We’ll Have to Come in Contact With the Difficult and the Toxic

Oh yes indeed we’ll have to face some very difficult people and the more we try to ignore the behavior at times. The more madness the individuals may come up with. Who wants to be bothered with trouble makers all of the time? Gosh. Read? Perhaps shutting everything down will at least help generate some peace. Not receiving a message or responding to some silly questions.

Difficult and Toxic oh my

Some people will be difficult no matter what. Do something and difficult. Don’t do anything and still difficult. Sometimes it’seems best to bite our tongue because the wrong words could just spill out and there’s no return. So many choose to remain silent when dealing with difficult people. Some will tell the individuals where to go. The best thing to do is find something positive to engage in. However Sometimes the behavior needs to be addressed.

Some are difficult because they’re trying to gain something. They will try to irritate the dickens out of a person. Oh my “word.” Just ridiculous. Try shutting down devices and someway and Somehow they’ve found  a way to bother a person or persons.

What’should wrong with some people? Sometimes it appears as if humanity is lost. Some are throwing out toxins because they’re trying to stop a vision. Yes, there will be some who will go out of their way to make things difficult for others, yes they will. The person could be going about their way but some could care less. Never allow toxic and difficult people to cause a meltdown. They’ll try.

Trying to wear out their competition in order to take control. Don’t allow the difficult ones to do so. Some are exposed to the toxicity everyday. Find ways to generate peace. No one should get down and out because some are so ridiculous. Try putting some ideas out there and see how many try to create a disconnection. Just being difficult.

Some people will ignore difficult people continuously and never offer a response. When some try to “Make Things Happen.” There will be some resistance. Yes. Toxic people can be draining. Day in and day out spilling their toxicity. Trying to drive others mad. While trying to do so. They may just end up with the insanity.

Here’s an Interesting Post About Dealing With Difficult People. By: Tanikka Paulk

“Difficult People are Like Crabs in a Bucket. The Poor Crab is Just Trying to Escape.” By: Tanikka Paulk  ( Tanikka Paulk). by: Tiki33

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Focus on the Beneficial Things

If it isn’t beneficial, important, or it won’t help one grow then they should leave it alone. There’s nothing worth losing one’s soul over. Not a soul. If we’re not careful we can find ourselves in (problematic situations). If it’s toxic then we don’t need to come in contact with it. There’s enough we have to deal with in this world and why should anyone add fuel to the fire? We should be apart of “growth” and make plans for better living. Sometimes we come in contact with people who are add value to our lives and other times they create problems in our lives.

If we find ourselves more irritated the all smiles then we need to stay away from those things and people. Toxic will see you exactly how toxic they can be. We should be trying to live stress free lives and not be bombarded with nonsense. Our lives should consist of “growth.” We should be elevated and not deteriorating. If we’re not obtaining was needed then it’s best for us to find ways that will offer us exactly what we need. If our lives feel unbalanced then finding that balance will keep us healthy. Well at least mentally.

Sometimes we will have to disconnect from those who will do nothing but create havoc in our lives. Those people probably have a clue who they are. They’re the ones who don’t see opportunities for advancement but will seek short cuts and it doesn’t matter what they have to do to receive exactly what they’ve been looking for. Life is short and we must use our time wisely. Share with those who will be appreciative and find the joy that we deserve,

There’s no need to allow stressful situations to be apart of our daily living. Sometimes we can avoid the headaches and sometimes we simply have to them with them. Adding value instead of deducting things that could keep us on the right path is wise. Sometimes we really can’t see whats good for us or what’s not until it’s too late. It’s important that we build friendships that make us feel better about ourselves. Stay clear of those that will bring out the worst in us. Live life freely and try to minimize stress. That’s how it should be.

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Run the Other way From Toxicity

Toxins what can one say about them? They seep into our lives and sometimes it’s hard to remove them from our lives. Sometimes we’resurrounded by toxic personalities. Some people are use to being filled with unhealthy ways of thinking. We’ve all had not so good thoughts and emotiins but toxic people are on a different level. You never know what they’ll come up with next. If we have toxic friends then that toxicity could rub off on us.

Coming in contact with toxic people can be devastating. Their behaviors can create a very unhealthy environment for anyone that comes in contact with them. Most of tge time they’re unaware of tgeir toxicity and other times toxic people simply don’t care. There’s no rationalizing with them. They will think the way they want to think and that’s that. Either we find a way to deal with them or we avoid them completely.

Sometimes we live with toxic people and it’s kind of hard to get away from them. If we can find a space where we’re able to gather our thoughts then that will help. It’s as if they’re filled with a poisonous mindset. Although they’re way of thinking isn’t normal. They may perceive it to be so. No matter how hard we try to get them to see things our wsy. They probably won’t.

