Glorious and Victories of the Day!

What wonders will this journey become of? There’s so many experiences and a lot to explore. The trials will fade and there will continue to be progress. No person can avoid the adversities but it’s important to know how to deal with the many adversities. To be a winner there must be thoughts of positivity. To think clearly, be brave, and to remain confident. So many seem to demonstrate their lack of confidence. How are they demonstrating lack of confidence? The actions and the behaviors.

There is so much joyfulness in knowing that there will be abundance. What God has stored up for persons will be. “I’m encouraged even when the storms roll in.” (Tanikka Paulk). “The ones who continue to try and take away what God has declared for “Tanikka Paulk” will see just what God can do.” (Tanikka Paulk). The disruptions haven’t altered the journey. The noise being shouted throughout the travel hasn’t caused a cease. There is so much to be grateful for. My eyes continue to focus on the prize and the rewards in which so many will be blessed. “I’m Tanikka Paulk and I’m Continuing to be Apart of the Life Experiences.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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So many have been discouraged by the hecklers. To think about stopping the vision, dreams, the ideas would be unsettling. There should be thoughts about making continuous progress. The movements shall continue and no matter how often folks try to remove the purpose in which God has already declared there will be movements. What was set before birth is so. I’ve received the confirmation and confirmations. There’s persons willing to continue to discover so that there will be more abundance. So many have fallen and haven’t had the opportunity to get up again.

I’m so grateful to the helping hands. The ones who continue to demonstrate that they’re willing to succeed further. The economy can certainly use a boost. What more are they looking for? Some would rather place another in my position. The understanding of what God has already designed seems to continue to be misunderstood. My breakthroughs will surely come. The hope is here and although there were so many wanting to cause discouragement. God is here right by my side. He’s kept me=Tanikka Paulk and continues to travel with me=Tanikka Paulk on my journey.

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Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

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