Laughter and More

There’s something to smile about and there will be something to laugh about. Laughter is good. It helps generate calmness in us. The nest laughter is the ones that keep going and going. It can make someone say, “I can’t stop laughing.” A good comedy show or reading some funny material may be a good way to generate laughter.

Have you ever laughed so loud and received a strange look? How about laughing about something that happened awhile ago? We should be able to laugh. It makes life more interesting. We should have fun. We don’t need to be consumed with stress and laughing can release some stress.

Some people may have a hard time laughing. They may be going through somethings and find it difficult to laugh. It’s unfortunate when that happens. It’s quite sad when laughter can’t be generated. Life would be so bland if we didn’t have something to laugh about.

Watching comedians perform is another great way to burst out some chuckles. Life can be so difficult at times and we need a way to release some of the pressure. Sometimes it can seem as if we forget how to laugh and how to enjoy life. Life shouldn’t be all serious we have to have a bit of fun.

It doesn’t appear that too many people are enjoying what life has to offer. There’s lots of work and minimum turn down. We can’t consume ourselves with heavy work loads and not find some sort of entertainment or “relaxation.” We may take things we shouldn’t take seriously and that can create stress.

When we laugh. The stress leaves us. We have to find ways to channel the stress and laughter can assist with that. With all the tragedies in the world. We have ro find a way to let the frustrations of such traumatic events go. A big “smile” and a long laugh can go a long way.

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How to Find the Peace you Need

Being calm is important, it helps keep us healthy, the more we’re exposed to stress. The more likely we’ll develop health issues. We won’t be able to avoid stressful situations completely but we can sure lower our stress levels. One way to do this is to remove toxic people out of our lives. if they’re unable to offer some “peace” then they don’t need to be apart of our lives. It’s important that we allow ourselves to experience peaceful moments. We shouldn’t constantly be exposed to chaos.

If we find ourselves being riddled with stress then we need to break away from those areas and anyone who refuses to offer us peacefulness. A little stress will come but too much of it can create other issues for us. When we’re stressed we’re unable to function properly. That can lead to making mistakes that could’ve been avoided if we were in the land of peace. Those who want to keep us stressed should receive an in depth communication from us and if they refuse to stop producing stress for us then we need to do what’s best for us.

No one should want us to be filled with stress, our friends shouldn’t want it, and if they do then they don’t deserve that title. Being able to experience peacefulness is a blessing. There’s some people who rarely get the opportunities to experience peace because they’ve placed so much on themselves. We’ll do that. Sometimes we’ll produce stress for ourselves, worrying about that out of our control. Stress and worry are enemies and they can cause us to be broken and that’s something we don’t need.

We have to find things that offer us peace. Soothing music can produce some peace, meditation, and reading and also help. We shouldn’t be exposed to chaotic environments too long. If we allow the chaos to enter our minds then we’ll start demonstrating dysfunctional behavior. There’s a lot of major issues going on in this world but that doesn’t mean that we have to be all wrapped up in it. We have to relax our minds and we must allow our bodies to have rest. No rest, no peace, no peace means we’re experiencing some chaos and that can be avoided.

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Allow Peace to Find us

We may spend lots of time being surrounded by people who mean us know could. Destructive presents can put a damper in our lives. The more we’re surrounded by positive people, the greater our chances for a happier life, negativity can make us feel down if we allow it to. Anyone trying to weigh our bodies and minds down isn’t healthy. Healthy people will try to “uplift” and create a better world not only for themselves but for others.

Sometimes we have to avoid certain people. Yes, we should be “peacemakers,” but we should also use wisdom. If people are trying to cause suffering then the best thing we can do for them is to “pray.” Prayer works. So many may not believe that but it’s gotten me through those dark hours. We’re entitled to choose who we want to give our energy to. If the person or persons is worth the energy then we’ll continue to give it to them and if not then we may remove ourselves from their presence.

There’s a lot of negativity in this world and there’s a lot of positivity. We simply have to focus on the positivity not saying that we won’t ever allow the negativity to get next to us but as time goes by. We can get better at focusing on the positive. Sometimes we’re in environments that create a bit of stress for us and we need to find some positive outlets that will help us be happy.

Some people may choose meditation as a way to relax when they’ve been exposed to stressful situations. Meditation is great because who allows our minds to relax and our bodies to be calm. Calmness will also make us happier. Doing breathing exercises will relieve some stress. We shouldn’t spend our lives filled with stress. We have to enjoy ourselves and see the beauties of the world. That’s why it’s important to engage in healthy activities and spend less time with those who create havoc in our lives.

“Our Energy Belongs to us and we Have to Decide who Deserves to Have Some of it”

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