Never Allow Anyone to Take Your Dreams Away

Come up with some ideas and have a vision and see how many people try to claim them as their own. Be creative and see how many people dislike you for it. Do amazing things and see how many people encourage you. Well, this is the world we live in, a vicious and cruel world. A place where selfisness seems to be the norm. Be careful who you trust with your dreams.

Unfortunately not everyone is genuine. As soon as you supply them with the information. ¬†They will take it as their own. That’s why proof is needed. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your vision but what’s upsetting about it, is that some will pretend as if they’ve worked towards the vision, pretty sad. Sometimes we try to give people the benefit of the doubt and hope that they won’t try to take our vision away. Visionaries have difficulties trying to put together their vision ar times. There’s always someone waiting to tear it down.

Register your vision somewhere so if anyone claims it. You will have proof that it belongs to you. Instead of peoppe assisting others. They rather make it difficult for those who are trying to make a positive difference. It isn’t fair but it’s something we have to deal with. Imagine going through heartache and pain to make a vision come true and going through more because of envious people.

People have every right to dream and no one knows exactly what a person goes througj to get to where they are. Instead of giving people a hard time perhaps try to make this world a better place. Never allow anyone to stop you from dreaming. Never allow anyone to take your “vision” from you. Protect it and the people involved in the vision. Visions opens up doors. They’re blessings and no one had a right to destroy or at least try to destroy them. Our gifts belong to us and God has given each one of us a gift.

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They Don’t Believe Until it’s Complete

It doesn’t matter what one says. If people can’t see it then they won’t believe it. People may not have confidence in you but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have confidence. You’ll be judged for what you do and what you don’t or won’t do. As long as they can see you accomplishing something then you may be on their good side but if you fail. They will boo you all the way to Texas. Yep!

It’s unfortunate that people refuse to support others until the very end. When they complete the task that’s when they’ll want to get on board. That’s why we should appreciate those who support us and encourage us to strive for our “greatness.” It doesn’t matter if it’s a former B=Ball Player. If they believe in you then they deserve to be recognized for it. We should be more supportive and cheer others on. If they’re trying to do something that will help others and inprove themselves then why shouldn’t they receive some ssupport? Allow people to make a difference within their communities and within themselves.

Don’t knock people down. Encourage them to “rise.” Everyone could use some support. It’s amazing that people will wait until someone has achieved sonething and then want to jump in the boat. Perhaps it may be too late then. If you can’t be there through the steuggle then there’s no need to be there when the rewards arrive.

When you have little to nothing you will one or teo friends, maybe, become successful, and they’ll start rolling in. A true friend will see the greatness in you and ride with you when it’s slow. A pretend friend will want to be there when there’s something to gain. That’s the way of the world. Perhaps if people had more support then perhaps they would be more inclined to do more. No support could cause people to think that they’re not good enough. We should feel that way but it can happen. Those who inspire deserve to be recognized for their efforts.

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