We Have to Stand up for Ourselves Somehow

Bullying has always existed. Jesus was bullied, he experienced taunting, and he was hated. If Jesus was bullied then we’re certainly gone to be bullied in someway. Bullies are hurt and damaged people. They’re not really that tough. They may want others to believe that they are but deep down there’s the wounds. Bullying is a serious issue in today’s society. Not everyone knows the best way to “conquer” it. Some victims are afraid to stand up to bullies. Usually bullies are group formed. They may not want to take someone on alone so they form groups to attack their victims.

Bulling is a big problem within the school system and online. Duncan A. US Secretary of Education  (2015) said, “Children can not get a quality education if they don’t feel safe at school.” It’s hard for an adult to remain focused when being bullied let alone a child. Bullying is also a major problem with technology.  How can one stand up to bullying and bullies? Sometimes ignoring works. A lot of bullies are seeking attention. In some cases a bully may need a hug and to know that someone cares.

If we allow bullying to continue then it will corrupt our society as well as our communities. Most bullies are fearful and what works with fear? Love removes bullying. Love conquers all things. It’s love that they may be seeking. To feel loved and appreciated in someway. The fear is connected with the anger and when they’re angry they will lash out at the closet person to them. A good way to stand up is to call a bully out. Let them know exactly what they’re doing and let others know.

Most bullies want to remain hidden and aren’t up to challenges that involve lots of people. People turn their heads when it comes to bullying but they’re not thinking that bullying can affect them also.In fact just watching someone being bullied affects us. By not standing up the bullying can continue to go on. We have to analyze what type of bullies we’re dealing with. Are we dealing with the need affection bullies or are we dealing with the attention seeking bullies?

The way that we stand up all depends on what type of bullies we’re dealing with. Bullying causes severe issues and it certainly needs to be addressed. Some bullies are dealing with underlying problems that we’re caused in childhood and lead up to their adulthood. Sometimes it takes a professional to help the bully become whole again and other times it takes a whole lot of love. Whatever the reasons for the bullying we all should take a stand. We can’t always remain silent. Remain silent only when necessary but other than that. We should be take a stand.

Both teens and adults are suffering with bullying on and offline and anyone having a social media account is bound to experience some form of bullying. It’s almost like an epidemic. Bullying causes wars and it makes our society dysfunctional. It can be tackled but everyone must be on board with tackling it. It’s easier for bullies to bully through technology because they don’t have to face the victims. They’re approach is formed through technology and the bullying is assisted with the keyboard.


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Duncan A. US Secretary of Education

“Children can not get a quality education if they don’t feel safe at school

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The Less They Know the Better

It appears that more can be accomplished when everyone doesn’t know one’s moves. When trying to accomplish goals and pursing dreams, it’s best to keep it on the hush, hush. Not everyone will be happy about our accomplishments. They really don’t need to know every move we make.

Some will reveal the importance of keeping your dreams private. Of course we will want to share them with someone but some aren’t thrilled with our ideas. In fact people will spend more time trying to sabotage someone else’s dreams instead of trying to pursue their own. Doesn’t seem fair but that’s how that goes.

Some people have given up on their dreams because of the complexities. The complexities that are generated from people’s actions. Our dreams belong to us and we should embrace them. Sometimes going in silent until a goal is completed is helpful. Too many ideas have lost their way because people became overly excited about them.

It’s unfortunate that some people are inspired that someone wants to better their lives and others. Due to envy or insecurities, people will try to wash others ideas, and goals away. We can’t speak out about every avenue we plan on taking. The ones closest to us should be happy but that isn’t always the case.

They could feel bad about seeing us accomplish our goals. Instead of cheering us on. They may try to stop us from completing our goals. It really puts them in a bad place because no one likes it when someone tries to sabotage their dreams.

Sonetimes we have to be quiet and just move forward. When they ask what you’re up to. Just say, “up to something great” and leave them in thinking. They will want to know but if you tell them then it will be a mistake. We should dream and we should be happy about it. If people aren’t satisfied with our ideas then they don’t need to be apart of them.

