What is There to be Expected?

Some may expect a lot, too much, or perhaps some aren’t expecting much at all. Sometimes the loads may seem heavy but there are many ways to conquer. Pausing to think of what exactly is so important and needs my attention. Yes, I’ll say that some folks absolutely shouldn’t “receive” my attention. My attention is deserving. “There’s the misjudgments but there’s also the solutions. I’m a problem solver.” (Tanikka Paulk).

Disagreements of my presence and where I shall head to so many have either been vocal or they’ve thrown out messages which some are unread. Why? I’m aware of how many are trying to attack. Whether verbally, mentally, or in some cases physically. I’m able to control my anger. In fact I’m glad, excited of the upcoming events, Life events. Meaning “different” stages in one’s lifetime.

Too focused to pay close attention to what they’ll try to do. If any penny was taken which I have plenty I won’t fret because I’m blessed. What I have some want. I’ve given birth and I’m grateful one of the most awarding experiences. Some are unable to witness or “experience.” Blessed! I’ve seen the meanest words but I’m able to proceed. What’s important is adhering to the goals, objectives, and the climbs.

Climbing continues. The pushing back isn’t. Why are so many after you? The anointing. Read “scripture” and learn about the troubles which mankind will face. It’s as if I’m desired by mankind. They can’t seem to get enough of me=Tanikka Paulk. As if they want me! Almost as if they’re lusting after you=Tanikka Paulk. More than looks they’re way too in tuned with my every “movement.” “Wanted!” You are wanted yes you are.”  One is before and one is no matter how many are clicking after you=Tanikka Paulk. I’m called one. Only one (Tanikka Paulk). Meaning no other person or persons can be you=Tanikka Paulk.

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“The Climbing Will Continue Until . . . . by: Tanikka Paulk

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There’s the Overly Excessive Competition

Competition can help persons excel but when there’s too much competition then declines can occur. There are way too many overly competitive People. They’ve caused damages because they’ve either underestimated their competition or they’ve tried to destroy their competition. There “needs” to be effective building the crab mentality exist but what will folks do when they’re biggest competition isn’t able to offer what is needed? There will be sufferings because of the actions in which the competitors project.

Why are so Many Overly Competitive?

Perhaps so many are overly competitive because they’re afraid their competition will gain. That’s right. Competitors aren’t thrilled about their competition shining. They rather that their competition take a back seat. There are some loathing competing they rather be allowed to move smoothly but there is no way of getting around the competition. There are some willing to risk a lot in order to compete. Failures occur when there are too many overly competitors trying to compete in the same areas. “Competitors really need to settle down. They’re hurting industries.” (Tanikka Paulk)

I’ve faced some of the toughest competitors. Some are willing to do anything in order to stop their competition from getting ahead. If they’re trying to pull down then that’s an indication that their competition is ahead. There should be more and more “building.” There seems to be less and then there’s more. The declines occur because some refuse to accept that there will be others moving quicker and performing better. They’ve caused the disruptions in which they’ll have to face what some certainly won’t be “prepared” for.

Competitors are out of control. They’re misjudging and creating havoc when there should be more stability. What will they do when their careers are affected? If the careers suffer then revenue will suffer and cause a country to crumble. Perhaps they’ve refused to think correctly. “Some competitors are pushed to their breaking points which shouldn’t occur.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Some behave as if they’ve gone mad. They’re madness has lead the individuals to sinking holes which are difficult to “climb” out of.

There should be more connections because there needs to be a more stabilized economy. The rich need to allow the ones at lower levels to rise up. The money needs to flow downwards as well. Almost like the song, “Started From the Bottom.” Artist Drake. Some move quickly when they’re trying to rise and are able to navigate around their competition but there seems to be more competitors willing to risk careers in order to become the very best. There’s success and successful persons but there are too many willing to throw others into deep waters in order to reach the top.

Can Listen to Drake’s song “Started From The Bottom”

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To Perceive to Advance Despite the Circumstances

There is the ability to advance beyond what some can’t even imagine. There seems to be so many continuing to believe that they can alter my perception. No matter what’s said persons will believe whatever it is that they want to believe. I’ve been challenged so many times but it’s my determination which leads you=Tanikka Paulk to the where. I’m able to smile when being challenged. There is hope if they’re steadily trying to gain my attention then they certainly are in need. “My perception won’t be altered because I’m continuing to keep on the Full Armor of God.” (Tanikka Paulk)

There is so much focus on my journey and the ones who’ve tried to sabotage it they will see that there will be more abundance because of what God has declared. Mankind may cause destruction but God will intervene when God needs to intervene. There have been many disruptions the groups of People continue to try and cause setbacks but I’m so filled with my own reality and although I’ve imagined what it would be like to “move” at the said distance perhaps there will be the moves in which they are unaware that’s how there will be the greatest progress.

