Surrounding Ourselves Around Positive People is Important

Imagine being around a group of negative people everyday. Can you imagine what that would do to one’s mental health? Negativity is like a dumpster filled with overflowing trash. That’s why motivational speakers are constantly insisting that we find people who have the same or similar goals as we do. We all have bad days but there’s some who are never or rarely positive. Those are people we should limit our time with or avoid altogether.

Positivity will help us along the way. We can get more done when we surround ourselves with positive people. If we find ourselves around negativity then we should quickly find some positive words or information to process. We don’t want negative thoughts to be embedded in our minds. It can eat away at us like a disease. We can choose to accept negative communications or not. Sometimes we intake way too much information. We can discard some of it, especially if it isn’t beneficial to us, and if it won’t add any value to our lives.

Sometimes people are unaware of how negative they are and once it’s brought to their attention they try to work on it. There’s some who may choose to be negative over being positive. We can separate ourselves from the negative bunch. We should find positive activities to engage in. That will help us if we’re constantly being exposed to negativity. The world won’t be filled with all positives but we should digest as much positivity as we can.

Some of us are living in environments where there’s more negativity than positivity and the behaviors end up being apart of us. If we find that we’re becoming negative then we should find activities that will generate positivity for us. Our mental health is important and it can be affected by being surrounded by too much negativity. We should try to engage in healthy conversations.

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Run the Other way From Toxicity

Toxins what can one say about them? They seep into our lives and sometimes it’s hard to remove them from our lives. Sometimes we’resurrounded by toxic personalities. Some people are use to being filled with unhealthy ways of thinking. We’ve all had not so good thoughts and emotiins but toxic people are on a different level. You never know what they’ll come up with next. If we have toxic friends then that toxicity could rub off on us.

Coming in contact with toxic people can be devastating. Their behaviors can create a very unhealthy environment for anyone that comes in contact with them. Most of tge time they’re unaware of tgeir toxicity and other times toxic people simply don’t care. There’s no rationalizing with them. They will think the way they want to think and that’s that. Either we find a way to deal with them or we avoid them completely.

Sometimes we live with toxic people and it’s kind of hard to get away from them. If we can find a space where we’re able to gather our thoughts then that will help. It’s as if they’re filled with a poisonous mindset. Although they’re way of thinking isn’t normal. They may perceive it to be so. No matter how hard we try to get them to see things our wsy. They probably won’t.

We must concentrate on our sanity and find activities that will help us feel better. Being surrounded by toxic people can dampen our spirits. In order for us to be happy we will neec to find the best techniques when dealing with toxic people. If we don’t then we could become ill due to their unhealthy behaviors. It’s important that we take care of our mental health.

If a family member demonstrates toxicity behavior then we can try letting them know that their behavior is unacceptable. If the behavior continues then we may have to disconnect from them at least for awhile. We do not have to tolerate such behaviors. It isn’t healthy to have too much exposure to toxicity.

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Negative Environments and Negative People Don’t mix

Sometimes we find ourselves in a negative environment and although we may be trying to come out of it, we’re still in it, and it can be damaging to our health. Negative environments can cause of to feel horrible. If we’re in a negative environment for too long then we will become negative. Negativity is a destroyer. It’s important that we find positive surroundings and positive people to be around. Some people may not understand just how draining negativity is.

Sometimes it’s in our homes. For some they may have to deal with negativity everyday because it’s in the workplace and even in church. It doesn’t matter where negativity lands. We don’t have to deal with it. It’s possible to shut negativity out. Some environments will always have negativity in it and that’s unfortunate but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t visit these environments. We can offer some positivity and if the negativity is weighing us down then we should limit our time there or remove ourselves altogether.

Dealing With Negative People

Some may wonder how they’ll be able to deal with negative people. You know, those people who are headed your way, but you end up going the other way. Some people don’t realize how negative they are. In fact we’ve all been negative in some ways. When we’re exposed to excessive negativity. We become adapted to it. We shouldn’t be exposed to negativity all of the time. It generates stress and it creates chaos. The best way to deal with negative people is to allow project some positivity. If they become overly negative then we may want to avoid them altogether. Sometimes we’re unable to do something about someone’s negative communications or negative thinking.

