College Memories




How are you?

I hope you all are fine?

I am fine too.

What is going on?

Today I would like to talk on college memories.

The college days are really amazing. You can not forget the college days. You can say the chill days. I really enjoyed my college life a lot.

We were a group of 3 friends.


Hira, ayesha and diya.

We went college together. Our College name was Government Degree college stadium road karachi pakistan. We studied in the same college and also in tje same class. We go to college through a bus. Ayesha and hira remain in the same stop. But my station was two stops forward to their stations. First, they pick the bus and they come to my station. Then I pick the bus from my station. And we go to college. Our College drive was 45 minutes. We all really enjoyed a lot in the journey. There was a lot of crowd in the bus even it is very hard to take breath in the bus. But the moments was really enjoyable. When we reached college. We do a lot of bunks from class lectures. And we move here and there. When our teacher or corridor rounder is on round then we start to search a blank class room or top stairs. So that we can hide from the teacher or the corridor rounder. Some time we got catch by them and they strictly punished us. But in the time of punishment we enjoyed more. You can say we can enjoy at every step of our college life. But we were also good in study. Leaving lecture is at one place but on the other place we study hard for good rank.

It is my good memory of my college further I will discuss later.

Thank you so much.





Hey friends!

How are you?

I hope u all are fine.

As u know I m diya.

Today I would like to talk about memories.

U heard many times that memories last forever.

Things end.

People ends.

Time ends.

But memories last forever.

Memories never die.

Some memories are good some are bad. But they leave long impact on our daily lives. Every one is living his life. Time is passing. Days are going. Every day leave memory. So that at every morning we have a lot of last days memories.  Memories never leave the person alone. If it is good then we will enjoy that. And we missed. And when it is bad we feel very bad. And some situations and some memories really kill us from inside. So like other people I have also a lot of memories.  One of my memory I would like to share with you. images-28

Very pleasant memory is of the time when I received the price. For standing first in my class. It was the best memory of my life ever and ever. It will never die. I can not share the moments with you even I m unable to descibe that moments of happiness. My moments that time time were hard to describe. All the pupils and all my respected teachers had assembled.  There were some parents as well. There were a lot of croud in a garden. Where the positions have to be announced.  When Headmaster start to announce results. My heart start to beat a lot. I am unable to control my self. When I heard the name being called by headmaster. For a few moments I was unable to move. I just stuck to my place. Then I move towards stage. My headmaster appreciate me a lot. And use good words for my work. And give me a price and gold medal. I was so happy. I can not explain my feelings exactly.  This memory always in my mind and when I think about it. I always feel proud on my self. It is my good memory that I would like to share with my friends and with the world.

Thank you

Stay calm.


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