No Other Love Like Yours

Love is a beautiful thing, there’s all sorts of love, temporary love. There’s peaceful love. Everlasting love and desperation love but the love from our Father and His son is like no other. That unconditional love can be brought. We should love one another and love ourselves. The deepest love comes from our Creator and without putting that love into our daily lives and in our relationships. There will be no “prosperity.” Not everyone believes in God and Jesus’s love but if we just look around we should figure out that a Higher Power exist.

If we remove love then all will fail. Love conquers and it overrides hate. When love is removed from our lives. We become bitter and we face many, many challenges. It’s best to put God into it. Jesus loved us enough to die for our sins. Is love runs deep. No one can love us like that. Our spouse, relatives, and friends may love us but they can never love us the way that God and Jesus loves us. Listening the words from our Father and His son will make our lives better. Our bad situation can turn into a peaceful situation.

We can generate more peace by loving one another and removing hate. Some are so fueled by hate because they’ve either removed God and Jesus from their lives or they’ve never had them in their lives. Even when we fall their love covers us. They love us in the good and the bad. Some may only love us when we’re doing well. God and Jesus’s love stays whether we’re up or down. The unconditional love can bring us out of darkness.

Even when we’ve suffered a setback. They will hold us up and put us back to where we need to be. Now that’s real love. Their love is fake it never fades. It stays with us and even when we feel all alone. They’re love is still there. They never forsake us and who else will feel that way about us? Having the love from a partner or from our friends is great but God’s love and Jesus’s love is eternal. It carries us from here to there.

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Leave it There

All the hurt, pain, and feelings of despair ball it up and toss in a hideaway. No need for display. All the protection in the world wouldn’t prevent a soul from causing pain. A heart breaks. The mind can work overtime. Leave the anger the resentment in a dark closet. Lock it. It lives in the past. No need to drag with you everywhere you go. Close the door of heartache and pain.

Bring out the sunshine. Allow the joy to flow. Make the best of what’s to come. Brighter days ahead. Think about the good and the joyful times. Allow your mind to unwind. Leave whatever causes hurt somewhere else. No need to hold on to it. There’s more to life than heartache and pain. There’s fun and great things that awaits us.

Troubles come and go. Love, be kind, and express your care. Leave all that mess over there. Whatever caused you pain. Let it go and don’t pick it up back again. The hurt hurts and some can’t move away from it. No need to continue living in a pit. Leave it. Leave it. Leave in that locked away closet.

Laugh at the funny jokes exposed to you. Do the things you love to do. Make a way for a better life. Bo need to carry on the strife. Times will come when you want to go to that closet. Don’t dare. Leave all the pain and mess there.

Go ahead and love again. There’s always someone needing a friend. Someone who will appreciate what God created. Be joyful and smile from ear t o ear. There’s boos but there’s also cheers. Give from the heart and be filled with compassion. There’s so many feeling empty inside. They spend more time trying to hide away. Love yourself and give your heart away. Allow peace in and find genuine friends. Love grows sometimes in an unexpected way. Love, love, and throw the pain away.

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Envy Destroys

Have you ever came in contact with an envious person or people? They’re like a disease that has no cure. They cause pain, destruction, and they try to destroy those who they feel threatened by. It’s a shame because there’s some very talented people and they’ve allowed their talents to go to waste because they felt envious. Those who are filled with envy aren’t secure with themselves. If they were they would have no need to be envious of another they would “love” to see others grow.

Some may want to receive all the attention and when they feel that it’s not happening they will try to destroy people who they feel are receiving it. An envious person is controlled by that spirit and sometimes they may not even recognize what they’re doing and other times they’re so use to doing it. It becomes second nature to them. You may not know who’s envious of you at first but eventually it will come fourth. Once you recognize the envy, you can figure  out how to deal with it, sometimes family members will display this behavior. There’s nothing you can do about the family part but you can limit your time  with them or in some instances staying away from them will create better health for you.

If people just understood that we’re all placed here for a reason and there’s purpose within all of us. We can shine without trying to bring another down. It can be painful when you find out that the people who are suppose to be on board with you are the ones behind the scenes trying to wipe you out. They may use tactics that are hard to spot at first but they will reveal themselves. Your true friends are God and Jesus. They will never ever forsake us. They love us unconditionally.

Love is so important, without it hate will spill all over, that will cause more destruction that will affect lots of lives. Embrace people because you never know when you’ll need them. Forgive those who have done you wrong because if you don’t, it will eat you up inside, without love it would be hard to forgive. Forgiveness allows us to have peace within. That’s a beautiful thing. Allow love in your heart and enjoy the ride. envy has no place here.

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