Believe That the Climb is Worth it

Trying to get ahead isn’t a simple task. Not at all. There’s so many challenges one must face. Sometimes the process will seem quite slow but that doesn’t that we can’t get to the mountain top. Some days there will need to be long hours put in. The fatigue will set in. If we focus on the road again and consider how far we’ve come. Things will go a lot smoother.

We’ll have to make our way through the crowd. There will be a lot of noise but the noise can’t stop the “determined.” Yes indeed, some won’t like where we’re headed, that’s quite alright. No one can please everyone. Greatness isn’t achieved by not believing in ourselves. Being confident is a good thing. Being confident doesn’t mean arrogant. We must desire to want more and to do better.

Anyone who desires to want more out of life can achieve greatness. We shouldn’t just settle but strive to reach way up! Not looking back just going, moving, and “Making Things Happen.” We will make mistakes along the way. A lot in fact but that doesn’t mean that failure has occurred. We fail when we refuse to try.

We will have some support. Perhaps not as much at first but in time. The cheers will surround us and we’ll go further than before. Expanding our minds and accomplishing goals we’ve never dreamed we would accomplish. We simply have to think on higher levels. Go beyond. Climb with grace. Knowing that one day we will be on top of the mountain.

Not just ourselves but helping others get there as well. Coming back for some who need a helping hand. All the hardwork and pain will be worth the climb. We have to continuously encourage ourselves. Just keep going. Through it all. We’ll be stronger, wiser, and happier. There’s a lot to gain. We can’t focus on what we’ll lose.

Each day that we’re here. We have an opportunity to develop. We should all want to be apart of growth. In time we will be closer to the top. Never consider giving up. If one way doesn’t work then try another. There’s a solution even when we can’t see one at first. We’re conquerors. Remaining “hopeful” is very important. Connecting with others who have no problem being encouraging helps.

Staying motivated is important. It’s important to be surrounded by positive people. Engaging in positive communications. We seem to make more progress if we feel relaxed and filled with positivity. Tune out the harsh critics. If we keep believing we can and will reach the mountain top. More and more progress will be made.

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The Reachable Mountain top

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Stay Uplifted and Allow Peace in

There’s all sorts of things we have to deal with but we shouldn’t allow those things to weigh us down. We should try to be uplifted. If no one tries to uplift us. We should find ways to “uplift” ourselves. There’s soothing music that will uplift us and keep us in a calmness state. We shouldn’t allow the pressures of the world to invade our peace. Sometimes we’re exposed to the negative energies that people project and if we don’t shut those energies out then they can become ours.

It’s important that we find ways to improve our well being and surrounding ourselves with positive people will help build us up. We need to be surrounded with people who are happy with themselves. If they’re happy with themselves then they will display happiness. Finding material that includes encouraging words is a great way to stay uplifted.

Our lives can change for the better if we allow peaceful and positive things in it. We can’t expect to be productive in a chaotic state. Our homes, workplace, and places we visit should generate calmness for us. There may be some stress on a job site but too much is bad for our health.

Smiling more will help us feel uplifted. Even if we practice smiling, we can generate a happier environment, peace should be apart of our lives. We should build friendships witb those who have no problem inspiring others. We should surround ourselves with people who are happy when others do well. If we are in a slump then we find a place or find friends that will help generate a positive rise out of us.

Being uplifted will make our living experience a great one. There’s no need for us to be consumed with unhappiness. Our lives should be filled with gratefulness and gratitude. We should love and enjoy our environments. Sometimes we find ourselves in a dysfunctional environment but there’s still ways for us to be at “peace.”

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When There’s a lot to be Accomplished you Have to Mentally Block Things out

Whenever you’re trying to accomplish something. There may be noise and if you expect to accomplish anything you will need to block the noise out and keep moving. The Life Jolie 2015 says, “But seriously, when it comes to the noise that is thrown at us from other people, it is so important not to get sucked in.” People’s opinions, their lack of support, and their shouts should not prevent us from accomplishing whatever it is we need and want to accomplish. If we keep our focus on the noise then we won’t be able to focus on the important things and that’s making headway for our future.

No matter what we do. There will be noise whether it’s on our jobs, in our homes, or in another destination. We will either fall into the noise trap or we will keep moving and forget that it’s going on. The fact is, people will try to hinder us from doing something, and they may try to get us off course but it shouldn’t detour us from the path. So many will give up when there’s too much noise and when people are trying to bring them down. We can’t control what others say but we can do something about how we react to whatever they’re trying to do.

Noise happens whether we want it to or not. Anyone trying to prevent you from doing something that will better your life are noise makers. Noise makers exist and we should be aware of this. Giving up on whatever you’re trying to accomplish shouldn’t be within your thoughts because you’ve faced one of the challenges that come along with doing something out of the norm. Even if movement is slow it should still occur. No amount of noise should detour a person from reaching their destination.

“The Noise is There to get you off Track. Ignore and Proceed.” Don’t allow anyone to stop you from performing or obtaining what you deserve. It doesn’t matter how many noise makers come out to yell at you. If we remain positive and think about how far we’ve come then we will be able to “block out the noise.” It doesn’t matter who says what or what occurs. We can not allow our journeys to fade because noise continues to occur. Keep living and dreaming. Always remember that those making the most noise aren’t trying to build they’re trying to tear down. Proceed with your goals, dreams, and reach your destination.

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Quoted Source: The Life Jolie (2015) Living the Pretty Life. Why you Need to Block out the “Noise.”