There was Some Change huh?

There is this chick who experienced bullying and oh my goodness she kept on creating. She refused to allow the nasty bullies to intimidate her. They thought that she was a pushover but now they’re trying to figure out how they can try to ruin the rest of the way. She is so determined to move forward and although she has experienced the harassment she continues. It’s so nice that that is moving along. Awesome she hasn’t allowed the spoilers to push her back. Although they’ve tried to move her down further on “Google” she continues to make strides.

That is so brave, a brave one, scripture certainly knew how to describe her. She chuckles because so many have tried to stop her from excelling further. There are some determined to protect her. “Smiles coming from her, she feels renewed, and believes what God has spoken about. The transformation of the mind.” (Tanikka Paulk). Oh gosh so many have doubted her. They’ve thrown stones at her and wanted her to stop making more progress. Determination is the driving force in which one can excel more than humanity can conceive.

She is smiling on this photo. Look!

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They call her all sorts of names but their actions hasn’t caused her decline. She doesn’t feel defeated. There is so much joyfulness because she has achieved more than the rich. That’s right. Her success level is higher. She continues to give herself self encouragement. “Whatever is “perceived” will cause a person to think they’ve been defeated but a positive mindset will allow a person to experience the victory.” (Tanikka Paulk). The mind transformed. They really need her. Oh how important she is because they can’t seem to function without her.

I’ve observed some pretending as if they don’t need her but oh they really do. She is able to function and really can move along because she supports self and although they rarely support her she continues to recognize others. They’ve declared her as being noble. The FBI said so. Thanks. Is she with the FBI, CIA, DEA etc? Administration would consist of her being along with law enforcement. She does hold an Associate Degree with Business Administration/Criminal Justice Administration and a Bachelors Degree with Criminal Justice. “General.” They have stated that the “Government” has chosen her and she is in the highest position.

The Bible has described her as daughter Daughter she certainly fits the description. They’ve tried to confuse her they’ve tried to ruin her but God allows her to continue on her mission. She is very brave. How many would be so brave when facing bullies? Oh she has the proof and gosh she is “just.” Are they considered to be just? No. Some are quite talented though but they really should’ve utilized their time wisely. Some jerking off her photos. They desired her. She received messages from women but she has advised the women that she isn’t bi-sexual.

They’ve really tried to annoy her. She has five sons and calls “rapper” Pumpkin. She was born and raised in Miami, Florida and continues to help others. “She offer People free business promotions and gosh they are the most ungrateful People. Jerks.” (From: Tanikka Paulk). Some aren’t on her friends list. They are mean, cruel, and disrespectful. She “continues” to love but really tries to avoid some of the knuckle heads. The really friendly Police Officers seem to really like her. Oh gosh her photos were distributed all over the world it appears.


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Being Poetically Expressive Right Here

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Exceptionally Motivated Visionary Right Here!

Yes they tried to pull me=Tanikka Paulk down. Invaded my path and now what will occur? God isn’t pleased when individuals decide to go against the anointed. What’s to occur next? There will be the continuous movements there is so much that really needs to be accomplished. The ones who’ve demonstrated that they’re about “transforming.” There’s been the adversities but there will be one must be brave. The most bravest one continues to produce the necessaries. “I’ve made more than a difference I’ve learned more and will continue to help others.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There’s the face of the destined. When a person has been chosen by God there is nothing mankind can do. One can tolerate as much as allowed to be tolerated but once a person gets to a point where they’ve had enough then there’s nothing that the invaders can do> Whet I’ve accepted most won’t my niceness was taken advantage of. On to the “peacefulness.” Amen! My eyes (@) (@) have seem the nonsense and yes I’ve seen such thing sup close and now there will be the focus on the elevation.

Not all will be butt heads. There are some very wise ones wanting to advance to greater levels. “Where will tiki=Tanikka Paulk be headed where they’ve never imagined I’d navigate to.” (Tanikka Paulk). The use of my information and my identity is a no no!. I’m convinced that there are some mindless individuals and no matter how much education they have they may be without “sense.” Let’s keep moving and accomplish what we’ve set out to accomplish.

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There have been many travels and hopefully there will be more travels. Although they’ve tried to trap me=Tanikka Paulk here they’re unable to defeat God. When will they ever learn the proper moves? Whether they learn or not one has “to move forward” and continue to keep the determination. There’s so much joyfulness because where I’m headed. I’m glad that there are some willing to keep the moves secret. What they think has occurred actually hasn’t and what they think will won’t.

They were looking but what are they looking for? Why are so many in tuned with trying to find what I Tanikka Paulk have or doesn’t have? Anyway God has set my path before I arrived here. There will be the love but tolerating the mess is over. I’ve escaped the prison like situation and I certainly don’t want to be in the situation again. Always loving me=Tanikka Paulk. I love you=Tanikka Paulk. Was looking in the right direction and I’m still on the right path.