What is it that they’ve “perceived.” There seems to be the disconnection between the purpose and their walk. My journey shouldn’t include all because my purpose doesn’t belong to all the individuals. They’ve tried to alter what has already been stated. Why? The competition perhaps there are so many thinking that they’re able to remove what God has already set. My place was set before my birth. There are many viewing what I’m continuously trying to incur. My line of thinking hasn’t swayed. There is the “Transformation of the Mind.”

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I’ve learned to focus on what truly matters and the words spoken which add no value aren’t allowed in my circle. The ones who’ve tried to cause confusion because they’re displeased with my position will notice that what they’ve tried to do won’t pull my name down. “God already declared that Daughter is to be in the highest position and yes daughter is a ruler.” by: Tanikka Paulk. As a Daughter is Tanikka Paulk. There isn’t any hopelessness within me=Tanikka Paulk and me=Tanikka Paulk is also thee. Continuing because God is allowing the purpose to continue.

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A Bright Attitude Towards Greater Achievements

So many may have discovered that trying to achieve more can be quite difficult. There could be a lot of individuals trying to create a cease but through determination one can continue on the path in which their destined to achieve. No matter how difficult “the journey” becomes there can be lots of success achieved. For some the thoughts of achieving is quite exciting and for others they may not be so interested in what is achieved. In order to remain focused on the right path there will need to be removals.

To remove distractions is necessary. However no matter what one tries to achieve there will be times when distractions make their way in. Some may choose to complete less because of fatigue due to having to come up against the doubters. “Headed Towards Remarkable Greatness and That’s What’s Been Designed.” By: Tanikka Paulk. If they’re focusing on disruptions then they’re not trying to move ahead. Some determine one’s success by dollars and cents and others view success levels as moving towards the upper ladders.

If there is continuous actions then a person can create heights so many heights. “There will be noise surrounded by the vision but continue fourth despite what’s said or done.” By: Tanikka Paulk. We’ll have to learn to inspire self. Waiting on others to provide the inspirations isn’t what should be done. There may not be too many willing to project inspiration. Some will even go as far as to project discouragement so that there is either a slowdown or an end to what the person or persons are trying to achieve.

Be Encouraged 

Yes, there will be lots of individuals yelling and projecting ugly words. Allow “encouragement” in and listen to positive sounds and witness the positivity. Some environments will be exposed with misguided information. There are some so determined to destroy what is clearly suppose to be. Perhaps more should be focused on the end results. Focused on what will add value and not the subtractions. When pursuing there will be a lot of individuals upset because they’ve refused to live their dreams.

If they’re not pleased with what’s occurring then we certainly don’t have to stop what we’re doing in order to please individuals whom never be pleased anyway. The opinions will float about and there will be a lot of chatter about what is going on and what a person should or shouldn’t do. Remain focused on the important areas. The dreams, visions, and ideas can be surrounded by light but there must be less time spent in dark areas. “If what’s being said adds no value then there shouldn’t be any focus on what’s being said.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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What Occurs Here Shouldn’t be Placed on my Shoulders

Perhaps not all understand that we’re not equipped to have every problem weighing on our shoulders. However we can withstand a lot at one time but too much and we’ll become fatigued. It’s quite obvious that so many believe that I’m able to deal with all the problems and assist every person. If every person did their share then we’ll be better off. No person should expect a person to try and assist the entire world. No person should even try to do so. It’s important that there is rest. If there isn’t sufficient rest then we’ll break down.

For some they’re always dealing with matters in which are very challenging. There’s a lot of individuals very challenging. Sometimes we’ll need to break away from the areas in which cause tremendous stress. It’s certainly not easy when we’re having to deal with so many issues and when there are few understanding. Of course there are so many having strength but there will be times when it appears as if we’re not as strong. Every person will have their times when they’re not in the mood and not wanting to even interact with the outsiders.

There’s no way that we’ll avoid problems. There are ways that we’ll able to deal with the problematic events in a more appropriate manner. Yes, it’s so unsettling when we’re coming up against so many. Why are so many so difficult to deal with? Perhaps there are so many going through trial after trial. Not all persons will know how to deal with the many trials we’ll have to face here on earth. “There will be Hardships but how we Deal With the Hardships Will Certainly Make the Difference.” By: Tanikka Paulk

If we’re patient then we’ll find that what is occurring will decrease and eventually fade. Knowing how to deal with problems more effectively will reduce the stress level and increase enjoyment. For some it appears as if everyday is filled with some form of challenge. It certainly takes strength in order to get through the storms. Facing the problems head on may help but having way too many problems can cause fatigue and way the mind down. Dissecting the problems and taking some time out to rest will allow persons to manage their problems better. “I’ve been challenged many times but I’m remaining in tact. Thank God.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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