It’s Funny That way

If you want t know how things will go down. You might want to test some things out. For example: write something that you say you’re don’t to do but don’t do it. You’ll be amazed how a spouse can find out the information on social media but claim that they don’t have a social media account. Interesting. How do you suppose they found out that information without being on social media? It it could be that they have a bogus account or could someone be supplying them with that information?

If someone is supplying them with information that they think is true then who? In most cases it’s a female, females are more inclined to tell what they think is going on, or if they’re trying to sabotage something. I supplied a post saying that I was going to have lunch with a friend but guess what? There was no friend, well I did have lunch with my oldest son on October 30th because October 31st was his birthday and I gave him some money for his birthday so he said, “thank you.” If someone was listening which people are. They would pick up on the male voice.

What happens is, the spouse assumes that his wife went to lunch with a friend which there’s nothing wrong with that but it’s always assumed that it’s the opposite sex. We jump right to the negative instead of the positive. Sometimes you have to see where people are coming from. The spouse may become anger and try to get his wife back for the things he thought she did and end up damaging himself. Or vice versa, the wife could think that her husband was meeting up with someone, and she could try to retaliate, but in reality he was’t seeing anyone. She ends up damaging herself because she assumed that he was doing something. That’s why people are told about proof.

Always be leery when someone you don’t know or someone you know is always coming to tell you what your spouse did. Sometimes you can find out a lot of things through social media but everything isn’t true. People are constantly saying things about people that aren’t true but in hopes that they will damage them in someway. That’s why a lot of people will say that they don’t trust anyone because every time they look around someone is doing something to them. There’s two people that can definitely be trusted and that’s God and Jesus.

Note to all: Be with someone who respects you, who cares what you think, and who listens to you. A person that’s willing to listen to you is attentive to your needs. You know what that means? They “love you.”

Featured Photo Credit: Advanced Google Images Free to Use Even Commercially