Resistance When Trying to Elevate

The only ones who can avoid being criticized or avoid the cynics are the ones who do nothing. When we’re trying to move up. We’ll come across a lot of resistance. Some aren’t pleased with observing others making some headway. So of course they’ll try to stop whatever it is courageous people try to do.

Consider the Source

If individuals are trying to shake up and rattle a vision or dream then indication on how large the vision and dream is. Being sidelines doesn’t generate much. Making attempts is more than a lot of people are willing to do. The noise will carry on but we should move forward either way. We can not allow what others or think about us to hinder progress. Some are unhappy not only with their lives but with themselves. We simply can’t take on everyone’s problems. If they’re unable to encourage others then they’re about of the critics are cynics. They’ll be waiting ti try and make someone’s life miserable.

Move Through the Crowd

It’s important that we keep going. We’re already aware that there will be some who aren’t pleased with any “movement.” The ones who have competitive spirits will try just anything to create a stop. Goes to show that there’s a lot of talent out there that so many are envious of. No need to worry about noise makers. They’re wasting time making noise but what else are they accomplishing? Too busy trying to dismantle other people’s dreams.

Some chaos will occur but the chaos shouldn’t stop determination. The objective to cause visionaries to stop having the vision to open doors of opportunity. Some are more concerned with what pertains to their group. Lacking compassion. If we have faith then all that gibberish means absolutely nothing. How can noise makers contribute anything but noise? Not worth the time to even give attention to a bunch of nonsense.

“Don’t be a Crab.” Appreciate the Gifts the We all Have.” ( TanikkaPaulk)

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Go Harder and Stronger

It doesn’t matter how many people come up against us. If we give up on what we love and what we dream to be then we will be miserable. Not everyone will be pleased with our efforts or achievements but we shouldn’t stop speaking out or stop trying to reach our goals. The more that’s comes up against the more we should fight. It takes strength to continue going on through the storms. Even when we think that we’re walking alone we’re not.

Never allow anyone to stop you from living your dreams. Unfortunately there’s people that are waiting to knock us down to our knees. Some are very determined to do so but we wouldn’t build strength if we don’t face those trials. No one who has achieved their dreams have avoided going through challenges. Too many people have given up because they felt as if their efforts were in vain. Not true. It may seem as if the road is long and rough but it’s the destination that one is trying to reach.

Of course when one is going through the storms they may think that they’re not making any progress because what they’re going through. Progress occurs when there’s effort. With no effort there will be no “movement.” Despite the obstacles one should keep fighting, and yes, it may be a long fight but when it’s all said and done it will be well worth it. Picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves up will allow us to try again and again.

It’s unfortunate that people will try to sabotage our dreams but that’s apart of adversity. The adversity will come and sometimes it will come in waves and other times it will occur so often that we wonder if we’ll ever get through it. People will want a visionary to give up because they may be intimidated. The more we “uplift” ourselves the more we’ll achieve. Sometimes we may need to step back and try again and again.

Great achievers and visionaries went through trial after trial but they decided not to give up. They wanted to succeed and came across resistance but kept on doing what they believe they were meant to do anyway. That’s how it should be. We shouldn’t have to give up because people are pleased with what we have to offer. Some won’t understand our journey at all and no matter how we try to explain it. They may never understand it. Our visions aren’t for everyone to understand. We simply have to take the good with the bad. The bitter with the sweet and keep remaining “hopeful.”

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The Noise Will be There put in Your ear Plugs

So you’ve decided to go for it. You’ve decided to go after those dreams. Oh, but wait, it won’t be easy. There will be lots of noise and a whole lot of  not so pleased people. Even when the crowd sounds off the continuous boo’s. One shouldn’t stop. It’s important to keep going no matter how many come after the “dreamer.” Follow those dreams no matter what. There will be attacks and sometimes the best thing to do is pretend as if noise down’t exist. People will hate on our talents and gifts. That happens to just about everyone doing something out of the ordinary.

Adversity is something we can’t get around and unfortunately people will create it for us as well. It doesn’t matter because if we’re meant to do something then we will succeed at it. Yes, stones will be thrown, and we’ll come in contact with all sorts of dysfunctional behaviors from others. We can not allow the noise to stop us from doing something that will help others. If your dreams are big then expect to receive a lot of flack from others.

Too many people stop dreaming because they become fearful. Fear hinders and we certainly can’t be productive if we focus on what others are trying to do to sabotage us. Going after your dreams requires a lot of courage and understanding. To lower the noise level we should surround ourselves with visionaries because they’ll understand exactly where we’re headed. Sometimes we have to close our eyes and just visualize peace. We can get to our destination but we can’t get there focusing on the noise makers.

