We the People Will Thrive

Oh yes! We can accomplish some great things when we set our minds to it. Speak it to existence and it will be. There’s no need for us to put one another down. We can lift ourselves up and others. There’s “hope” and although things may seem rough at times. We’re in positions to stand firm and “Make Things Happen.” Yes indeed. Do you know how much we can accomplish if we “unite?” Have you ever considered it? If not then perhaps you should.

We’re not put on earth to just soak up some sun. We’re here to make a difference, help others, and to grow spiritually and educationally. With each step, we’re making progress, with each action we’re getting close to our destination. Advancement occurs with continuous action. If we put those great minds together then we can overcome those obstacles that have been keeping us back. We can’t expect positive changes with a negative mindset.

A little competition is healthy but too much can drive people mad. Perhaps working together would be more effective. Coming together as a people, unifying, and creating new ideas is something that will make our world more beautiful. We can accomplish a lot on our own but we can accomplish more together. “Unification” is what we need. Some may be too stubborn to team up with others and make this world a better place.

We can’t be filled with greed. Greed is awful and it will only weigh us down. We should be willing to help one another achieve “greatness.” We need to economically advance, advance socially, and educationally. Progress is hindered when we refuse to assist others even in the smallest forms. A little here and there can create “abundance.” If we all chipped in then we will see more advancements. Be willing to help others even if you have very little. We can create “prosperity” but we can’t do it through selfishness.

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Give it to Them Straight

We do not have to tolerate mess. I don’t care how kind you are. No one has to tolerate disrespect. There seems to be a lot of it on the internet. The bashing, hating, and segregation is ridiculous. If we don’t like something then we have every right to be vocal about it. People become envious and some may have no clue what they’re being envious about.

The amount of discrimination is so nauseating. People behaving as if the world owes them something. As if certain people are their personal slaves. Well no one should be a slave. Sometimes it’s best to distance yourself and assist those who appreciate it and for those who don’t send some prayers their way. The whole thing about this group not liking that group is twisted. What about “unification.”

We have to stop sitting back and expecting someone to help us when we won’t do it ourselves. Stop with the little guy owes you something because they don’t. We should be cheerful givers but if one is really observant then they will notice that a loy of people aren’t so giving. They may be in the business to receive though. There’s more critics than mentors.

Sometimes people try to avoid being gritty but when they get ready to speak their minds then some people may not like it. Too bad. No one should be a pushover. It doesn’t matter how nice, kind, and compassionate you are. We should be trying to stick together. We don’t have to hold hands and sing “We are the World” but we should at least respect one another.

The way some push others it’s no wonder why some people live as hermits. Humanity exist but we may have to dig a little deeper to find it. The caring seems to be on some other planet. Loving one another isn’t hard but for some it may seem that way.

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Rise Above it all and Stand up

There’s certain cultures that are so full of togetherness. If one needs assistance then a whole group comes in for support. That’s how it should be. In fact “we” all should be like that. Come to the aid of another. Standing up for what’s right and knowing our rights. If we stand together then there would be less discrimination against certain races or circumstances. We can not pretend that sterotyping and profiling doesn’t exist.

Minorities are the main targets when it comes to rights being violated. We should read and stay up to date on social issues. The media may report some things that many may consider negative but they also can help spread the word. For instance, the Trayvon Martin’s case, the case received national attention because of the media. We became more aware of profiling and the media can also help settle some things down.

There’s all sorts of organizations that assist minorities with all sorts of needs. One Organization which was founded by the Rev. Al Sharpton and it’s called the NAN (National Action Network). Partner Organizations is an organization that advocates for youth. Lets be real here. A lot of the targeting is projecting towards African American youth and they too should know their rights.

If minorities work together and assist one another then we will have stronger communitues. We’re challenged so that we can take a stand “rise up.” We never know how many lives can be saved by coming forward and speaking out about issues. Even the sensitive issues need some attention. “Unification” is what is needed. Some changes need to be made and we can do a lot with continued knowledge.

