You Took How Many Melatonins and Still Can’t Sleep?

Sleep is Never Easy for Some of Us

Do you ever think sleep is something that you used to be your friend? You’ve somehow lost touch and would like to rekindle that friendship again? I think the same way. Ever since I’ve hit a certain age and standpoint in my life changes I have had even worse of a time trying to get some a normal bodily function to perfection no matter how hard I try sometimes.

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There is An Answer No matter How Bleak It Looks

There is still  lots of hope as far as sleep is concerned. Wether you’re going through the changes like menopause like me, too stressed and worried to get some much needed shut eye or just have to much noise going n in that smart but tender brain of yours never give up on sleep. There are various things you can try to get help. If all else fails there is also a therapist, this is nothing to be ashamed of either.

Other Things To Do For Sleep

So you have tried taking up to two Melatonin pills at once after just one pill barely works anymore. This is something that is really not the worst thing you could do but also not the best. Melatonin is a natural supplement that is right. But to use it too often might just make you immune to it in my experience. They tell you to take a break with it as it is for a short time in between taking it. I had one good night in there where I didn’t need to take it at all. I wish every night would be that good.

Other things you could do in order for sleep to come through is to stop over thinking or over analysing everything that has happened or might happen. That is really the most distructive way you can be when it comes to a peaceful night. I know it’s hard, I’ve been there. You can try various foods in order to get some much needed normal sleep in there too.

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Foods That Help with Insomnia

So last night I swear what worked for me was getting up about 1 a.m. and forcing myself to eat some fruit. Not just any kind of fruit, the kind that has sleep reactors in them. I had one tangerine for Vitamin C and then I had a banana for the calmness it adds to your body. And you now what? I thought I would still be awake but I wasn’t.

I brushed my teeth again and headed to bed. In what seemed like minutes I was calmed and sleeping. No tossing and turning. That was probably the only excersize I got through the entire day. Play with things like that to see which foods work best with your body chemistry and don’t work. I thought the pumpkin seeds would be enough but they work with other foods to combat sleeplessness too.

The pumpkin seeds I’m talking about are the pre-shelled, edible kind and you can find some on Amazon or in your local grocery store. Many places are apt to sell them. I just happen to get mine at the dollar store in a small bag the last time I was in one of them. I just wish I could have gotten more bags at once, they are probably all sold out now. They are that good. I got the unsalted kind. Excess salt is not that good for the body, anyways and I find them to be tastier without salt and easier to add to other foods like yogurt without the added salt on them.

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Bed it Out

You also might want to get a bed that works for you. A pillow and mattress that isn’t very hard or soft would be best. One that is truely comfortable that is like floating on air. We’re all different there again so sometimes we just pick out the wrong kinds of bedding. Makes sure lights are out and there are no noise disturbances that will keep you awake if possible. Those noisy neighbors will just have to go one day so bear with them, or try talking to them. Just maybe they will become less loud. Then your sleep will become easier. Sweet dreams!

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Tofu~ The Lows and Highs of It

For many years tofu has been around to either tempt us or make us avoid it. Lots of people to this day won’t touch it. The fact is, it is actually a compete protein as far as that goes. It is a healthy alternative to eating meat. It’s scary when you don’t know how to prepare it right or if you just haven’t had it prepared right for you in terms of trying it out.

This is a problem in it’s own that should be cleared up. There are many ways to cook tofu and it depends on the type of tofu you prefer to try first. So yes, while it is high in protein , at the same time the cost is pretty low for most people. That seems to be good reasons to give it a try to me.

There are various different types of tofu, from a softer and firmer kind to a much softer silken tofu. They all have that bland taste to them with no flavour but that is the good part. You can add anything to them to make them tastier. Find some recipes on the web or on TV or in a cookbook. You’ll be amazed at everything you can add to it to make it taste better, and a l of the different dishes you can add them to as well.

There is everything from tofu in soups to grilled tofu out there. There are tricks to drain the moisture from it also after purchasing so you get the best out of such a product. It’s much less in calories depending on what you add to it, and you’ll be cutting back on meat consumption. If you love mushrooms then you’ll probably love tofu.

The softer tofu is usually used in such dishes like soups whereas the firmer types of tofu can be grilled up and other things. It has been around a long time, just hasn’t been that popular with people. It is also made from soybeans, the white ones.