Once the noise makers realize that we really want our dreams to come true. They will slow down and find something else to focus on. Anyone trying to make changes will receive resistance. We may not like it but it comes with the territory. Either we can proceed or we can give in. Giving in shouldn’t be an option. We shouldn’t allow no amount of noise push us away from our dreams.

How to Tell That Your Dream is a Great one

Sometimes we come up with ideas and have a vision but never seek it. Once a vision is in motion, it can either flourish, or it can stand still. Once a vision displays brightness. It will attract attention some of it wanted and unwanted. When your vision consist of “greatness” it will generate lots of attention and it may not please all. That’s alright because no one can please everyone. We shouldn’t stop dreaming and living our passion because some people are irritated about it.

If your dreams, visions, and ideas include helping others and making a positive difference then why shouldn’t one go fourth with them? Those who are fearful of being left behind may behave insanely because they fear that you’ll go on ahead without them and in some cases one may need to do so. When a vision is large. It will be a bit complex and it can take some time to reach the next level of the vision. Yes, one will come across resistance, in fact there may be a lot of it. Those are clues that your vision is meaningful.

People may want to claim it as their own but as long as you have proof that your vision belongs to you then there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. It’s unfortunate that people aren’t willing to come up with their own ideas but we will have to deal with all sorts if things and dealing with difficult people is one of them. Just because we face adversity while living our passion that doesn’t mean that we should give up on them. We should believe that we will be successful in every area.

Anyone who decides to take a risk will come in contact with some resistance. We may find it near or far but it’s something that happens. A grand dream will make people want to get involve somehow. They may not ask to be involved but they may force their way in. We have to be stern about our vision. We do not have to allow anyone to be apart of our dreams who are in no position to be apart of it. We should be very protective of it and not allow anyone to take what we’ve worked so hard for away.

Once people feel that your dreams will generate something golden. They will want a piece of it. We should share but we have to be careful with our decisions. If people refused to be with us when we were in the lower process then we may not want to being them on board. Anyone who can’t walk with you when you have very little shouldn’t be apart of the completion. We’ll realize who can and will be part of our visions. It’s important to choose wisely. “A big Dream Will Generate a Crowd.”

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Never Allow Anyone to Take Your Dreams Away

Come up with some ideas and have a vision and see how many people try to claim them as their own. Be creative and see how many people dislike you for it. Do amazing things and see how many people encourage you. Well, this is the world we live in, a vicious and cruel world. A place where selfisness seems to be the norm. Be careful who you trust with your dreams.

Unfortunately not everyone is genuine. As soon as you supply them with the information.  They will take it as their own. That’s why proof is needed. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your vision but what’s upsetting about it, is that some will pretend as if they’ve worked towards the vision, pretty sad. Sometimes we try to give people the benefit of the doubt and hope that they won’t try to take our vision away. Visionaries have difficulties trying to put together their vision ar times. There’s always someone waiting to tear it down.

Register your vision somewhere so if anyone claims it. You will have proof that it belongs to you. Instead of peoppe assisting others. They rather make it difficult for those who are trying to make a positive difference. It isn’t fair but it’s something we have to deal with. Imagine going through heartache and pain to make a vision come true and going through more because of envious people.

People have every right to dream and no one knows exactly what a person goes througj to get to where they are. Instead of giving people a hard time perhaps try to make this world a better place. Never allow anyone to stop you from dreaming. Never allow anyone to take your “vision” from you. Protect it and the people involved in the vision. Visions opens up doors. They’re blessings and no one had a right to destroy or at least try to destroy them. Our gifts belong to us and God has given each one of us a gift.

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Big Dreams can Come True if we Believe

It takes a whole lot of determination in order to make those dreams come to life. A lot of bumpy roads and hills to climb. It easy one bit but is it worth it. You better believe it is. It’s worth going through the pain and the roughness. The thoughts of reaching that place of comfort certainly makes it worth it. We can’t accomplish our goals if we’re not making any preparations to do so. Not everyone will dream big. Some may not dream at all. The dreamers will think outside of the box and they believe in what they’re trying to accomplish.

Even if no one else believes in them. They will always believe that they’re capable of reaching those heights. There will be people who will try to block the journey but we should keep moving. There’s doubters and people who wonder why some dream at all. There’s nothing wrong with wanting better. In fact we should want better. If we listen to people who don’t believe that dreams come true then we won’t try to reach them.

