Some People Really Need a Tune out

If you haven’t gotten to the point wh where you no longer give a hoot what people have to say then you should. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying positive people and caring people but giving time to trolls is a waste of time. We lose valuable time when we allow people that could care less whether we’re breathing some of our world. Some people live their lives trying to block others from their “purpose.”

Anyone who works online will see the trolls trying to gain attention. They’re cynical and they want others to get down on themselves. Some may consider them haters but they may not be haters at all. Some of them are simply looking for some attention. A lot of people have mentioned how annoying trolling is.

Trolling is annoying but one can’t spend their lives worrying about what people say. People can say what they want. Not really. They can criticize, laugh, and try to bring others down. It’s up to us whether we allow them to bring us down. Some thrive off of ruining someone’s day. Misery wants some company.

Sime things have to be addressed but choosing the right battles is important. If it’s total nonsense then it should be ignored. If people are afraid that others will get ahead then they will try to do anything to disrupt your “journey.” It’s amazing what some will come up with.

If you want to enjoy life then you should surround yourself with happy and positive people. Ignoring the trolls will generate some peace. Of course some are very determined to try and weigh others down. How,about praying for them? No one should want to deal with trolls but at some point. One will have to address them.

Finding the best way to address trolling is important. If you handle it wrong then watch out! Anyone who blogs or uses social media knows what trolls can do. Troll seems harsh but it simply means that they follow people in order to provide their cynical comments.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially