After Glory

But first he must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation.

~Luke 17:25


All of us have experienced different frustrations, problems, worries and disappointments but after we have gone through with it I believe that we felt happy, relieved, fulfilled and blessed which makes us to become better, wiser and stronger us. Everytime that life gives us problem test to solve, it is our chance to prove that aside from trust and belief from ourselves we also put our faith to God who will be with us and help us to surpass those test through living our life and making our decisions and actions with his laws, commandments and interventions.

I believe there were also times in our life that we feel fear and doubt and we already thought of giving up and hopelessness. I also feel those feelings because I did rely on myself alone, but when I already take it to God I know that he will listen, help and be with me so my burden is lighten and possibility happens. It is only with God that we can feel that no matter how big our problems are, God’s glory always supersede those problems.

Thereafter, I know that aside from our problems were already solved and settled, our relationship with Him also becomes stronger. We then offer our very life on Him alone, we want to bond with Him always through reading God’s word and we feel happy and fulfilled when we are serving his people. Aside from that, because of our experiences we can inspire others with our success stories as to motivate them to go on with life. Stories that we alone did experience and can narrate that life is so blessed and beautiful if we live according to God’s plan. To God be all the glory, praise and honor. Always and forever.

Be happy and inspired,



©November 12, 2015



Who Really is YOU?

As gold in the furnace, he proved them…

~Wisdom 3:6

As we reminisce our childhood, we can still remember how every member of family is so kind, loving and giving us much attention and to show their love sometimes they will spoil and tolerate our wrongdoings. We enjoy our freedom to do what we want and free from responsibilities and worries. And as we grow up, they are still there gently giving us advices, restrictions and limitations for us to prepare of life challenges. And as a young adults, they are expecting us to be already accountable and reponsible for every actions and decisions we are making. They may not be always on our sife but still our family is always there to guide and understand us in every trials we are encountering.

Much more is our God, who provides and supplements us with our daily needs. That though we’ll stumble yet he will bd there to catch us and help us stand firm again. The trials, struggles and challenges daily is a test for us to trust on His will on each one of us. That God has a better plan for each one of us. There may be gloomy and sad days of our life but as we continue living we will see the beauty of purposes and meaning of everything that set ahead of us. There may be time that were losing our hope but we may not forget to take courage from God, let us not forget to connect with Him anytime of the day. And we may always believe that everything has its own time and season for us to discover his plan. Just have faith that his plans are always better than us though we may be thinking that it is not what we want still God knows better than us.

Whatever we are going through right now, we are on the process of sharpening our character for God’s will.


Be happy and inspired,






Who Really Is You?

Every man is three man: a man he think he is, the man others think he is, and the man he really is.

Each one of us is unique individual so there’s really no point of comparing ourselves with others on various criteria as no one is really same as we are.

There is always this thoughts and perception within us of who we think we are. They may based on what we heard, what we observed, or what we believed into. Our yardstick of what a person is also reflects of what we are or what we want to be. But not all that we think of ourselves is all truth unless you are that honest enough to admit of what you really is as a person even without the presence of other people. But whatever that may be, inside of us believe and think of what we are.

On the other hand, other people will also talk of who we are that we do not even think of as an us. Others have their own views on every word we utter, every action we take and every decision we make. Their perception of us somehow affects us but we may always take it on a positive way to become a better and wiser person.

And combining our perception of ourselves and others configure to who we really are. The us that we think we are or how the other think of who we are. The real us usually show when we are alone or when in desperate situations. The real us will reveal fully when we are already open and accept the us no matter what without hesitations. The us that we accept, we believe and we live without considering how other people will view us as long as we know that we are enjoying life and what we are doing is good and just.


Be happy and inspired,





Seize your Day, Everyday!

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, usually what composed our thoughts which could make us either bitter or better.

Yesterday. Though its all in our past still some of us can’t simply let it rest – in peace. Rather, we kept on thinking about it – the what ifs and if onlys were just some that occupies our mind. Some of us can’t even forgive ourselves for what we have done when in fact others had already moved on and its only us who haunts ourselves with our past. Past that we should take as lesson for us to learn. Let put past in the past because we can’t change it anymore and lets live at present.


Today. It is our present and as the saying goes we must be enjoying it. Its not that we will forget the past as it makes a part of us of what we are today but of course it does not define the us of today as a new day for us is all a chance to change and be better person. Today is our choice if we will use it to have a better tomorrow.


Tomorrow. Though we should not worry much of it as we are not even really sure if it will come still lot of us worries too much that occupies much of our thinking. Tomorrow that is still uncertain of what circumstances or events we have to deal with. A tomorrow that will be the product of what we are today that will be our past of tomorrow.


Yesterday, today or tomorrow is always our choice. Everything that occupies our mind is what makes a life of us. What happens in the past is all in the past, let us enjoy living for today for us to face a better tomorrow.


Be happy and inspired,





Power of Three

Our world gives us the easiest, fastest and comfiest ways, tips and steps in almost everything. May it be about life, love, solutions name it our world is composed of various teachers, innovators and problem solvers that makes us happy, relieved and successful.

Here in my new serial blog Power of Three I’ll be summing up three thoughts, opinions, or point of views on different topics that concerns me or you. May it be personal, educational or anything under sun that you may also want to know.


I envision and I believe that I could be of help on you on your queries the various whys, whats or hows in our life. Undeniably, we are living in this world with so much questions in our minds, questions that we can gather lots of answers but what really matter on this is that we trust and it affects on us if and only if we can relate on what we are reading.


I cannot assure I know that you may like my viewpoints on what I am about to write. I’m even asking you to follow what I’ll be saying. Or you may also believr on what I believe. As all I am about to write were my opinions, reflections or experiences that I have gone through. It also be either that what I am about to write were my dreams, ambitions or frustrations in life.


Yeah, I may not be that good enough yet and who really am I to persuade you to even read my writings? Admit it or not we have our own biases in life. That since I am just a novice on writing I may be just be a waste of your time. But if ever you take a chanve to read my works, may your mind be open on various possibilities to happen and may you enjoy reading them. For now, I’m already saying thank you and God bless.


Be happy and inspired,





Blessed are YOU…

Matthew 5 talks of beattitudes as follows:

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Ask and you will be filled with all the desire of your life as God is a God who provides all your dreams and desires in life.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Before we experience every suffering and struggle we encountered, God is expecting us a closer relationship with him and a better, wiser and stronger version of us. God will be our comforter in times we mourn.


Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. When we are simply good and gentle, every actions we take will bring back to us. Everyone and everything in our life is also good nd gentle.


Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Ask and you will receive for as long as you believe on it everything will work together to fulfill what you have asked for.


Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. What you sow is what you reap. So if you planted mercy, a thousand folds of it will be yours every secomd of your life.


Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Just like children who are so pure and innocent, we can always see and be with God if we allow that child-like character in us to be activated. When our thoughts were all just good and happy, there you will see the goodness of God that is in your life and your environment.


Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. Jesus grants us peace before he ascend to heaven, he wanted us to be also called as son of our Father God by living in peace and love.


Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. For as long as your actions were in accordance to the laws and commndments of God, do not worry for others because you know that what your doing will be rewarded of eternal life with our dear God.

Remember this: Ask, believe and receive. Life is good. You are blessed more than you can think of. God blesses us always and forever.


Be happy and inspired,




Happy Halloween!!!

Its halloween time again! Actually I don’t remember much of this event as I never did attend to any gathering wearing a scary costume or something like of that. And I never dream either of attending in party like that maybe because I’m not a party person and I’m not also used of wearing something way beyond my comfortable simple clothes.

I usually just go to cemetery on this event to visit my family and relatives that passed away and offer candles and prayer on them for their souls to be at peace and happy. Very often can we offer flower because its kind of expensive and we rather buy it food to cook and offer a little piece of every food for them to share.


Then, on this season as well I usually frighten and got goosebumps when watching various horror shows, special episodes and documentary on television. And of course sometimes in even go with me until I go sleep and luckily not on my dream.


But I observe that as years passed by, the prices of our needs for this event getting higher that some of us can’t really afford to buy and would just rather stay at home and just offer a prayer for their soul.


Do material things really matter to the soul of our loved ones or one genuine prayers for them? So no matter what situation we are right now just always believe that always choose what you believe is right thing to do that would make you happy that you wouldn’t regret doing it on any other way.


Halloween is just a season in a year, enjoy life and don’t and never stress your life of things that you don’t have. What matter most in this season is that we offer our genuine and from the deepest point of our heart for them. A prayer of love.


Be happy and inspired,





Gift for Life

For the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable.

~Romans 11:29

Gifts. These are innate talents and endowments that we have. The gift on us to be used to serve and to show on others the goodness and providence of God in our life. Every single day it is our burning passion to love, honor, praise and glorify God in a way that he intends us to do for the fulfillment of our meaning and purpose. And each of us have various gifts within us that no one elses could have done better but just us alone. Gifts in various forms that if combined and work interdependently with others will bring out a better service and harmony.

Call. This is our vocation for life or may even be our profession. This call is fulfillment and actualization of our dreams and ambition in life. Dreams that started since were kids through an inspiration, influence, or interest from our environment.

But some where having detour on using their gifts and calling. Some were lucky to  use it even at their young age. No matter what, there will comes a situation or event in our life that our gifts and calling will be utilized fully on what they are really intended for.

There were even people who doesn’t know that they possess a gift that is so unique or special and sometimes it is hidden. Yet I believe that every gift will just come out for God’s glory at the right if we allow it to be used. When there will be no more ifs, whys, waiting and hesitations.

Take a look from within and we will discover how blessed we are. The gifts and calling that we have was already been planned by God before we were born. In God’s due time, everything will come true.


Be happy and inspired,




Searching for One True Love

They say love encompasses on all things. It even defies age, distance, time or even gender. And talking of that one true or great love that is erotic and romantic on someone special is a usual theme or topic on composing a song, writing a book, or making movies. Undeniably, almost everyone of all ages would buy it and feel the love on listening a song, reading a book or watching a movies.


Though not all, we are expecting to find our one true love in this lifetime to have an endless happiness journey of forever love. A love that is unconditional, romantic, and never-ending. A love that is a source of our inspiration, joy and contentment. A love that we could exchange to the wealth and treasures of this world. And a love that surpasses even our love for ourselves.


There were also some people who tends to love on someone who’s already committed or taken. A love that has no assurance but just hanging and just waiting to share a spare time for that someone.


There were also these people who almost want to take everyone that comes on their. Some consider this love as a game; a love just to have a benefit from someone, a no string attached relationship which could lead to an end anytime they want or anytime that they get caught.


But seriously, whichever category you belong, all of us wants to have a long lasting love that’s why we kept on searching until we find our one true love. Just always remember that upon searching we should keep in mind that we must be careful and conscentious because we might get hurt or attached to someone that is not worthy for us. Because when you get trapped, sometimes, there is no way out for you.


Be happy and inspired,





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