Our mindsets have to be on the path that will lead us to comfort. Some people refuse to dream big or small out of fear. Fear hinders us in so many ways. If they remove the fear then they would move in the right direction. Sometimes we hold ourselves back by our thoughts. Dreams will have outlandish dreams and people will look at them crossed because they can’t believe they would even attempt the goals they have in mind.

Some may think that some dreams will take too long so they become impatient. Not having patience will certainly stop someone from trying to succeed. In order to succeed we have to start and we have to believe that we will be successful with whatever we’re trying to accomplish. We should be our own cheerleaders and stop thinking that we’re not capable of getting things done. We may not work as fast as we want to.

We will experience setbacks and that’s alright. A little movement is better than none at all. We have to want it so bad that it hurts. If we’re afraid of pain then we better not dream because there will be some pain. We have to constantly remind ourselves that we’re “visionaries.” There’s no way that one can stop a dreamer and a visionary. We will keep going even if we experience some setbacks.


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Embracing the Visionaries

We should try to spend time with those who have the same or similar goals as we do. They’re more likely to embrace and encourage those on the same path as them. If you have a “vision” then you should nurture it and be very careful with sharing it. There’s always someone somewhere waiting to sabotage your vision. Visionaries are compassionate about their dreams. They usually dream big and are determined to make sure that the dreams become reality. If we’re constantly surrounded by those who want to see us fail then we may start to believe everything that they feed us.

We should focus on our goals and help others achieve theirs.  A vision can become reality with consistent action. If we want to achieve something then we will need to have the drive to do so. Stay close to those who are dreamers. They will believe in you because someone believed in them. They will give you the pep talks and help you along the way. We must learn to tune out somethings. Every word shouldn’t be embedded in our heads. Some people will try to get us off task and they will want to use the crab mentality.

We must remain vigilant and keep going stronger then we did yesterday. We have to do more and grow but we must surround ourselves with those who believe that we can do it. Those who want to see “progress” occur. If a person refuses to accept that you’re capable of doing great things then they shouldn’t be in your space. Visionaries want to see others achieve great things. They want to be apart of “growth.”

We shouldn’t allow anyone to kick our dreams to the curb. We’re all capable of accomplishing a lot of things. We all can make a positive difference. Instead of trying to knock others down because they have contributions to offer. We should embrace them and encourage others to “make things happen.” We should especially encourage our youth. They’re visionaries as well. In fact a lot of have and are coming up with some great ideas. We should encourage them to let their gifts flourish.

If we don’t surround ourselves with those who want to see us do better then we may be hindered with our visions and dreams. If people are trying to tell us to push our dreams aside then those are the people we may want to refrain sharing our ideas and dreams with. Our visions hold value and they deserve to “shine.” We shouldn’t try to hide our gifts just because people aren’t pleased with them. We should want to rise up and continuously get better. Put those ideas into action and be very determined.

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Keep the Vision and Soar

Not everyone enjoys watching someone pursue their goals or dreams and we should expect some resistant when trying to accomplish certain things. Challenges are apart of life but we shouldn’t stop trying to accomplish whatever it is we’re trying to accomplish. Keep the vision even when things seem slow. Visionaries are conquerors and whether people accept it or not. No one should give up their dreams.

That’s why it’s encouraged that we keep our goals and dreams to ourselves but we should allow our talents to “shine.” We shouldn’t discourage others from being visionaries or pursuing their goals. Anyone wanting us to stop moving towards something that will better our lives aren’t caring about improvements. We should want to be apart of “growth.” Although we will face adversity we should move as much as we can. We should accomplish something. Even if it’s one goal out of many.

If we focus on the things that won’t help us get to our goals then we will have setbacks. We should rise above anything that tries to weigh us down. Visions are meant to be pursued. They are meant to be presented at the right time. Sometimes we move to quickly with the vision. We become excited and sometimes we tell the wrong people about our dreams and that could be a problem.

Although we will come across some resistance that shouldn’t prevent us from accomplishing whatever we can accomplish. “Where There’s a Will There’s a way.” If we don’t do what we feel passionate about then we’ll feel as if we’re not living or reaching our potential. We must do what we’re purposed to do. No one can stop God’s plan. Helping others is a blessed vision. Anyone wanting to make positive changes within our communities, within society, and in the world should be able to do so.

No one will understand another visions if they’re reluctant or if God hasn’t given them the sight to see the vision. When people don’t understand it they may not support it. When trying to pursue our dreams we may have to walk it alone. There’s some that will put in maximum effort to try and shut it down. Don’t stop dreaming or believing in your dream and goals. Goals are meant to be accomplished.

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