Be Kind but Firm

People may take our kindness as a weakness. It’s far from that. Being kind doesn’t mean a person is a whimp. People seem to think that they can take advantage of people because they’re nice or some may seem them as being too nice. Well, a nice person can put their foot down, it’s like being a boss. No boss should allow their employees to walk all over them. If they allow that to happen then they’re not using “Effective Leadership Skills.”

People need to know where we stand. If we allow them to stomp on us then they will. We don’t have to go balistic but we should be firm. We should mean business. Being compassionate is a good thing. People shouldn’t perceive it as a weakness. A lot can be accomplished with compassion. Stand up for yourself and others. It’s sad that people aren’t displaying kindness but not everyone will display kindness.

Some may try to come off as tough. We can’t treat people any kind of way. We should try to assist one another and love seeing others do well. Every has right to live their lives as they see fit whether we agree or not. Stand form and refuse to be a victim of any sort of bullying.

No one should be taken advantage of. Every human being deserves respect. It doesn’t matter how tough a person thinks they are. They can not beat God. There’s way too much bullying because people think they have a right to treat others in disrespectful ways because they perceive them as sensative. Well, it’s time that we learn that it’s alright for us to stand up for ourselves, we do not have to accept mistreatment. Be kind but stop others from being pushy. No amount of bullying shoould be tolerated. Take up and speak up.

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Stand up for Yourself and Others

Some may become fearful when it’s time to take a stand. Speaking out and up for yourself and others is nothing one should feel ashamed of. There’s way too many people who will ne silent when trouble arises and people are being attacked. People will turn their heads when others are being bullied. Is that fair? Would you want someone to stand up for you?

Compassion is something we should be thankful to have. Having enough compassion to speak out when someone is being attacked. People are so afraid that the atttacks will land their way so they remain silent. What if your child or children were being bullied? Would you remain silent? Some of the bullying would leave if everyone took a stand against it.

We need more “leadership” and less fearful people. People are condemned for every mistake they’ve made but yet people won’t call others out when they’re being abusive and bullying others. Violence continues when there’s not enough people standing agaibst it. People will encourage others to be attacked and bullied but will refrain from encouraging “peace.” Sounds pretty pathetic doesn’t it? More leaders need to develop. Don’t hide, speak up, stand a stand.

There’s a time to be silent and there’s a time to speak. Speak loudly if you have to but don’t sit back and watch children and others be attacked. Some will even stand around while a child is being beaten by a group of people. Having evidence is great but don5video tape and not call for help. What’s wrong with our way of thinking? We criticize people for this or that but won’t say a,word when people are being attacked. In fact a lot of people will encourage it.

There’s more bullies then there’s “peacemakers.” Kind of sad. We have a long way to go when it comes to bullying, racism, and hate. Hate seems to be one of the causes people encourage violence. If we remove hate and project love then there would be a lot of positive changes. Remove envy and encourage people to excel, do better, and make positive differences within society.

“Remove the Hate and Allow the Peace in” (T. Paulk)

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially