Don’t be Engaged in Mess When There’s Work to be Done

When we have tasks to complete then we must get to it. We’re on a mission to “advance” and wasted time could hinder that. People will try to prevent us from completing certain goals and we must resist their motives. Nothing gets done through play but something gets done with work. We shouldn’t consume ourselves with all work but when it’s time to grind then we should see to it.

Move forward even when there’s noise. We should look pass the noise and accomplish whatever we need to accomplish. There’s nothing wrong with taking breaks but too many will hold us back. If people are working to hinder “progress” then they can not work or assist in anyway. Those who refuse to allow people to accomplish something that will benefit others then they’re not suited to complete taks with you or a team.

We should do all that we can to achieve. We can either achieve a little or achieve a lot. It’s simply up to us. If we want to be successful at anything then we will need to block somethings out. Sometimes we may need to put on some headphones and work with soothing music. Too much noise could be distracting but it’s possible that we can achieve great things through it if we “focus.”

Focus on the path at hand and work through any challenges that arise. Make sure to find the best techniques that will assist with accomplishing more. Even when we’re presented with mess. We should find ways to eliminate the mess and move forward. If people make attempts to stop what we’re trying to accomplish then we can either allow them to do so or we can forget about their tactics and “get the job done.”

Don’t feel discouraged when others are trying to stop the process. Progress anyway. No man or woman succeeded by allowing the noise to cause them to stop. If we stop moving then we won’t make any headway. Work when it’s time and don’t worry about what people are trying to do. A team will develop when there’s people who want to get ahead. “Work Through the Mess.”

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Keep on That Track

Who said it would be easy? Someone probably did but they were wrong. It’s not easy trying to follow your dreams and traveling on your journey. You’ll come across some wolves and they will want to devour you. You may meet people who want to guide you in another direction so that you don’t meet your goals. You’ll face envious people, who would rather see you fall on your face, and they may pretend to be a friend.

When traveling on your journey. You will face all sorts of challenges but that doesn’t mean that you should give up. If following your dreams was easy then everyone would be trying to pursue it. It’s not easy and someday’s it will be downright tiring. Yes, you will feel fatigued, the fatigue is just an example on the toughness. It’s well worth it. You will receive rewards along the way so don’t think that there’s nothing but challenges. There’s more to your journey.

You will find those who want to grab your attention and there’s nothing wrong with communicating a bit but if they aren’t willing to lift you up then it’s a waste of time. There’s a lot of people in the world who gave up because they faced adversity. Adversity is something that we all should face. If we didn’t then we wouldn’t learn and grow. Don’t feel bad when people don’t understand the travel. It’s not for everyone.

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You will have to let some off and you’ll pick some up. Pick up those who are willing to add and not subtract. If they’re full of negativity then they’re not the ones you need to have traveling with you. There will be those alone times. You may feel as if you’re the only one in the world. You’re not but it could feel that way. Keep pushing your way through the bumps. You were made to “soar.”

“Dream and Live it”

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Instead of Bashing What About Helping

Some people can’t help but be competitive, perhaps I should say, “they won’t stop being competitive.” There’s so much talent in this world and everyone deserves to allow their talents to shine. So why do people have a hard time dealing with seeing others do well? It’s about insecurities because those who truly believe in themselves have no reason to try to make others fall. If you know you’re good at something then why would you feel the need to try to bring others down?

No one can can take all the “shine.” Some people are so full of doubt that they will do some silly things in order to make others look bad. God gave each and everyone of us a gift and it’s a shame that people will try to make others stop sharing their gifts with the world. It’s as if people will fall ill for helping others. Of course no one can help everyone but if you’re not going top help then don’t try to knock others down.

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There’s so much room at the top and it seems that people aren’t really taking that into consideration. They should. If they did then we wouldn’t hear about all the envy that takes place. Some may say, “they don’t want to see you doing better than them.” Wow! That’s some statement. It’s a waste of time to try to bring anyone down. If you know you can do this or that then do what it takes to get it done. No need to blame others for things that didn’t work out. Just pick yourself up and go for it. Allow the world to see what you can do.

When people try to bring you down, it’s known as the “crab mentality,” actually people are intimidated by your progress or success. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t attempt to do underhanded things, that insecurity is something else. So many people have missed out because they couldn’t resist trying to outshine someone. They end up being in a miserable state because they were bashing instead of congratulating.

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Visionaries and the Vision

Your vision isn’t for everyone. Have you ever had an idea or wanted to pursue something and felt as if you had no support? It’s not that no one supports you, you probably haven’t found the right people to support you, only visionaries will understand visionaries. That’s why you’ll hear people say, or read where it says, “hang out with visionaries.”

You want to surround yourself with people who understand where you’re coming from and if they’re envious then they’re unwilling to support you in anyway. Sometimes visionaries make people feel bad. Of course not intentionally but because they’re “creativity” is so overwhelming. People get angry because it’s either something they haven’t thought of or something they’re unable to do.

You really have to watch out for people who talk negatively about your vision. That means that they would rather see you put it to the side because they can’t stand to see you or anyone else succeed. It’s not fair but that’s the world we live in. You may find that your friends are unwilling to be your friends any longer because of your journey. That’s alright because it’s time that you move forward and allow the right people in your life.

Lots of visionaries travel alone. They may find themselves working alone many days and nights. If you want to preserve your vision and visions then you will have to keep some of your ideas to yourself. Letting everyone know your every move could cause a deterioration with those visions. Not everyone wants you to prosper. Even if groups of people try to hinder your visions or visions, don’t stop, and don’t give in. A lot of people may not be with you but it only takes one person to believe in you.

A lot of people stopped dreaming because they listened to what other people had to say. Those who try to turn you around aren’t in any position to “uplift” you or anyone else. Don’t be surprised when family members turn against you. Some do it out of fear and others do it because they’re actually envious of you. That’s alright. You can’t allow that to prevent you from proceeding. You have a purpose, you have gifts, and talents and you’re suppose to allow them to shine.

“Live Through Your Visions”

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