There is a technique that involves grinding them up and adding a product to it called nigari to it. I don’t have the complete exact steps to make it on hand, but it seems simple enough. I just don’t want to try doing it from scratch because I don’t have the time.

If you’d like to read a good article about it, here’s something I found explaining it in full detail and better comprehension~


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Learned A Lot The Past Few Days

While most of us are pretty much unhappy with the recent changes of lesser points for everyone here at Blogjob including myself, I have learned a few things too that will benefit my writing more than it was before. I have not been able to figure out how to re-add back my social sharing buttons after the site was having some problems with migration procedures and also the said forced brute attack that was taken care of.

There was also an issue as to how and why to re-add Jetpack a few more times so our sites would be protected from spam and other creatures of the same status. We have to add it back to all of our sites on BlogJob is we happen to have more and not just one of them for it to take full advantage.

Then there was the fact that we had to reactivate our social share buttons to them all as well. We have to do that manually and thank goodness we have some helpful members here like rextrulove and andriaperry that answered my questions in the forums. I truely appreciate their help. If you’re still not sure how to do that, the plugins link on your dashboard when you open one of your blogs is there to click, and then you will see a list of things to activate or not.

I also learned how to add a Pixabay feature doing about the same thing as I did with the social sites, there was a choice to activate that into my posts whereas before I was actually going to Pixabay itself and finding them to add that way. I had to take the photos into my photo editing software and resize them, most of the time the resizing was completely off. But now I’m guessing this will be done automatically and the photos will look even better now.

You can even activate a form where you let others who view your post to send you a message including their email and note, with their name. I’m sure that will be helpful for some of us. I added it to a few of my blogs today in fact, including this one. You will see it on the bottom of my blogs for now.
I’m also trying to do more quality posts and act like I know what I’m doing as a writer moreso than before, much of the time I just bluff my way through because of the fact my vocabulary of words isn’t that huge anyways. I try and that gives me a chance at least.

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Which Browser Do You Use?

And so the question asks, which browser do you use? I have been using Firefox for so many years now that it seems awkward for me to use most anything else. On occasion, I do have Chrome for one or two sites as well that I briefly use everyday too, or almost everyday. Unlike Firefox where it’s always the same browser that I spend the most time on a daily basis.

Firefox is a browser that I used to dislike, but have grown attached to it the more I use it. It’s possible to grow attached to many things if you are kind of forced to use (or be with it as far as a person is concerned) after so long. Not only just a browser, I’m sure. So if I was put in a room with you 24/7 for ten years, you and I would probably eventually be inseparable too. I know, I know, you shudder to think….LOL!

Well, I have some other little things to talk about concerning this Firefox browser, just to get to my actual point of the article. They are at the top right of the screen, in the right hand corner in fact. I have noticed them more today for some reason. I was checking out two of the buttons in general.

One is the blue round button that has two different shades of blue. That one is for clicking on when you want to find similar sites like you happen to be on at the time. I find that to be useful sometimes for other choices of similar sites. Say (for example) you know of one review site where you can review products for a discount and you want to find more. Well, that little blue button will take you to some ideas.

Then there’s another button that you click on right next to it with a talk bubble and smiley face on it. That is a button that you can use to grab a friend from their computer and share info or talk about together. You do have to have the requirements of a microphone and camera for that one, as I just tried to see how to use it and it said it didn’t detect either one on my computer. That’s because I have them disconnected at this time. But you can send your friend a link to that if you both do have a camera and microphone and see what goes on from there.

These are not extremely exciting features to know about, but I wonder if anyone actually knew about them. I tend to want to know what many buttons and such mean after awhile if I’m curious enough. Have you ever used such buttons on Firefox or don’t you use that browser at all?

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Hair Style

Do you still have long hair that needs styling? Do you admire those long locks of hair that have loose curls or the tightish kinds? I love the looser kinds, they seem to give the appearance of a very up to date look. The tighter the curl the least attractive in my opinion, but again that is merely just an opinion. I used to have really longer hair than I do right now, but it will grow again to this length in the photo.

I was also skinnier than I am now then which was maybe about 5 years ago.  But my weight goes up and down too much. This hairstyle in the photo on the ends was not done with much work by me. All I did was put my still somewhat damp hair after shampooing into a clip in the back at the back of my head while I went out shopping one day. Then I just took the clip out again when I returned home again and my hair on the ends looked like this.

