Transferring the Negative Into Positive

A negative situation doesn’t have to stay that way. Although it may be difficult to be positive when there’s a whole lot of negativity it can be done. If we limit our time with negative people and our time in negative environments then we will find ourselves being more positive. It’s important that we try to be positive because negativity can cause our health to decline.

We shouldn’t want to be surrounded by negative communications and people too often. Of course we will experience some negativity sometimes and in some cases quite often. If we’re unable to avoid negativity then we should find ways to improve the negative environments. We should find positive words and allow them to embed in our minds. Communicating with positive people will help keep our environments with partial positivity.

Even a little positive will help us in some way. If we’re constantly exposed to negativity then we become negative and may have difficulties becoming positive. We should try reading positive material and exposing ourselves to positive music or any activity that’s includes positivity. Life can be stressful so we need to relieve the stress and that can happen through positive experiences.

Sometimes we come in contact with some very negative people and that can leave us feeling down. In order to be lifted up we must find uplifting things. If the negativity is in front of our faces then we need to chanel that negative energy by thinking about something positive. Negativity doesn’t have to be apart of our daily lives. We can certainly be apart of positivity. Finding positive outlets will help us feel better

It’s so unhealthy when we constantly come in contact with negativity. We have to find those positive places. A change of scenery will help develop some positivity. Our minds also need to be focused on the positives if not we will suffer a decline.

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We Have to do Better With Assumptions

Assumptions is the closest thing to judging. We’ve all passed judgement at some point but we should try are best to work on it. I may step on some toes here but I shall “keep it real.” A lot of the judgement occurs in the church. Yes, church folks seem to pass judgement as well as assume that something is or isn’t, that’s why so many run out of the church. Of course they shouldn’t do that but if people feel unwelcomed then they won’t come and the church needs church members.

What About Assuming

Oh my goodness. Those assumptions keep making people look silly. Assuming is a donkeys game. If you don’t know then perhaps ask. If the person or people don’t want to tell then that’s a clue that it’s none of your business. It’s just as simple as that. People are quick to assume things because they need a pick me up. They need some “entertainment.” That’s it. Once they assume. They run with it, it’s no different than the telephone game, everything gets mixed up that way.

A lot of people have lost good friendships and relationships because assumptions made their way in. We will assume but we have to learn how damaging assumptions can be. People aren’t here today because of assumptions. The old “giving people the benefit of the doubt” seems to have gone out the window. People have been bullied based on assumptions. Assumptions can turn in to lies. It’s funny how people will believe a lie quicker than the truth.

All it takes is for one person to say so and so did this or that and wait a few hours. Oh boy. A gang of people will start retaliating against the person even if they don’t have the facts. As we grow we will learn how to collect facts instead of listening to hear say. Hear say is something that creates a whole lot of grief. It has caused segregation and anger. Those assumptions can be damaging. Assumptions assassinate characters.

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