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Some Call Them Haters and Some may Call Them Miserable

When one comes across people who aren’t too pleased about their assignment and what they’re trying to accomplish then they will have to learn how to deal with these people in the best way possible. Oh no, it won’t be easy, and there may be times when one wants to grind their teeth. Trying their very best to hold back words.  People who work hard at trying to bring others down aren’t happy people because if they were then they would be occupying their time with something positive.

The best way to deal with a hater or a person trying to bring you down is to pray for them. They’re dealing with their insecurities and aren’t coping well enough to stop their behavior. Imagine someone having to deal with a mother and a husband trying their very best to stop them from accomplishing their goals because they feel insecure and unfulfilled in some way. We all have talents and gifts and if we decide to not utilize them then that’s on us but don’t try to drag someone down who chose to go after their dreams.

Some people will pretend to be supportive while working on sabotaging everything a person tries to accomplish. Insecurities can ruin relationships and it can tear people apart. We should keep those who are dissatisfied with themselves and their lives in our daily prayers. Not everyone wants to see others blossom. They may not feel happy with not living up to their full potential so they have to try to weigh one down in order to make themselves feel better.

I would suggest that one keep going and in fact they should work harder to reach their goals and to help others “rise.” We may not be able to fix those who are insecure about their lives and their accomplishments but we can try to inspire them by showing them that they can’t stop our “shine.” It’s quite sad when having to deal with people that are using crab mentality, especially if they’re close to the individual or individuals they’re trying to drag under.

Do you know that some people will work harder to bring others down than they will on their jobs. It appears that haters work 24/7. It’s as if they breath dysfunctional. If you’re dealing with something like this then you may want to pray and find positive outlets to get you through the (sour minds gang). They need some prayer and need to find a way to make their lives better. If you’re creative in someway then you already know that some people won’t be pleased with it. For those who love seeing other people better themselves and ‘grow.” You deserve around of applause.

Not everyone is built the same and some are so filled with troubles that it spills onto everyone else. This will occur if we allow it to occur. Sometimes just giving them a look of disappointment will at least let them know that they’re so wrong. If you find that people are working overtime to weigh on you then you should work overtime to “build.” The crab mentality is a way to keep others down and why would anyone want to be down? Shouldn’t we want to advance, grow, and “prosper?” Well, I suppose some people feel as if they don’t have it in them so they rather spend their time trying to throw a wrench in someone’s dreams.

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Envy is Like a Disease

Envy can destroy our surroundings and the people who will stand for us. One of the saddest things is when a husband is envious of his wife. When that happens it create a world filled with pain but it can also wake up a wife. Another sad thing is when a mother is envious of a daughter.

What people fail to understand is that we all have talent. If one chooses to earn a degree then we should be happy for them. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t earned something. There’s other ways to blossom. Husbands should be encouraging and supportive. It can sometimes be hard to do if there’s a disconnect but spouses shouldn’t go against one another.

If people could only look within themselves and realize that we’re all special. There’s too much fire and not enough water. If God gave all of us a gift then why are we intimadated by other people’s gifts? We should embrace one another and encourage one another to “shine the light.” We can do some great things when we remove envy.

If we focus on getting better then our minds won’t allow us to feel envious of another’s accomplishments. If a husband can’t encourage his wife then someone will want to encourage her. We can’t continue dimming lights. We all have something to offer. Smile and be glad that God has “blessed” us with gifts. Some may use their gifts to do no good but we all gifts that can help others.

It’s very disappointing when people don’t appreciate our talents. We should appreciate what’s been placed inside us. We should nuture those gifts and shine. We don’t have to hide away because some people are intimidated by our talents. If we do that then we’re doing a disservice. It’s unfair to make someone dim their light because of fear and intimidation. God doesn’t want us to hide. He wants us to tell our stories and help others. If people are trying to bring you down then they must see “greatness.” Don’t hinder someone’s growth. Encourage them to elevate.

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It’s a Very Competitive World

People are constantly competing for this or that. Although we have games, we’re not suppose to compete, but competition exist and there’s nothing we can do about it. Competition can get out of hand. Those who have competitive spirits will do just about anything to win. They’re not concerned who they step over.Winning is embedded in their minds so they refuse to let that mindset go.

