The Writer Faces Difficulties

How many writers have faced the difficulties but have overcame the challenges? There are many writers facing the difficulties but there is one writer in particular facing the most difficult People. “Writers should have pleasant experiences there should be joyfulness along the journey.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There’s still hopefulness and there are moments when the thoughts of writing are like the best flavored ice=cream. The competition is the reason why some writers have difficulties. ?The constant picking, disagreements, and wasted time trying to dismantle my journey can generate a frown.” (Tanikka Paulk).

There are stories where writers express how they’ve been challenged. There are so many competitors and yes they’ll use disruption in order to make their competition believe that they’re not worthy. Every writer should believe that they’re worthy. There are many ways to be expressive and there are ways to deal with the challenging People. I’m the “you”=Tanikka Paulk writer and hold many titles in which so many refuse to accept. Although there will be the ones refusing to accept “my purpose,” I’m  grateful, and appreciate the ones who have accepted it.

My grandmother use to enjoy writing and producing poetry. There should be joy when writing but there will be some thoughts of how silly some are. They’re refusing to accept what is given. I’ve placed the words here and there. There will be a word which will hold more valued. “I’m so thankful for the person which I’ve considered to be more than a friend.” (Tanikka Paulk). There will always be support to writers even if there is just one other.

Some have chosen to cease their journey due to having to deal with the cynics and critics. There are some worn out because of what they’ve had to face. I’ve been talked about, criticized, and received threats but yet I’m still continuing. There will be a conclusion to the journey when the timing is right. For now there needs to be “productivity” within the journey. The poetic pieces which are dear and the writings which I’ve produced. My ability to continue even when they project war is a blessing.

Here I am so determined to proceed. There is hopefulness within and there are many thoughts of how blessed I am. They’ve tried to take away what God has ordained but God refuses to turn away. God hasn’t forsaken me=Tanikka Paulk and neither has Jesus. My hopes and dreams is certainly to make a difference and to make positive differences. I’ve achieved but there is more to achieve. There is greatness within this body=Tanikka Paulk. There is the belief that I’m deserving of the blessings God has stored.

“Need the Soil at the set Foundation.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Perhaps the Writing Sites Will pay

For writers, it appears as though there’s some discrimination occurring because I’m a writer, blogger, etc and the writing sites aren’t paying. What ever to do? i’m advocating I’m refusing to promote the sites because they’re being unfair. How can any promoter promote sites or other areas when there’s unfair treatment? Every writer should be paid when working on the sites. “It’s clear that my information is correct and I’ve proven that I’m on the sites but I’m continuing.” (Tanikka Paulk). There will be justice. I’m remaining hopeful. Oh yes indeed I Tanikka Paulk continue to be treated unfairly. My advocacy is strong.

There is hope and there will be justice. Advocates fight to generate the necessary changes in order to remove the injustices. “There will be solutions and although there has been numerous hiccups. There is hopefulness right here.” (Tanikka Paulk). Others will be discriminated against. The unfair treatment hasn’t caused Tiki=Tanikka Paulk to stop moving towards greater. The confident continues and even when they think they’re right. I’ll continue to supply the proof.

Advocating and I’m sure there will be “change.” The bullying, harassment, the attacks won’t prevent that from moving forward. That continues. I’m a female and yes I’ve been bullied by all sorts of individuals online and offline. Being a writer should be a rewarding experience. No writer should be harassed on any website. There should be fair treatment. “Website owners are making a mistake by preventing writers from earning.”(Tanikka Paulk).

Standing firm in the advocacy. The proof is there and although so many probably will try to give me=Tanikka Paulk a difficult time. There will be continuous actions to retrieve what I’m suppose to receive.  That advocate isn’t backing down. That=Tanikka Paulk. Fighting for the causes. It may appear as though I’m advocating for self but there will changes when I’ve incurred the success regarding the advocacy. So they’ve made many mistakes and what will they do when there’s the consequences?

If there is more than harassment on any website and the continuous mistreatment occurs then contacting a lawyer, authorities, and other organizations should occur. Writers continuing to receive unfair treatment should contact the website or websites and be firm when trying to receive payments. “Contacting the FBI could help. That’s what I Tanikka Paulk had to do. Here’s some contact information. The State Attorney’s Office can also be contacted.

“Made Contact.”


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Images Credited to the State Attorney’s Office and FBI. My information is on there. Tanikka Paulk information. “The Personal Information Isn’t There.”

I’m and Advocate and Much More

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