Oh my Disturbed Technology

There’s so much going on. It appears as though technology has become wired. There are so many uses and there are so many individuals abusing technology. Just imagine persons running havoc inside of a device or devices. How will some manage such things? After being exposed to so much harassment they’ll probably want to explode. That’s why it’s so helpful to power down devices so that there can be experiences of peacefulness.

There should be protections so that hackers are unable to run havoc inside of devices. My device currently being used is filled with what some may call as trolls. They’re more than trolls actually. They’ll aggressive and annoying. They’ve caused so much disruption. I’m continuing to proceed but there seems to be periods of being annoyed. So therefore I’ve decided that shutting down the device is a great experience.

The joy of not having to deal with the trolling is a wonderful thing. They’ll constantly try to annoy and will watch be like a hawk. They’re so disruptive. How can one keep their calm when having to deal with the persons? Sometimes just sitting back and thinking about good experiences help.  What are they after? The breaches are the reason why they’re all there. Perhaps not all but there’s a lot of individuals in my device trying to see if they’re able to create an upset.

I’ve found that I’m beginning to not be so thrilled about technology. So spending less time on the device and online seems to help create rejuvenation. They may believe that I’m defeated somehow but no. There is joy in knowing that eventually I’m going to complete the necessary goals in order to generate mor progress. Soon enough their actions will receive the justice. “The technology is helpful but can be quite annoying when having to deal with the trolling.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

“My technology has suffered greatly but I’m seeking justice to gain back order.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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The Darkside of Technology

We depend on technology so much that we forget about other activities. Technology is very beneficial but it can also cause a whole lot of grief. It can be used to communication all over the world or it can be used deceptively. A lot of times technology is used to bully others. It’s pretty sad how it’s meant for one thing but used for something so harmful.

Our devices aren’t save. There’s many intruders lurking about waiting to get into our devices or get their hands on them. There’s no solid way to protect our devices. We can try to take percautions but somehow a very determined snoop will find away. No one values privacy anymore. There’s apps on top of apps that tell us that we’re protected. Sometimes those apps are just as malicious.

The hacking is outrageous but there’s apps that will alert us when we’re receiving suspicious or harassing phone calls. Those apps are beneficial because a caller could gather your personal information once you’ve picked up the phone. We really have to be careful. Our phones are mini computers. Unfortunately we live in a world that’s riddled with deception so we have to kerp our eyes and ears open.

Our devices and computers are so sensitive. Someone somewhere wants to view our information. So we should have some protections on our devices and computers. Although the protection isn’t 100% guaranteed it certainly helps. Too many people’s information has bern compromised because they either didn’t have the protection or they were careless with their information.

We rely on our mobile devices and we may spend more time on them so we need to treat them sensitively. We shouldn’t be too paranoid but a little may help. People are curious and they want to see exactly what you’re up to. They may work hard trying to find out as much information as they can.

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Avoid the Negative Ones

Some people will refuse to be positive and we have a choice whether we want to deal with them or not. If all they can offer is negativity then it’s best to avoid them or at least limit any contact with them. People who are constantly negative are either seeking attention or unhappy with something. We may have some bad days but most of us will try to be positive and peaceful but there’s some who just hand out bad vibes. It’s up to us whether we want to be positive or not but all that negativity is draining and who needs?

Sometimes you have to shut everything off. Technology can help in so many ways but it can also be used to spill darkness. Some may use it to get all of their frustrations out and others may use it to “inspire.” We can delete those unwanted communications and surround ourselves with inspirational people. We will be exposed to negativity at some point but we don’t have to deal with it all the time. We should face challenges but too much negativity can wear on the body and mind.

There’s a lot of positive people in this world, people who really care about others, and those who have filled with love. Those are the people we should try to connect with. Sometimes we will have to remove some people from our circle so that we can enjoy what life has to offer. If someone doesn’t want to project peace then they can hit the road. No need for anyone to be constantly bombarded with nonsense. If you’re a visionary then it may be wise to surround yourself with other visionaries. They’re more than likely willing to be positive and “spread some love.

We need to keep our minds healthy and exposing ourselves to positive situations will assist with that. Some environments are filled with confusion and we should find away to project peace and if not then we should find environments that will offer us some nurturing. Sometimes we’re unaware how negatively negativity can affect us. It’s best that we find healthy environments to be apart of.

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