How to be Happy in a Dysfunctional World

We have to transform our minds. We will be surrounded by people who have difficulties being expressive and or are upset about their lives and they may dish their insecurities and unhappiness on others. We can either be swept in their storms or we can choose to be uplifted. We don’t have to be in darkness just because others around us are. That’s why it’s important that we practice smiling. Yes, we live in a world where people will try to get us down, but it’s up to us whether we will allow that to happen.

It may seem as if compassion is far away. When there’s groups of people who demonstrate that they are unable to show love and are cruel to others. We have to find a way to keep ourselves from sinking into the same boat. We should listen, read, and watch positive messages. If there’s a lot of negativity around then we should quickly find some positivity. How can we do that? We can listen to inspirational music. Upbeat music when keep us in tuned with the melodies and not the negativity.

There’s a lot of fun and happy activities that we can engage in. We shouldn’t allow the troubles of the world to get us down. Of course we should be concerned but we shouldn’t be depressed, especially allow depression in from outside forces, we can keep our minds on healthy information. It’s important that we surround ourselves around people who will uplift us. The most important part is that we uplift ourselves.

Our days may have trials in them but that doesn’t mean that will have to ball up and feel bad about ourselves. We should think of happiness, think of things that make us feel good, tell ourselves that we’re beautifully created. God didn’t make no junk so we should never feel as if He did. It doesn’t matter if half the world views us as being not accepted. We don’t need the world to accept us. It’s our Creator and His son that we should be concerned about.

Being happy is a state of mind. If we think that nothing will go right and no one will care then that’s what we’ll generate. We have to love ourselves first and be happy for others. Some will never understand that the world doesn’t owe them anything so therefore they’ll always be in a depressive mood. Happiness is something we should want and we should thrive to obtain it. We have to be happy with ourselves before others will be happy with us.

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Understanding is Apart of Transforming the Mind

There will be times when we think the same things but for the most part we all think differently. What one may perceive to be one way another may perceive it to be another. Sometimes we become in contact with misunderstandings that can create havoc. There’s a whole lot of people misunderstood. People who are bullied are misunderstood in some way. That’s why the bible talks about transforming the mind. Our mindsets can cause us to behave dysfunctional.

Romans 12:2 says,, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing, and perfect.”

Colossians 3:10 says, “and have put on the new self which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator. Creator (Our Father in Heaven).

When there’s misunderstanding there’s ignorance and we’ve all misunderstood something at some point. Our thoughts could control our reality. if we think about something long enough we may create our own reality. That’s why it’s so important that we think positive. negative thinking will cause all sorts of issues for us. If we focus on the negative things in life then our lives impacted by the negatives.


Our speech is also apart of transforming. If we speech negatively then we will create negative environments. A negative environment is a stressful one. We must protect our speech as well as our minds. They go hand and hand. When we speak something into existence then that will be our reality. There’s power in our tongue. Sometimes people misunderstand our speech. They may think we said this but we really meant that.

Sometimes we will have to elaborate. Say things more than once in order to get an understanding. Some may say that they refuse to repeat themselves but sometimes repeating ourselves is necessary. We can’t expect people to understand us if we’re not speaking clearly. It’s as if we’re speaking in a low tone and the person says, “I didn’t hear you.” So then you’re repeating what you said because you want the person to understand.

Transform our mind and our tongue will create a better life for us. We should use compassion and kindness when dealing with people. Oh, it’s not always easy to do, but it’s God and Jesus want us to do. Loving one another will help us with understanding and creating a positive environment. If we’ve experienced a whole lot of negativity then we should find a positive environment.

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Sometimes it’s for Development Purposes

Sometimes we go through certain things because we need to change some things in our lives. It could be because God wants us to get closer to Him and focus on the good. Life is filled with all sorts of situations. We will go through pain and sorrow. There’s no way of getting around it but where there’s pain there’s pleasure. We will experience the good and the bad. If we never went through anything then we wouldn’t appreciate a thing.

Life is what we make it and yes sometimes we will fall down but we have the capability to get back up. There will be those bright days and there will be those gloomy days. We should appreciate all of them. A lot of us have felt more hurt than we would like to have gone through but it can either make us or break us. Going through pain is suppose to build us. Make us stronger and of course that won’t work for all but if we have a never giving up mindset then we’ll be just fine.

Our thoughts sometimes get the best of us. We sometimes think of the bad before the good. We allow negativity to embed in our minds and when the positive comes. We may not recognize it. We can do so much but it’s hard to get things done when we’re down and out. That’s why it’s important that we surround ourselves around positive people. Those people who will lift us up.

It helps to read some good books and listen to soothig music. That will help our thoughts. We sometimes get into tough situations because our mindset isn’t where it needs to be. We all need someone and anyone claiming they don’t, they’re not being truthful, no one wants to be totally alone. If we keep thinking about the good then good will come into our lives. Too much negativity can ruin things for us.