Some people are unable to accept that they don’t have to compete. If a person is better at something then that’s alright. We’re all different and we have different talents. Everything isn’t a serious matter. People will go to extreme measures to win at something. When competition isn’t necessary and competing still takes place. That could result in continuous unhealthy actions. There’s nothing wrong with displaying our talents but if we feel obsessed with wanting to beat someone at something then there’s a problem,

Some people spend their lives wanting to win. They may drive themselves crazy trying to prove that they’re good at something. Insecurities take over and they begin to behave erratic. A little competition isn’t harmful but too much of it can destroy. When a person becomes in tuned with competing. They don’t care who they knock down. They just want to win.

The best thing to do when it comes to a competitor is to keep doing whatever it is that you do. Don’t egg them on. Just continue with your tasks and let them compete if they want. Even if they declare that they’re winners. Smile and proceed. Dealing with those who have competitive spirits isn’t easy but in order to keep your sanity. You will have to stay clear of the competition and do whatever it is that you do best.

Don’t allow competitors to run you away. They may try to intimidate others but people shouldn’t be intimidated. Some competitors suffer from conditions that cause them to feel as if they need to compete. They may not listen to anyone telling them that there’s no need to compete. One shouldn’t waste their time trying to get them to understand something that they may not be willing to understand. Don’t allow competition to get the best of you.

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Envy Destroys

Have you ever came in contact with an envious person or people? They’re like a disease that has no cure. They cause pain, destruction, and they try to destroy those who they feel threatened by. It’s a shame because there’s some very talented people and they’ve allowed their talents to go to waste because they felt envious. Those who are filled with envy aren’t secure with themselves. If they were they would have no need to be envious of another they would “love” to see others grow.

Some may want to receive all the attention and when they feel that it’s not happening they will try to destroy people who they feel are receiving it. An envious person is controlled by that spirit and sometimes they may not even recognize what they’re doing and other times they’re so use to doing it. It becomes second nature to them. You may not know who’s envious of you at first but eventually it will come fourth. Once you recognize the envy, you can figure  out how to deal with it, sometimes family members will display this behavior. There’s nothing you can do about the family part but you can limit your time  with them or in some instances staying away from them will create better health for you.

If people just understood that we’re all placed here for a reason and there’s purpose within all of us. We can shine without trying to bring another down. It can be painful when you find out that the people who are suppose to be on board with you are the ones behind the scenes trying to wipe you out. They may use tactics that are hard to spot at first but they will reveal themselves. Your true friends are God and Jesus. They will never ever forsake us. They love us unconditionally.

Love is so important, without it hate will spill all over, that will cause more destruction that will affect lots of lives. Embrace people because you never know when you’ll need them. Forgive those who have done you wrong because if you don’t, it will eat you up inside, without love it would be hard to forgive. Forgiveness allows us to have peace within. That’s a beautiful thing. Allow love in your heart and enjoy the ride. envy has no place here.

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Stand up for Others but Protect Yourself

We should stand up for others. Try to encourage others to have the courage to speak out and up. Some people are so afraid of being verbally attacked that it causes them to pretend as if things are happening. The person who chooses to stand up may receive punches for doing so but it’s better to say how you feel then to allow certain things to keep taking place.

We live in a time where people will try to punish others because they didn’t like something they said or did. That’s not what speaking out is about. It leans towards trying to solve issues. For example, a kid being attacked because people didn’t like their choices, that happened on a particular social media site.

If you want to say it on social media but you won’t say it when you look a person in the eyes then that’s being a coward. Even when people verbally attack us. We must forgive them. Whatever we do. We will receive chastising for it. It may not be today but it will be at some point. We know adult bullying occurs and it’s sad but it’s especially sad when children are being harassed and attacked. Could you imagine how many adults would sit back and say nothing at all?

Some people are afraid to speak out about social issues. You never know what people will say or do. It reminds me of the man who received donations when he was walking to work every single day. He was harassed, threatened, and verbally attacked. The man was a hard working man and he’s a nice guy but that didn’t stop people from trying to harm him. It’s amazing. If people don’t like you, are envious of what you’re accomplishing, or just want to be entertained in a devious way. They will try to bring you down but that shouldn’t stop us from standing up.

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