Some Call Them Haters and Some may Call Them Miserable

When one comes across people who aren’t too pleased about their assignment and what they’re trying to accomplish then they will have to learn how to deal with these people in the best way possible. Oh no, it won’t be easy, and there may be times when one wants to grind their teeth. Trying their very best to hold back words. ┬áPeople who work hard at trying to bring others down aren’t happy people because if they were then they would be occupying their time with something positive.

The best way to deal with a hater or a person trying to bring you down is to pray for them. They’re dealing with their insecurities and aren’t coping well enough to stop their behavior. Imagine someone having to deal with a mother and a husband trying their very best to stop them from accomplishing their goals because they feel insecure and unfulfilled in some way. We all have talents and gifts and if we decide to not utilize them then that’s on us but don’t try to drag someone down who chose to go after their dreams.

Some people will pretend to be supportive while working on sabotaging everything a person tries to accomplish. Insecurities can ruin relationships and it can tear people apart. We should keep those who are dissatisfied with themselves and their lives in our daily prayers. Not everyone wants to see others blossom. They may not feel happy with not living up to their full potential so they have to try to weigh one down in order to make themselves feel better.

I would suggest that one keep going and in fact they should work harder to reach their goals and to help others “rise.” We may not be able to fix those who are insecure about their lives and their accomplishments but we can try to inspire them by showing them that they can’t stop our “shine.” It’s quite sad when having to deal with people that are using crab mentality, especially if they’re close to the individual or individuals they’re trying to drag under.

Do you know that some people will work harder to bring others down than they will on their jobs. It appears that haters work 24/7. It’s as if they breath dysfunctional. If you’re dealing with something like this then you may want to pray and find positive outlets to get you through the (sour minds gang). They need some prayer and need to find a way to make their lives better. If you’re creative in someway then you already know that some people won’t be pleased with it. For those who love seeing other people better themselves and ‘grow.” You deserve around of applause.

Not everyone is built the same and some are so filled with troubles that it spills onto everyone else. This will occur if we allow it to occur. Sometimes just giving them a look of disappointment will at least let them know that they’re so wrong. If you find that people are working overtime to weigh on you then you should work overtime to “build.” The crab mentality is a way to keep others down and why would anyone want to be down? Shouldn’t we want to advance, grow, and “prosper?” Well, I suppose some people feel as if they don’t have it in them so they rather spend their time trying to throw a wrench in someone’s dreams.

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