The wind was blowing somewhat and it was making my hair look like I was doing some sort of model shoot with sunglasses on too. It was one of my favorite pictures of me at the time in my forties. My arms are a little boney but I was really working at the weightloss on purpose with more time on my hands than I have now.

My point is that you don’t need to bring out the hard core burning your hair at the stake tools like a curling iron, you can use my technique like I just mentioned. Some have said to use a clip on top of your head but  I have only succeeded with that one time and the photo is on my profile here at Blogjob. It was a one time thing, and can’t get my hair to do that ever again in that way. It always looks messy now if I try it. But if it works for you then go for it.

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Avocado Is Yummy

Do you love avocado just like me? Or perhaps you just can’t get the jist of it? I have a friend who really doesn’t get the popularity of it and my brother isn’t too keen on it either. They really can’t see what the big fuss is about. I used to feel the same, until I heard it has lots of healthy fats in it.

This means we can eat it without feeling as guilty as if we ate a whole stick of butter at once. We can eat a whole or half of avocado and it will be very filling because you had a piece of exotic fruit. This is actually both a fruit and a good “fat” to ingest for your body all wrapped up into one food. That is really unique about the avocado.

What can you put this fabulous item into or make with it? Plenty of things. Make sure it is not too under ripe or too over ripe. I bought a bag of about five of these at Costco the other week and they all were a little under ripe. I took two and put them in a brown paper bag and in two days they were fine to eat.

The darker black skin on the outside was no longer too green and you can feel they are slightly soft on the outside. The little stem area can be taken off easier too when they are perfect for using in recipes. These taste better cold to me so I put them into the fridge for a day before using.

You can do things like the photo suggestions on sandwiches (turkey is especially paired well with avocado) or salad with these fabulous avocadoes. Then there is a great yummy dip you can use just a few other ingredients after removing these from their shell. Just mash them up while in cubes in a large bowl, and add a small splash of white distilled vinegar and lemon juice or lime to taste. Some people add sea salt to them but if you using chips they might be salty enough for you to snack or party with! Yummy!

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Two or Three Ingredient Pancakes

So whose seen those recipes on the internet for using two eggs and one mashed banana to make pancakes yet? I have and I’m sure there are many others, just not those who will be reading this. I have had to give it a go after wanting to for a long time now. I just like to try new things and if I happen to like those new things then it’s been worth the try.

I can say that I have probably liked at least half of the new things I have tried on the internet as far as food and other things like fashion and crafts. It’s all about the particular tastes and also if the recipe, etc. was successful for you or not. It might be more successful for someone else. Then we have some ideas for tweaking an idea that might work out for us too. I have done that as well.

Today was a day I finally tried these three ingredient banana pancakes. Being I am all out of Bisquick right now, and some people have negative views of that stuff anyways, I decided to try this. I got my two eggs, one thoroughly mashed banana almost mashed to the point of being very liquidy, and then said to myself I have no almond flour left. I used it all up when I made some power bars.

Pity it was all used up, I like that stuff a lot and it can be expensive too. So I just threw in what looked like two tablespoons of regular flour. Mixed it all up like it was pancake batter, then I poured it onto the pan like I would normally do to make regular pancakes.

It wasn’t half bad but I don’t like them a whole lot either. It didn’t need any sugar if you ask me, some people might have thought it was bland without it. I just didn’t like the taste of them, it’s my personal thoughts. It tasted more like a banana and egg pancake/omelet and I’m just not into that kind of mixture. If you like it though that’s fine. I tried them without adding any syrup and just had them plain cooked in some coconut oil on the stove in the pan. Not going to make these again, blech.

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What To Know Before You Excersize

Are you an excersize nut? I’m not talking those that go to the gym once a year but the kind of nut that goes jogging everyday when they can or maybe hits the gym at least three times a week. Actually it doesn’t matter, and in case you’re just starting out I have some tips for you to follow. It just might help improve your way of excersizing and your health along with it.

First we have to think about your posture. You have to make sure you’re standing straight and not hunching over. Be concience of the way your back is arching while doing every motion. This is true with most everything you do in life,  but we can’t forget it when we start pumping some iron or lifting those weights either. It’s important to get that back straight as can be and just seize the moment. You will be feeling better afterward.

