Don’t Despair There’s Always Someone That Cares

We may think that people aren’t paying attention or are uncaring but there’s always someone that cares. The more people see the more they’ll believe. A person could tell them anything but once they see it for themselves then they’ll believe it. Eventually that one person will turn into thousands. When we keep going, we’ll develop more and more, people care. Even when there’s doubt. Someone somewhere will be supportive.

We may have people come up against because they’re envious or they don’t understand our “vision.” Our visions aren’t for everyone to understand. Some may become angry and then get others to feel the same way. This is what we need to do. Give people the benefit of the doubt. We never know what people are capable of. Not showing love can but us in a bad place. Even those close to us will doubt us and they will even spill hate but as long as we have God and Jesus with us then that’s all that matters. There will always be someone that cares. Someone besides our Creator and His Son.

We should believe in ourselves. That will help motivate us. If we don’t have confidence within then we won’t succeed. We can accomplish great things by being determined, motivated, and filled with love. Love moves about and can change people’s hearts. Don’t despair when it seems as if the world has turned on you. Sometimes they turn just so they can turn around. Even if a mother comes up against her daughter. If the daughter is connected with God then she will be alright. I’m alright.

Keep striving for that vision. A vision can come true by speaking, working on it, and believing in it. We should love one another but of course there will always be someone who wants to hate on another for whatever reason. Our passion drives us to make positive changes. A good heart can be broken but it can also mend. Have a heart. “Love!”


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It Shouldn’t be Difficult

Why is it so hard for everyone to come together? I’ll answer that. It’s difficult for people to want to come together because of egos, what they’ve bern taught, or because they’re bitter for some reason. In today’s world we should be passed segregation. We should be “uniting” and wanted better for everyone. There’s discrimination within the same race. We should want to see one another excel but unfortunately that isn’t the case.

We can’t expect to grow if we’re holding one another down. We don’t have to hold hands but we can at least try to encourage one another. There should be no hate, we succeed through love, and respect. Unification will help us in so many ways. Eaxh culture has something to offer but we will never know that if we’re refusing to assist one another and try to be understanding.

Some cultures get along so well and others may try to reap one another apart. A lot can be accomplished if we work together instead of against one another. As long as we pull ibstead of push we will not progress. We expect better if we refuse to do better. Some will go out of tgeir way to help one another and then there’s some that won’t help no matter what. Growth can’t occur with a don’t care mindset. We can do great things but we can’t do that with pulling one another down.

We’ve seen what racism can do. It causes hurt, anger, and it oppress. We shouldn’t want that. Everyone has equal opportunity to move up tge ladder but we make it difficult by pulling our brothers and sisters down. Our economy wil flourish if we assisted one another. Our minds wil advance if we just took the time to get to know others and appreciate what they can offer to society. Tearing one another down just won’t do.

Find an Uplifting Place

There’s nothing like being surrounded by positive people. Listening and reading positive communications. Sometimes we listen to people who aren’t in any position to encourage themselves let alone others. Our lives will be better if we surround ourselves around people who want to do better and see others excel. Those who are intimidated by others success won’t be happy and will behave negatively towards them.

When people are in no position to uplift us. We should at least “uplift” ourselves. A lot of times uplifting ourselves is the most that we would have. It’s so important that we build a positive mindset because a positive mindset will help us achieve more. Have you ever came in contact with someone who rarely offers positivity? When we find ourselves in a situation where there’s no uplifting going on then we should find a peaceful place.

Peacefulness relaxes our minds and in order to obtain it we must remove toxicity. Sometimes we keep people in our lives who are filled with toxin. They’re so envious that uplifting is further from their mind. We should protect ourselves from those who try to bring our moods down. If they want us to feel bad about ourselves then they’re toxic and toxicity can create havoc in our lives.

One of the things that prevent people from uplifting others is intimidation. If someone is intimidated for whatever reason then they won’t be able to uplift anyone until that intimidation is lifted. Envy can cause people to want to bring others down and tear their world upside down. Not everyone will be with us and that’s something that we must accept but there’s ways that we can deal with it.

What’s important is that we keep ourselves happy. Occupy our minds with good thoughts and stay encouraged. When we come in contact with those who want to see us fail we must remind ourselves that they can’t not create failure for us. If we want to “rise” and overcome then we must be willing to remove the doubt so that we can proceed. Surrounding ourselves with those who believe in us will make a world of difference.

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