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My Mind is Free From the Deceptiveness Ways That my Competitors Demonstrate

Oh they’re continuing to try to disturb my mind but there is way too much to accomplish and why should I Tanikka Paulk be disturbed? So I’m continuing to shine the light in which my Father God/Lord has given me=Tanikka Paulk. There is so much courage within me=Tanikka Paulk. Everything is alright meaning that I’m in peacefulness because Jesus has said that “Daughter” shall go in peace. Peacefulness is truly a blessing and although there are some trying to cause my mind to weaken there is way too much faith.

My eyes have seen so much and my thoughts are generated by this new found peace oh what a blessing. I’m so pleased to experience what so many have tried to achieve. There will be war but there is peace but how many are willing to project peace? It seems as though there aren’t too many. No matter what words are directed at me=Tanikka Paulk I’m a believer and will continue to believe in God and Jesus Christ. Movements whether there’s war or whether there’s peace. Peace can be obtained by transforming the mind.

How am I able to withstand the attacks? The word, prayer, and keeping the Full Armor of God on. I’m too dedicated to “my vision” to be intimidated. Made in God’s imagine has caused me=Tanikka Paulk to chuckle because observing mankind doesn’t demonstrated Godly ways or ways of Jesus Christ. Love is here and will continue to demonstrate exactly what “love” can do. Love conquers. I’ve faced so many adversities and have learned how to deal with the adversities in a better manner.

Really does take patience in order to achieve goals. One must become patient and determined in order to move ahead. There will be many feeling the need to try and pull my path down. But oh I’m truly blessed when there are storms there are breakthroughs. When there are troubles there’s success. What I’ve achieved thus far allows me=Tanikka Paulk to appreciate the finer things in life. Yes indeed. There is greatness within me=Tanikka Paulk. I’m so filled with a victorious mindset that no man (Man meaning mankind) can disturb my movements.

I’m continuing because God is allowing “Tanikka Paulk” to continue. Amen! Yes they’ll continue to challenge me=Tanikka Paulk but what are they really accomplishing? They’ve demonstrated that they’re out of order by continuing to project disobedience. God has favored Tanikka! Soon they’ll witness what they’re minds and visions haven’t even thought of. My purpose is what God wants to occur I’ve been chosen and mankind hasn’t accepted God’s decision. I’m still praising and giving honor to God. “The Greatness Achievement is to Conquer Mind Controllers.” by: Tanikka Paulk

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In Time all Matters Will be Rectified

There’s Many Forms of Prosperity

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Taking Advantage of Who?

Alright there’s nothing wrong with being “nice” (tanikka paulk). but some seem to think that I’m under some obligation order. Oh no they didn’t. What’s their malfunction? It seems as though they’re convinced that working for free is best. Every person trying to make a living should be allowed however persons causing a decline in their careers should consider early retirement. “I’ve tried to be very patient but they’re running the free into the ground.” (Tanikka Paulk). Offering free services is one thing but working on sites should incur compensation.

Even slaves where paid working in the cotton fields. Who do they think I am? They’ve went too far and I’m going to stand up. I’m not going to tolerate the abuse. That’s what I Tanikka Paulk meant about changing. There will be more changes to come. No person should tolerate such mistreatment. They’re going to see the meaning “of advocating.” There are some continuing to think that I’m their personal slave. No way! They’ve caused their own problems and now I’m going to find the best solutions to create increases. How many have thought about what they’ve done?

There are many lessons and what some have perceived they were and are currently wrong. Mankind will make many mistakes and what has occurred some of the acts were intentional. The punishments in which every person must face if they’ve acted disorderly but some are punishing based on what they’ve perceived. Yes, there are a lot of People unwilling to admit when they’re wrong. The game playing and shady behaviors cause annoyances. My mind is focused on making improvements. “I’m going to be focused on the areas in which will gather the necessary foundations to build a better society.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

There so many tricks, What will the groups come up with next? Everyday there seems to be some form of disruption. No matter what individuals think of a person it’s what the person perceives of self. There is no way that I’m going to settle for being pushed to the side. The acts committed were foul. There is the ability to create positive changes but how many are willing to assist? It appears as though there are more willing to rip connections apart instead of building. Yes, they’ll want to place the blame on one person, but will they win?”

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Positive Thoughts are Important When Wanting to Elevate

Overcome Adversity by Pondering on the Elevation

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Growth Despite of the Resistance

It’s important to have the ability to overcome. To “rise above” all the negativity and hate. Elevation occurs when focus on the results and not the problem. If we listen to every critic we will stay behind. If we take what is needed through constructive criticism then we’ll fair better. There be the so called haters. They’re a bunch of whinners who should be focusing on elevation as well but they’re also useful.