Negative people are that way for a number of reasons. They could be having a bad day or something isn’t going right in their lives. We may not take time out to find out why some people are so negative and sometimes it create more issues trying to figure it out. We should try to embrace them and if that doesn’t work then we may need to distance ourselves from them. Negative people don’t have to be apart of our lives but sometimes it can’t be helped. We should try to be positive and that can be difficult at times but as long as we’re making an effort that’s better than not making one.

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Stay Cool in Tough Times

We will be tested and sometimes we’ll be pushed. Pushed so hard that we want to speak out. We have to know when we should be vocal and when we should be silent. We shouldn’t be pushovers but we must know when it’s best to let things slide. People will come at us and they may try to knock us off our feet.

The best way to stand against any attacks is to wear the armor. One may say, “What Armor? The Armor of God. We can’t fight flesh. We may not win but with God on our side we will come through it. Sometimes we’re pushed to help us grow. We may need tougher skin for our assignments. Not everyone that comes at us with words or whatever they use that may upset us. Some doing unknowingly and others due to insecurities.

Of course our thoughts may race when we’re exposed to cruelty or negativity but we can overcome those things. If one is spiritually filled then prayer would be the best defense. Sometimes no matter what we say or do people will disagree or become angry about it. Some people may choose to be vocal and there’s times when we need to stand up. If our actions will make it worse then it’s best to be silent.

A lot of the times people will move on when there’s no response but of course there will be some determined individuals who jab and jab. The best thing we should do with them is to pray. Soon they will realize that it’s best to live their lives and enjoy what life has to offer them. If people are dissatisfied or unhappy then they may try to take their frustrations out on others. It can be anyone so if you’re one of them you may not want to take it personal.

In order to keep peace. We may need to keep our tongue from moving. Meaning to be quiet and let the chaos surpass us. We can’t always solve problems on our own. We need some help. Our help comes from the Lord. He knows when attacks will head our way but He wants us to trust Him. If we’re filled with anger then our thought process will become distorted. Sometimes we just have to let things take their course and in time it will cease.

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How to be Positive When Exposed to Social Media Garbage

Social media has its pros and cons. It supplys us with the good and the bad. It can be a very informative platform or it can be a depressing and disturbed platform. Spending too much time on social media can be damaging to our mental health. That’s why some have chosen not to have an account or to delete their account.

Bullying takes place on social media and it can be a dysfunctional place at times. Even youth have chosen to spend little to no time on social media. Social media was designed to help individuals engage with one another and to provide us with information. It is now being used as a platform to harass and antagonize others. It doesn’t seem to provide protection for it’s members. Some sites may be concerned about users.

How to Stay Positive While on Social Media

The best thing to do when using social media is to spend less time there. If you’re a frequent user then you may want to lessen your time on social mefia platforms. When coming across demeaning or bullying comments it is wise to block or totally avoid the comments. If you witness something that is riddled with negativity then you should quickly think of something positive. It isn’t healthy to allow too much negativity in our minds.

If you find that social media is causing irritation then spend very little time there or none at all. Not everyone utilizes social media for business or for socializing. Some want to create disturbances for others because they believe that they’re anonymous. It can be overwhelming if it’s utilized too often.

There’s positivity on social media. Sometimes you will have to search for it and other times it’s right in front of us. The key is to disconnect from the negativity and find outlets that inspire as well as encourages socializing. A lot of teens have disconnected from social media because of harassment and bullying. It can be a negative place but there’s something positivity on such platforms.

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Sometimes we Come in Contact Destructive People

Sometimes we find ourselves in some disasterous situations and we’re exposed to some destructive people. If we spend too much time with their ways could rough off on us. That’s why it’s often stated to surround ourselves with positive people. Sometimes we’re unaware of how destructive people are until it’s too late.

