? The lenght of his patience to understand my childish behavior, how he would widen his understanding despite how messy I could be and stretch his respect for who I am.

Of course without any hesitation we should choose someone of great heart and behavior than that of someone’s physical attributes. But then, its better to have what you want who has a golden heart as well.

Be happy and inspired,




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