We’re strong and we should be connected. Another great resource is Social Media. So many are taking social issues to networking sites. It’s alright for us to speak about things that make us feel uncomfortable. We’ve seen and heard about many issues that affect other cultures and there’s a lot that affect minorities. “Stand up and Overcome.”

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No Uplifting and No Respect Won’t do

If a man can’t find himself uplifting his woman then he may lose her and vice versa. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that are extremely unhealthy. Filled with pain, anger, and lack of compassion. No one wants to feel unloved. Men should be respectful but they should especially be respectful to the mother or mothers of their children.

If things are dysfunctional then perhaps a separation may be necessary. A lot of times people throw sorry’s around but still project the same behavior. We can’t expect “unity” when there’s anger in the mix. Where emotions are fueld by control. Someone is bound to run in the other direction. If a man has fallen out of love with his wife or girlfriend then he should move on and not hold her life up.

He shouldn’t be disrespectful towards her at anytime even if she is. A angry and surly man won’t win the heart of a woman. He may not be able to keep her. If he demonstrates harmful behavior towards her he may feel alone. Woman want to be caressed and want to be appreciated. When those things are missing she will feel a disconnection. A man’s put downs can be another man’s uplifts for that woman. Not saying that people should seek attention from another but everyone wants to feel loved.

God made a companion for man and woman is the companion. Yes, we should seek God and Jesus’s love but we’re not meant to live alone. We shouldn’t be so desperate for love that we’d rather tolerate desrespect. If a man is unable to love the one he’s with then perhaps he should consider moving on. Sometimes people become disconnected. If God isn’t in it then there will certainly be a disconnection.

Love is a strong emotion and it can heal a broken heart. Men neef love as well as women. God made us to give, to learn about Him and His son, and to love. Without love there’s trouble. We can’t feel a connection if there’s no love. Sometimes a man has to be alone in order to get himself together. If he doesn’t put God first then he will be consumed with anguish. “Love” brings people together.

It Shouldn’t be Difficult

Why is it so hard for everyone to come together? I’ll answer that. It’s difficult for people to want to come together because of egos, what they’ve bern taught, or because they’re bitter for some reason. In today’s world we should be passed segregation. We should be “uniting” and wanted better for everyone. There’s discrimination within the same race. We should want to see one another excel but unfortunately that isn’t the case.

We can’t expect to grow if we’re holding one another down. We don’t have to hold hands but we can at least try to encourage one another. There should be no hate, we succeed through love, and respect. Unification will help us in so many ways. Eaxh culture has something to offer but we will never know that if we’re refusing to assist one another and try to be understanding.

Some cultures get along so well and others may try to reap one another apart. A lot can be accomplished if we work together instead of against one another. As long as we pull ibstead of push we will not progress. We expect better if we refuse to do better. Some will go out of tgeir way to help one another and then there’s some that won’t help no matter what. Growth can’t occur with a don’t care mindset. We can do great things but we can’t do that with pulling one another down.

We’ve seen what racism can do. It causes hurt, anger, and it oppress. We shouldn’t want that. Everyone has equal opportunity to move up tge ladder but we make it difficult by pulling our brothers and sisters down. Our economy wil flourish if we assisted one another. Our minds wil advance if we just took the time to get to know others and appreciate what they can offer to society. Tearing one another down just won’t do.

Unification and Getting to Know People

War exist because of hate. Rages with races and insecurities create segregation. Dr. King wanted all to unite. Every group embracing one another. Usually people are afraid of people they don’t understand. Instead of being fearful, perhaps try to understand different races, don’t shun them. Embrace them. Embrace different cultures. Get to know people before passing judgement. Don’t come to conclusions because you’ve heard something. Get to know people.

Your view of certain groups could be wrong. One never knows until they’ve learned. We can’t determine something without facts. Different races are misunderstood and of course there’s some bad apples in every race. Just because one has a bad experience with a certain group of people that doesn’t mean that they should give up on them.

