Stay Away From the Toxicity

My goodness it seems everywhere we look there’s someone wanting to spill their toxins on us. We simply have to accept that we will come in contact with some toxic people. Some will be our friends and sometimes it’s a family member or spouse. We don’t have to fully avoid toxic people we simply have to limit our time with them. If one wants to keep their sanity then they will try their best to limit time with the toxins. If the toxins spill onto us then we will be consumed with all sorts of emotions that will lead us nowhere.

Some people may not understand why some choose to isolate themselves at times. They’ve probably came in contact with too many toxic people and need to breathe. Those toxins can leave us gasping for air. If we’re not careful we can be sucked in by a toxic person. They may try to hide their motives and they may try to create a smoke screen so that people are unaware of how toxic they are. If one analyzes then they will find out what is what and who is who.

Don’t allow them to invade your space because they will try to take away your health by filling you up with all of their toxic communications. If we don’t protect ourselves then we could end up being toxic ourselves and we could find ourselves laying in bed for days on end. We must build healthy relationships. Unfortunately so many relationships are unhealthy. Whether is a marital one, parental, or family relationship.

We don’t have to give our precious time to toxic behavior. We should keep our minds healthy and understand that sometimes no matter how hard we try. People will be who they are if that’s what they want to be. Of course some people can’t help it but there’s so many that will try to play on our intelligence. Do you know that there’s some people who will to convince others that they didn’t see or hear what they saw or heard? Don’t let (them) fool you. They may think that they’ve out smarted others but once people catch on. They won’t fall for those toxins.

We don’t need unhealthy relationships or friendships. We need to build genuine relationships.Unfortunately may not find out what’s genuine or not because people pretend well. That’s why it’s important that we remain ¬†alert. Toxic people can catch anyone off guard and they can turn one’s life upside down if we allow them to do so. We all have something we need to work on but we also need to protect our minds and our health. If it seems to be a bit much then we may need to take a step back.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially