Dealing With Someone who has Anti Social Personality Disorder

Anti Social Personality Disorder is a mental condition which is one of the hardest conditions to treat. What makes Anti Social Personality Disorder hard to treat is. 1. The one diagnosed with the condition refuses to go to therapy 2. Refuses treatment. So anyone having to deal with the manic episodes, unrudely behavior, and impulse control issues will need therapy themselves.

A person with this disorder usually doesn’t think before reacting. They’re easily irritated and are cruel. When the mania wears off. They may display gentleness. It won’t last long. They rarely plan ahead and are great manipulators. Anyone dealing with them must be on guard. Hoping with someone who has Anti Social Personality Disorder is draining. I should know because my husband was diagnosed with the condition about a little over 6 years.

It’s one of the worst mental disorders I’ve ever seen. Possibility due to the fact that the person refuses treatment. In order for me to keep my sanity. I pray and listen to spiritual music. Just because someone has Anti Social Personality Disorder that doesn’t mean that they can not be somewhat functional. My husband is a Correctional Officer which may not help with the condition but he seems to enjoy being an Authority figure. Most imates are diagnosed with Anti Social Personality Disorder.

A person with the condition aren’t very keen on Authority. They can get into lots of trouble on their jobs but because of the diagnosis. They’re able to kerp their jobs but may be reprimanded. Anti Social Personality Disorder also consist of angry outburts. Anything can set them off. Living with them may be unbearable. It is justed to stay in seperate homes or seperate sleeping quarters.

Sometimes people end up feeling sorry for them and that could cause them to be more dysfunctional. One must be firm and have a take no mess attitude so that they’re not ran over. People with such personalities will try to take advantage of others. They’re very self obsorbed. Most of the time they take action if it’s beneficial to them. A person with the disordet could normally be a kind and gentle person but due to disorder it’s basically not a reality.

If you’re dealing with someone who has Anti Social Personality Disorder then you may want to find positive outlets. It’s not easy dealing with someone who has this mental condition but either we find ways to deal with it or we remove ourselves out of tge situation. We must protect our mental health as well.

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Healing Takes Time

When we’ve experienced traumatic events in our lives we may become consumed with those events. It can be difficult to overcome them but it can be done. We may have to seek help from professionals because of the pain we’ve endured. It takes time to heal fron traumatic experiences. For some the pain could subside quickly and for others it can take many years.

Sometimes we hold on to pain because our pain hasn’t been validated. We need to know why the pain occurred and the healing has to involve more than an apology. No one is immune from experiencing hurt and pain. We deal with it in our own way and no one can tell us how long we should heal from our pain. The healing process depends on how in depth the pain is.

When we experience painful events it takes something out of us. We can get through it but the victim and the person and persons who caused the pain must acknowledge it. Some may feel as if they’re not capable of overcoming the pain and heartache. When we’ve suffered greatly we may not understand why the suffering took place. Once we have an understanding of it. It will be easier to get a hold of it.

We will have to endure hardships. It will help us develop. We may not want to go through the challenges and it’s difficult to suffer through. We may cry night after night until the hardships leave us. In time the process will be complete and we will bounce back to who we were created to be. If you’re going through. It will pass it may take years but in time the heartache will cease. Sometimes we may think we’ll never get rid of the hurt but we can and will if we want it to leave us. We must allow the healing to continue.

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