We should unite and stop hating on one another. No group is better than the other. We can all “rise” should want the best for everyone? Racism is still a major problem. Here’s the thing, we all want to help people that look like us to become prosperious, but we should also want others to become prosperious as well. All of us are created by God. We didn’t get here by chance.

Unification is important. We don’t need to growl at one another. We should be uplifting ourselves and others. If we remove love then we will suffer. Why generate those problems? We have enough to deal with. We don’t have to hold hands and sing “Kumbaya” but we should at least respect one another. Stop bashing people you know nothing about. Get to know people for who they are and not what’s perceived. If some decide that they rather not join harmony with certain groups then that’s their decision. Try not to demonstrate hate and try not to isolate others.

We all have a choice whether we want to “unite.” We should at least be open minded about culures and differences. It’s not fair to be resentful towards people you have never came in contact with. Gaining knowledge will help us understand a whole lot better. Removing love out of the equation is a mistake because love conquers all. Hate never generates anything positive.

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We Have a Long way to go

Change is something we can’t do anything about. Whether could or bad. change will occur. We’ve been through many changes and we fought our way through many issues. How far our we? It seems we still have a lot of work to do. A lot of growing and appreciating where we are now. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. worked very hard to make sure that we have the rights that we currently have today. Do we appreciate them? Well, if you watch the news or go out in your neighborhoods. You may say, “yes and no.”

Those who were marching with Dr. King may appreciate it more but it appears that there’s way too many of us that don’t. We may take for granted those rights Dr. King, Medgar Evers, and Malcolm X died for. They wanted unity and not all civil rights leaders have the same views but all of them have the same agenda. We’ve read the history books and watched movies about how difficult it was for African Americans and the difficulties still exist.

A lot of the difficulties we generate ourselves and others come form a different source but in order to see a better change. We must be willing to change ourselves. Change our way of thinking. There’s a lot of anger and it’s directly at one another. We should want better for our communities, for the youth, and for ourselves. Yes, we know we’re aware about police brutality but there’s a bigger issue that needs to be addressed.

Discrimination within our own culture exist and we should be embracing one another but that is rarely seen today. How would we feel if our rights were taken away? Would we be more appreciative then? Maybe or maybe not. If we want better results then we have to demonstrate that we deserve to have them. Fighting one another just won’t do. Loving one another will allow others to see the correct way to treat us. “If we don’t demonstrate love then others won’t demonstrate it either.”

Hate kills but love will help us heal. If we don’t stop killing one another then we will see a greater decline in professional careers such as doctors, lawyers, teachers and leaders. Our children are dying in front of their homes. Shouldn’t we be concerned about that? Change starts with us.

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Making the World go Round

We keep hearing about tragedies all over the world. People are being exposed to senseless killing. Families are grieving in Paris and in the US. How do we deal with tragedies around us? With so much going on, why are people still hating, where’s the love? We should be embracing one another.

A little “We are the World” wouldn’t hurt. There’s no room for hate but there’s plenty of room for growth. We should be uplifting one another and focus on “building.” If we can go fourth in love then we can create a better world. More peace, more respect, more encouragement. If we don’t “unite” then growth can and will occur.

Races shouldn’t be at war. There should be no hatred in communities. Hate generates violence and death. So many things can be avoided if we embrace one another. Not saying that bad won’t exist because where there’s good there’s evil but if we generate more peace around us then it will flow outwards.

Differences should be put aside. We should motivate one another to do better. Not by putting others down but by encouraging our brothers and sisters to rise. We’re quick to judge but not quick to understand. No one truly knows another person’s story. You are the only one who can tell your story. No matter what we go through, we should try our best to smile, and pick ourselves back up.

It’s a blessing when we can have someone and others beside us to help guide us through. Trials will exist but we can’t allow them to break us. Those trials should make us stronger. There’s so much violence in our communities, in cities, countries and in our schools. How can we make a difference? It starts with us. Change starts with us. It starts in our homes and in our communities. We should want to make a positive difference.

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