Dealing With Destructive People

When we find ourselves having to deal with destructive behavior. We need to be cautious but we should be stern so that they understand just how damaging their behavior is. We may not be able to control their actions but we can find ways to coexist with them. We can limit our time with them and keep our sanity. When people are destructive they may damage anyone they come in contact with.

Not everyone is loving andkind. Some have a lack of compassion and empathy so they may try to sabotage anything that resembles doing something positive. Their behavior will leave them in an unstable state. Living with a destructive person difficult and one will never know what they’ll come up with next.

We must protect ourselves and we should warn others about their behavior. Some may find themselves stressed when dealing with someone who demonstrates destructive behavior. Their actions could upset us and we may feel uneasy being around someone who’s destructive and wanting to damage others. We don’t have to tolerate the behavior. Sometimes we’ll need to distance ourselves from the destructive bahavior.

People who display such behavior may want to cause grief because of something they refused to deal with from past experiences. We don’t have to beat ourselves up because we’ve faced someone else’s issues. We don’t have to take them on. Taking on others issues will leave us fatigued. If we have to break for it then that’s what we’ll have to do. Keeping our minds healthy is inportant. Don’t allow destructive behaviors of others cause a meltdown for yourself and loved ones.

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Avoid Negatives and Smile

There’s some people we rather avoid. You know the type. The ones who want to be so involved that they rather give others a kick in the rear. When you see them coming, you move quickly in the other direction, that’s the type of energy they project. Too much negativity can be damaging but of course we can’t totally avoid the bad but we shouldn’t always be exposed to the negatives.

Some people may not know how to be positive so therefore everything they say or do may be perceived as negative. Sometimes negative vibes are shown because they need to gain attention. If there’s communication about their negativity and they still demonstrate it then it’s best to avoid them altogether. We don’t need to surround ourselves around people who will only drag us down.

Negative Environments

Negative environments are like an epidemic. They’re sometimes so out of control that it makes us want to stay far, far, away from such environments.  If we’re exposed to such environments for too long then we will become frustrated and fatigued. We should find positive people to share our time with and we should be exposed to some positive environments.

If we’re surrounded by negative people too often and too long then we may become negative as well. Negativity has shaken up people’s lives. Too much of it can affect our minds and that’s why we shouldn’t be exposed to it for too long. We should want joy and to be able to celebrate life. That’s hard to do if we’re consumed with negativity. We have a choice whether we want to keep company with negative friends or family.

No one has to be consumed with the negatives. If we find ourselves feeling frustrated because we’ve been exposed to negative people and environments then we should find a way to relax. Negativity generates stress and we certainly can do without stress. It’s best to find friends who love seeing people “prosper.”

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Be Comfortable With Yourself

We all could use some improvement and we should be thankful being who we were created to be. It appears that a lot of people are uncomfortable being themselves. We can’t pretend to be anyone else when God designed the way He wanted to design. Yes, we can make some changes, but we should be happy with who we are called to be.

If we are ubhappy with ourselves then we should find the reasons why we feel that way. It could be tgat we’re really unhappy with our circumstances and not unhappy with ourselves. We should find the root cause to what’s making us feel uncomfortable being ourselves. We were given a purpose and we can’t and shouldn’t change.

It’s not about changing ourselves. It’s about improving ourselves. We should be thankful because there’s people who are going through hardships and never wanting to change who they are. If we love ourselves then we wouldn’t want to be anyone else. We should be comfortable in our own skin.

If we feel uncomfortable with our environments then we can either leave it or change what is making us feel uncomfortable. The majority of the time it’s our situation and environments that create our stress and may have some believe that changing themselves will change the situation.

An example of this is a husband who emotionally abuses his wife. Because of the abuse the wife is uncomfortable with her circumstances but not with herself. It’s not about her wanting to be someone else. It’s about her wanting her situation to change. We should be unaware that we can’t change people. People have to want change but that doesn’t they pretendto be someone else.

Even if we pretend to be someone else that doesn’t mean that we are. We should love ourselves enough to know that we are who we are. Loving ourselves will eliminate the thoughts of wanting to be someone else. First we must love ourselves. It’s really about changing our situation and not changing who we are. We can’t be anyone else but ourselves.