If we don’t have haters then we’re not doing well enough. Naysayers and critics are a sign that we’re headed somewhere or we’re already somewhere. Sometimes we end up accomplishing what others tried but did not succeed while trying to accomplish the tasks. They may become angry but they’re really angry at themselves. We concentrate on the hate.

If we focus more on rising then we’ll be in better shape. The noise makers can not dictate “growth.” No amount of criticism should stop the “determined ones.” Let the critics use their chatter boxes. Soon they’ll realize how wrong they are. So many had to face critics and still are. Every time we look around one keeps poping up in our environment. Noise that’s about all they’ll supply.

We may find that working online can draw a lot of critics. Shine and they will start yelling but the yells shouldn’t hinder progress. If we be still and do nothing then we’ll avoid the critics but doing nothing won’t incur progession. There will be no financial growth or even spiritual growth.

The distractors can’t win if we don’t allow their distractions to create a spiral. The words will flow about and that’s something we’re unable to control. We’ll be talked about and some will try to take over but with firmness we’re able to swiftly move about. The concentration shouldn’t be on the haters. Haters talk and rarely put words into action. We’re given abilities that we may not know we have at first.

Allowing what others have to say to stop or hinder growth is ridiculous. The attacks will come but we’re supplied with the tools to handle the attacks. If we listen to the positives then the negatives won’t bring us down. Focusing more on the elevator will take us to a place where we’re able to generate peace. It’s not about where we are today. It’s about where we’re going.

We’ll go further when we decide to leave the haters where they are and soar. Rising up may not be easy but it’s certainly possible. Possible is a sign that accomplishments will occur. Thinking differently can help remove the toxins that can keep all from proceeding.

Another Post About Excelling Through Hate

Excel Though the Hate

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Joy Will Come in the Morning

We will go through those tests and trying times. It may seem as if the chaos will never end but it will. We can’t go through life or expect to get ahead and avoid the challenges. The adversity helps us grow. The pain and heartache will cease and the sunshine will find us. We can’t gain without a little bit of pain.

Of course some will go through more than others. Our trials shouldn’t define us. We’re stronger than we give ourselves credit for. When tears flow, they can be wiped away, and then there’s brighter day. The mess won’t be ours. It will leave us but we have to push our way through it. We can’t give up. If we want great then we will have to go through the chaos.

The negative things make us appreciate the positive. We begin to think clearer when the troubles have left us. Of course we’ll still go through trials but we learn to handle them better. We shouldn’t have a defeated attitude. A smile can go along way. It helps us feel better. The congested periods will soon fade. The glory will be upon us.

We shouldn’t fret when issues come into our lives. There’s solutions but we must calm our minds so that we can think of them. Once we’ve figured out how to do that then things will be a whole lot better. Just listening to the birds can release some of that negative energy. We don’t need to be consumed with anguish. The “peace” will come.

We’ll have to learn to remove some people out of our lives. If they can’t generate anything positive then it’s best to remove them or ourselves. We can’t be productive by surrounding ourselved with negative energies. The joy will find us. The peace will find us. We will be in a better position. We have to believe it and know that those trials will come. We will learn how to deal with them better.

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Exposure of the Slaved Mind

Sometimes our minds become conditioned to believe certain things. When we’re exposed to a negative environment for long periods of time, we become enslaved to that environment, our minds become conditioned to receive negative thoughts. Reading negative comments and listening to negative communication can effect our minds. We become what we’re exposed to. Negativity can come through all avenues. We can hear it on the news, in our homes, and at church.

We must cleanse the mind by exposing it to positive reading, positive people, and positive communications. There’s positivity everywhere even in the toughest of neighborhoods. We have to be exposed to more positivity. Replace hate communications with loving communications. We may have to practice being positive. Let’s start with encouraging one another. If we continue to draw our minds towards the hate then we will be enslaved to negative thinking. Being a slave of the mind is like an incurable disease.

It’s time that we start surrounding ourselves around positive people. We should want to have connections that will “uplift” us. The more we’re exposed to positivity the better our lives will become. We can’t expect to live in comfort if we’re unwilling to “transform.” It may not happen overnight but in time we will get there. If everyone is willing to take a few steps each time. We can make a big positive difference. We should be loving one another not hating. We have to change our mindsets.

Our neighborhoods will flourish if we start thinking differently. Our thoughts have a big impact on our lives. As soon as we make the decision to “change” we’ll see our world in a different light. Change doesn’t happen right away. Sometimes it takes awhile but some change is better than none at all. We can help one another get there. It’s time that we change our thoughts and help the ones under us change the way they think. Some may wonder how are we suppose to do that. We can demonstrate it and through our demonstrations. They may be willing to make some changes whether minor or a complete turn around. This can occur through love and embracing. Don’t be a slave to your mind.