We must concentrate on our sanity and find activities that will help us feel better. Being surrounded by toxic people can dampen our spirits. In order for us to be happy we will neec to find the best techniques when dealing with toxic people. If we don’t then we could become ill due to their unhealthy behaviors. It’s important that we take care of our mental health.

If a family member demonstrates toxicity behavior then we can try letting them know that their behavior is unacceptable. If the behavior continues then we may have to disconnect from them at least for awhile. We do not have to tolerate such behaviors. It isn’t healthy to have too much exposure to toxicity.

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Stay Away From the Toxicity

My goodness it seems everywhere we look there’s someone wanting to spill their toxins on us. We simply have to accept that we will come in contact with some toxic people. Some will be our friends and sometimes it’s a family member or spouse. We don’t have to fully avoid toxic people we simply have to limit our time with them. If one wants to keep their sanity then they will try their best to limit time with the toxins. If the toxins spill onto us then we will be consumed with all sorts of emotions that will lead us nowhere.

Some people may not understand why some choose to isolate themselves at times. They’ve probably came in contact with too many toxic people and need to breathe. Those toxins can leave us gasping for air. If we’re not careful we can be sucked in by a toxic person. They may try to hide their motives and they may try to create a smoke screen so that people are unaware of how toxic they are. If one analyzes then they will find out what is what and who is who.

Don’t allow them to invade your space because they will try to take away your health by filling you up with all of their toxic communications. If we don’t protect ourselves then we could end up being toxic ourselves and we could find ourselves laying in bed for days on end. We must build healthy relationships. Unfortunately so many relationships are unhealthy. Whether is a marital one, parental, or family relationship.

We don’t have to give our precious time to toxic behavior. We should keep our minds healthy and understand that sometimes no matter how hard we try. People will be who they are if that’s what they want to be. Of course some people can’t help it but there’s so many that will try to play on our intelligence. Do you know that there’s some people who will to convince others that they didn’t see or hear what they saw or heard? Don’t let (them) fool you. They may think that they’ve out smarted others but once people catch on. They won’t fall for those toxins.

We don’t need unhealthy relationships or friendships. We need to build genuine relationships.Unfortunately may not find out what’s genuine or not because people pretend well. That’s why it’s important that we remain  alert. Toxic people can catch anyone off guard and they can turn one’s life upside down if we allow them to do so. We all have something we need to work on but we also need to protect our minds and our health. If it seems to be a bit much then we may need to take a step back.

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Find Peace by Limiting Your Time With Toxic People

We have to do what’s best for us. If that means removing some people out of our lives then that’s what we have to do.  If we spend lots of time with toxic people then we will end up feeling sick. We have to find our peace which means silence in a lot of cases. Have you ever been in a position where you hear someone’s voice and you go the other way because you don’t want to deal with the mess? Well, this will happen, yhat toxicity can make one want to run for the hills.

When you’re trying to keep the peace. It’s best to think about positive things because people will try to test you. Our well being is important and that’s why we should surround ourselves with positivity. Sometimes taking a walk or reading a book will help us tune out the noise. We can’t control other people’s behavior but we can control how we react towards the behavior of others.

Sometimes people want to see if they can push our buttons and they will wait for a response. If a response is given then they will continue the behavior. If they’re persistent then they may not care that silence was given but one should embrace their peace.

We should be sociable but unfortunately we’re unable to be sociable with everyone. There’s all sorts of people in this world and we will have to deal with them at some point. The toxic ones don’t deserve to take up a lot of our time. Sometimes people are being toxic out of fear or anger. In time those emotions will fade.

If we find ourselves feeling irritated when coming in contact with people who try to get under our skin then we should remove ourselves from the situation. Unfortunately some people are miserable and they feel the need to make others that way.

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Are Toxic Friends Really Friends

Have you ever came in contact with someone or people who are really toxic? They drain your energy but you try to give them chance after chance. Sometimes you have to close the door because no matter what you do, they will come up with something that will give you a migraine, it’s unfortunate but it’s in their character and personality.

It could stem from their childhood or it could just be that they have a dangerous competitive spirit. Anyone who has a friend like that needs to sever the friendship in order to protect their mind. The deeper the friendship, the larger the exposure to the toxicity, that sort of friendship is so unhealthy. You can try your best to assist them but it won’t work. They want what they want at any cost.

Don’t feed into their tactics, they may set traps for you or others, due to their selfishness. Imagine coming in contact with a large group of toxic people. It can make someone feel depressed if they allow it. Toxic people may not care that they’re that way and some of them are that way because there’s no one around to give them the desire to change. They remain toxic and they continue to lose good friendships.

If you have a loving heart then you’ve probably came in contact with some toxic people, it’s as if they seek those who are “giving,” and those who will tolerate a lot. No one has to put up with that, if the person or persons are unwilling to change, it’s best to walk away. Life should be enjoyed and we have enough to deal with so dealing with toxic people can be avoided. Of course you won’t always avoid them but you can avoid them most of the time.