memories of lunch break

Hey friends!
How are you?
I hope you all are fine.
I am fine too.
Me diya. As you know me very well.
today I would like to share you the story of my college lunch break. Before starting this I would like to tell you in the last blog I share you the journey between my home to college. And also about class bunk. Now starting further I will share you the happy moment of my lunch break. Me and hira mostly take junk foods in lunch but ayesha always want to take traditional food. Once upon a time there was a rainy day. And me, hira and ayesha went to college. The journey was really enjoyable. That I can not explain. When we reached at college we saw there were some classes to be held. We went to our garden. Sots besides the tree. And it was really cold day. I was feeling so cold. But still I remember the face of ayesha. She was saying sit quietly and enjoy the weather then we were also worry about classes. We were hiding our self from proctors and ground visitor. Then we had top pops which is every time my favorite and coca cola. We really enjoyed that chill coca cola with top pops. Then it become unable for me to bear the weather I requested to the ayesha please come to the class. But she said no never. I will enjoy by sitting here. Then I went to the class room a lone. Then I mark ayesha and hira attendance. After that I went to the outside again it was really memorable day for me. Then we rnjoyed a lot in the rain. All the classmates come to the garden and we enjoyed a lot.
Thank you so much.