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Don’t Believe in Defeat

We will go through our trials and suffer setbacks but that doesn’t mean that we’re defeated. We shouldn’t allow defeat to be apart of our vocabulary. No amount of negative words and criticism should create defeat in our minds. Just because something doesn’t go as planned doesn’t meant that there’s failure. Failure occurs when we don’t try.

Have you ever believed that you were defeated? If so why did you feel that way? There will be obstacles in place and people may try to hinder us but that doesn’t mean that we won’t succeed or be “successful.” Despite what people may say, “We are Victorious.” Sonetimes our minds settle on being victimized instead of being conquers. If we believe that it can be done and put in the effort then we can succeed.

Defeat isn’t for us. It doesn’t allow us to think that we’re capable of doing great things. We’re capable of doing more than we give ourselves credit for. If we think negatively then negativity will be apart of our journey and our lives. Everyone can use some encouragement even if there’s only one person that believes in what you stand for. That’s all we more than we need because God and Jesus will always be on our side through good and bad.

Too many people go through life with a defeated attitude. They may have been trained to believe that something complex can never be accomplished. Complexities help build us. We become wiser and stronger. Defeat shouldn’t live in our hearts and minds. We don’t need it. Even if we missed a deadline. It doesn’t mean that a defeat has occured. It simply means that a setback occured.

We’ll have setbacks that’s apart of life. We will face adversities that’s also apart of life. Those things could either make us stronger or break us. It all depends on our mindset. If we want feel accomplished then we must be willing to accomplish something. We don’t have to be rich with money in order to be successful. We could be rich with love and continuous growth. There’s the success. “Actions Towards Something Great is Work.”

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Moving to Another Location

Sometimes you have to make that move. Rise above it all. Leave all that junk behind and find a new place. A new residence. Somewhere filled with love and comfort. Why should any of us stay in a cold dark place. A place filled with aggravation. Oh yes, we should be thankful for a roof but if someone is causing a bit of a rift then we should move to another location.

Not everyone is meant to stay with other. Some of us really nĂ©edon’t our space. Imagine feeling as if you’re suffocating. Not fun is it. Not at all. Well, we have to make preparations for something better. A better life, a less stressful one, and a moving one. A place where there’s some settling in. A place called “home.” Like the sound of that. Traveling is what we do.

Can’t wait for that big move. Oh boy, I dream about, I can see it as if it’s a “vision.” Oh someone won’t be happy I’mean sure but we can’t live for others. Although some expect it. There’s no way it can happen. It just can’t. There’s a lot of great things ahead. Blessingso continue to head our way. A move of any kind may not produce that happy smile for some. Well, too bad, we can’t make everyone happy now can we?

Someone somewhere will be disappointed with our decisions. It would be nice if people could be happy for others. Unfortunately we don’t live in a world like that. There’s always something that makes us happy. Just to think about the whole “transformation ” generates joy. Shouldn’t we want joy in our lives? We have to move. Move in the right direction and be apart of beautiful things. How many of you will make a move? That move that produces elevation. Be blessed my people.

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Find Those Positive Outlets

Anyone who thinks that being in negative environments doesn’t affect your health is so wrong. It does, our minds will remember negativity before remembering the positivity, that’s why it’s so important that we spend time in healthy and positive environments. Some negativity can help us progress but too much of it could leave us full of stress. We all know that stress isn’t good for us. It causes us to forget things and it leaves us feeling sad. Sometimes you have to break away from things. Negative communications can damage one’s spirit so it’s so important to we try to avoid negative words. By putting them out in the atmosphere we bring them to life.

Is all the negativity necessary? No it isn’t but unfortunately we will come in contact with people who have nothing but negativity to offer. If you find yourself feeling burnt out to to the negatives then you will need to clear yourself of it. Sometimes people behave negatively and other times they project negativity on “purpose. If you have friends that are always negative then you may want to limit your time with them and decide to build positive friendships.

If your home is filled with negativity then you will need to find ways to produce positivity. You can start with greeting and communicating effectively. If an argument arise then step away and cool off. Arguments can easily escalate and that could be detrimental to all parties involved. Sometimes the negativity occurs when there’s miscommunication. Who hasn’t fallen prey to miscommunication? We will have to communicate with those who think negatively and of course we all have at some point and we should find the best ways to deal with negative people.

“Free Your Mind From What Damages you”

It’s not always easy to think about the good when so much bad has occurred but good over weighs bad. Live, there’s too many people living their lives with a death mindset. We have room to “grow.” As long as we’re breathing. We can make a change. We can make a difference. It may take some time but we can do it. “Spread Some Love Today.”

If we decide to “transform the mind” then we will see changes in our lives, marriages, and friendships. Reading can help with this. Reading positive material and books that offer us help with changing our lives for the better. We should want better and we should want to do better. Be a better person will help others. People who are tired of being down and out will make the necessary changes in their lives. We don’t have to be in a state of misery. “Change Starts With us.”

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