Then you want to not just delve right into the excersize routine or task at hand either. You need to do some warm ups first. This allows the body to get used to the motions and not get as stressed when you’re making those repetitive moves. It does help. The warm up excersizes can be googled, choose the right ones that you prefer to do.

Another thing is to make sure you do the correct breathing excersizes while you take the plunge into any excersize routine, those crunches and lunges have a breathe in and breathe out timed motion too. It will help make the oxegyn in your body flow better to your body and your brain too so you don’t plop down on the ground.

Talking should be kept to a minimum and instead just concentrate on the focused excersize instead. Going to the gym isn’t as social as you might think, unless you’re done and want to do that then. But focus on the actual excersizing to get the job done. You won’t be out of breathe as fast.

Lastly you wanna make sure your body is fueled up before you excersize, and not work out on a hungry tummy. Look at your body as a vehicle that needs to be fueled up before you drive it. It runs smoother that way without needs to stop. You can rehydrate anytime during the workout if you have to and afterward with some really good water.

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Salvage Stores

I was watching a TV show the other day and they were talking about deals and saving money. They had a segment on Salvage stores. They are in the USA if you can find them, or at least used to be. I have never actually seen one near me, but we do have such stores like Dollar General and things like that. Those are good to have. These Salvage stores are slightly different than those dollar stores and our normal groceries.

I have only heard about them on TV a few times. They are so hard to find in my state. Maybe it’s a secret for whatever reason or not many people like to shop there anyways. This is because the food there is so cheap. But it comes with a hitch too. Such cheaper food prices mean that the food like that is more than likely not perfect. In fact they can be pretty much expired but still okay to eat. You just have to know when exactly to still be able to use them.

The expiration dates that most manufacturers put on food items are just a way of telling consumers you have to throw them out on that day in order to buy more again. The fact is most foods can still be used from at least a day afterwards to even months. You wouldn’t be able to still drink milk six months or even four months after the expiration date so it varies according to the food item. I wish I had a list to post.

It all depends on the right info you get about individual types of food items and how it tastes and/or smells to you after requiring them. They are not worth getting sick from, so please do use caution when trying this out. You can use your sense of smell and taste to make sure expired foods are still quite good to consume. This also goes for baby and pet foods. If in doubt, throw it out.

What you want to avoid altogether for certain is cans that have dents in them. Some people think you can still eat foods in cans or boxes with those dents if the can is not ‘swollen up’ (so to speak) but I wouldn’t risk it too often. Then there are boxes of cake mix and that sort of thing. You should not buy a box of anything if the box is dented in.

You just never know how it looks inside of the box. It might be damaged further and then you’re left with goods that are still wasteful to purchase. I do see things like that on some shelves and normally I pass them up. Above all, trust your intuition and if it doesn’t seem right then it’s not. It’s not worth getting sick over, you’ll have medical bills to pay for then and save nothing.

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Downsizing is Underrated

For some people they think the best way to live and be happy is to buy the biggest house in the neighborhood, maybe even a few floors high and with a basement and attic to boot. This is what I sometimes call a mansion, wether it be an older house or just a newly built one. I’ve been in several of those and they seem to be too big for an average couple or even family of four.

Our house is two floors but hardly a mansion, though. It has been around for many years, more than I’m willing to admit. Too old to be a mansion as compared to today’s standards. It can even be looked at as run down in some ways. The inside is a little daunting, the carpets desparetly need replacing after awhile and the whole room size thing is definetly unbalanced. Size of the house on the outside can be very misleading.

My point here is sometimes you need to downsize in order to be happier. My friends tell me to choose a smaller house with one floor and maybe make it my own. It can have the wood floors I want and the huge TV that I crave, along with the dishwasher I truly want most. It doesn’t have to look like I came into a multi-million dollar inheritance to be happy. There are some really positive ways to think about things when you have a smaller house.

One thing is there is lesser to clean. I can’t imagine who cleans the tops of the ceiling and that kind of thing in those homes that have the highest ever ceilings and windows. I would not be able to do it that’s for sure. These homes surely do look nice but there are things you need to think about before getting yourself into something that you might realize later is just not right for you.

Then there is the heating and cooling bills. It would probably cost a ton of money to heat a extremely large home not to mention in the warmer months keep cool. Unless you have a husband or wife who just won the lottery in a multi-hug manner you don’t need this debt on your hands. The money can be spent more wisely on other things. Of course the choice is yours, decide and think for yourself after reading this.

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