Difficulties Build Strength

We may want to be apart of the easy road but easiness is far and between in life. We will have to go through some trials in order to get us to where we need to be. Sometimes we may not understand how to solve this problem or that problem but through faith we learn how to do this. There’s days where we would avoid difficulties.


Difficult it may be  but I can overcome

Things may not be the way I expect to but with Faith God will do what He will do

Time offers all of us a chance to get better

Some of us have to go through some stormy weather

The difficulties in life sometimes weigh on us

If we get on our knees and pray

God will certainly make a way

He knows exactly what we need

He loves us

Yes indeed

No problem is to large for our Father

He will bring us through

Thoughts Flowing

Ponder away ponder today

Letting the good things in

Relaxing and meditating

Creating a peaceful space

Passing clouds loving nature

Putting words together so that flow

Thinking of the next place where one shall go

Thoughts flow about

Letting in and letting them out

Focus on within

Loving self and thinking again again

Cozy Night’s air

The wind seeping through the window pane

Bundling up in the warm blankets

Feeling a little free

It’s cozy and comfy so lovely

Cool breezes against my skin

Being thankful for tonight’s air

I’m so glad this cozy feeling has met with me

Love, love, love the coolness

Sometimes we need to settle somewhere and think about somethings that will create peace. Life comes with all sorts of struggles and being able to meditate on good things is a blessing. Pondering while the weather is cool is truly a blessing. We’re so blessed with so many things. Even when we go through the storms. We should be thankful because those trials will make us stronger.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially