To Perceive to Advance Despite the Circumstances

There is the ability to advance beyond what some can’t even imagine. There seems to be so many continuing to believe that they can alter my perception. No matter what’s said persons will believe whatever it is that they want to believe. I’ve been challenged so many times but it’s my determination which leads you=Tanikka Paulk to the where. I’m able to smile when being challenged. There is hope if they’re steadily trying to gain my attention then they certainly are in need. “My perception won’t be altered because I’m continuing to keep on the Full Armor of God.” (Tanikka Paulk)

There is so much focus on my journey and the ones who’ve tried to sabotage it they will see that there will be more abundance because of what God has declared. Mankind may cause destruction but God will intervene when God needs to intervene. There have been many disruptions the groups of People continue to try and cause setbacks but I’m so filled with my own reality and although I’ve imagined what it would be like to “move” at the said distance perhaps there will be the moves in which they are unaware that’s how there will be the greatest progress.

What is it that they’ve “perceived.” There seems to be the disconnection between the purpose and their walk. My journey shouldn’t include all because my purpose doesn’t belong to all the individuals. They’ve tried to alter what has already been stated. Why? The competition perhaps there are so many thinking that they’re able to remove what God has already set. My place was set before my birth. There are many viewing what I’m continuously trying to incur. My line of thinking hasn’t swayed. There is the “Transformation of the Mind.”

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I’ve learned to focus on what truly matters and the words spoken which add no value aren’t allowed in my circle. The ones who’ve tried to cause confusion because they’re displeased with my position will notice that what they’ve tried to do won’t pull my name down. “God already declared that Daughter is to be in the highest position and yes daughter is a ruler.” by: Tanikka Paulk. As a Daughter is Tanikka Paulk. There isn’t any hopelessness within me=Tanikka Paulk and me=Tanikka Paulk is also thee. Continuing because God is allowing the purpose to continue.

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Deciding not to Watch the Democratic National Convention Tonight

The first night of the Democratic National Convention was confusing. What was so confusing? The things people were saying. Some were off topic and some saying things that were downright offensive. There seemed to be little disrespect for Bernie Sanders and to be Frank he seemed a bit confused. I’m not sure where the information that was written for the speeches presented came from. It’s as if someone was playing a prank.

There were the hecklers and the crowd seemed to be antsy. The best speaker was Cory Booker.  He nailed his speech and the speech sounded pretty Presidential. Perhaps he’ll run for President in the near future. Tonight it seemed best to not tune in. After watching the Republican National Convention, which was all over the place, it was best to not tune in. Hopefully things went well. I’m just stun about how many mishaps that took place on both sides.

As if the politics has gone down the drain. Oh what embarrassment that took place for both parties. How can they bounce back? There appears to be some very irate voters. Wondering for the next President will do to generate a stability. We simply don’t know. Perhaps tomorrow will be better and people will be calmer.

Some were dismayed with the chosen material that the Democratic party selected. Some interviewers addressed how unsure they were when it came to voting for Hilary Clinton. Some voters are claiming that this election may not see their vote. Seems quite disappointing. The views go down when people get tired of seeing antics after antics. Losing voters isn’t good for any candidate. I’ve never seen anything like what’s taking place now. Perhaps things will get better later on.

Losing minority votes isn’t good for any candidate and it appears that the nominees aren’t saying very much. People are lost and not knowing who to vote for. What a mess. There’s two more days of speeches. At least the audience was treated by a “Bridge Over Troubled Water” sung by Paul Simon. He did a fantastic job.

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