Action on top of Action Equals Action

In order to generate something. There has to be “productivity.” We have to take action in order to obtain change. Depending on what type of change we’re searching for depends how the change we’ll receive. We must use our minds to develop the positions inwhich we seek. We can’t expect something to occur without action.

Even if the process takes longer than expected. We should still move in the direction that will produce positive changes in our lives. Sonetimes we’ll need to be forceful. We must refuse to give up. Make headway even if some days seem to be slower than others. Action is necessary when trying to achieve something. An idea flourishes through continuous action.

“If we want to obtain then we’ll have to go through pain” (T. Paulk). Going through pain will strengthen us but we must allow it to do so. We can’t expect “greatness” without going through adversity. Our actions depend on how far we’ll go. If we want to overcome then we will need to let some things go. Sometimes it’s old habits and sometimes it’s people who try to weigh us down in life.

Action can occur lightly or it can occur in large quantities. Whatever we decide will depend on how much distance we’ll generate. We can’t be afraid to take action or at least we should remove the fear. Our lives can change at any moment. We must be prepared to act. Everyone views action in their own way. They’re perceiving whatever they believe action is.

Our decisions determine whether we’ll win or fail. Giving up on our dreams is failing. Keep moving despite obstacles is winning. Movement has to occur if we want to advance. We can accomplish some great things by moving. Sometimes our actions will entail moving at a slow pace. That’s alright, as long as we’re moving, that’s what’s important.

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