“Be Yourself and Love it”

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Find the Right way to Deal With Egos and Insecurities

“Egos want to stay relevant while dreamers keep moving” (T.Paulk). Sometimes we come across those who have over grown egos and those who are dealing with insecurities. We may feel annoyed with the egotism because it goes on and on. We must find the most effective ways to deal with these type of people.

We should first protect ourselves by limiting our time with them. If we have to deal with them in some way then we will need to observe which techniques work best. We must avoid feeding the ego and although we may become upset with the behavior. It’s important that we try to stay calm. Egotistical people feed off of reactions. They’re goal is to cause misery and to stay relevant.

We must stand up to them but find the appropriate ways to do so. An egotistical person can demonstrate bullying behavior and because of their insecurities they’re quite fearful. We should let them know that we refuse to tolerate their dysfunctional behaviors. We may have to get the law involved if the bullying transfers into threatening behavior. If we allo their tactics to go on then we’ll experience great suffering.

It’s important that anyone dealing with an egotical person remains consistent with telling them that their behavior will not be tolerated. Stand firm and mean what you say. Distance yourself from them because it can rub off on you. Don’t be fearful when standing up to them. Be stern but don’t display threatening behavior. Make eye contact if you can and refuse to listen to their explanations.

Tell them how you feel and go somewhere to occupy your mind. Egos need food and your reactions and your moods are their food. Think about some positive things and find things that offers joy for you. The worst thing anyone can do is to give in to egotistical people and to baby their insecurities. If they try to make life difficult for you then ask a professional to get involved.

Sometimes the law needs to get involved in order to prevent harm to the one on the receiving end. An ego wants attention those who display ego behavior want to feel superior. They want to be accepted somehow and they may display annoying behavior to get what they want. Don’t give in because if you do then they may perceive your actions as a means to continue their behavior.

Don’t feed egos and don’t allow anyone to drown you with their insecurities. If someone is unable to deal with not being the center of the world then that’s too bad. No one is obligated to deal with a person’s issues. They can choose to do so if they please but if they want to keep their sanity then they should seek out a professional. Be vigilant and keep your mind healthy. We may have to interact with egotistical people but they shouldn’t run our lives.

This blog is an observational piece and entails life’s experiences.

There’s Always a way to Find Peace

Sometimes we have to go through some storms and sometimes we’re in the middle of a chaotic experience. We have to find a way to generate some peace. Peace doesn’t always come easily and sometimes we’ll have to work extra hard to obtain it. Peace is a blessing of course there won’t be total peace but some peace is better than none. Some may perceive peace as being in “silent mode.” Being able to accomplish somethings require some peace. It’s extremely difficult to get anything done in a chaotic environment.

If we experience our moments of peace then we should be oh so thankful for it because there’s some who rarely experience peace. Some can obtain peace through music and that will help them feel calmness. There’s meditation music that helps soothe us. Writing is a great way to generate peace. It not only generates peace for us but it also helps get information to others.

Do you have consider how others feel when they’re unable to obtain peace. Just imagine if you were unable to experience a silent moment when life is filled with chaos. It  wouldn’t feel good and it would be a strain on one’s health. Some people work better in a chaotic environment. Those who live in fast paced neighborhoods may work well in chaos. No one should want to live chaotic lives.

Peace also is generated through prayer. Praying will help us feel peaceful. We should allow ourselves to experience some meditation moments. When we find ourselves filled with stress and chaos then we should pray. Of course not everyone will believe in the power or prayer but it truly works. It will help us release some of the stress. In fact it will put us in the peaceful zone. We have to allow ourselves to experience some solitude moments. We should adore it.

What are some of the ways that you obtain peace? We don’t have to go through some of the things we go through but of course some of it we may need to go through. Peace does come. It may not come as often for some but if we’re hopeful then it will make its way to our lives. We shouldn’t push it away. We should embrace it and be “thankful” for it.

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