Make it Happen Despite the Twists and Turns

Life will challenge you. There will be times where you’ll have to push a little harder. No matter how hard things seem don’t feel defeated. Our thoughts may try to dicourage us from meeting our full potential. The ups and downs will come along and the ins and outs. We will have to duck and sometimes dodge.

The harder it is the more accomplished we’ll be. We must face the hardships but with determination we can get through them. Strength is generated through continuous action. When we’re in the war zone. We need to think of ways of coming out of it in one piece. Our abilities are great. Sometimes we become a bit fearful when we hit with lots of challenges at one time. If we don’t go through the mess then we won’t grow the way that we should.

We can surpass the hard stuff. We can overcome the negatives. Some will tell us that we’re not capable of doing this task or that task because they refused to withstand it. Be bold and jump over those hurdles. We’re built strong but because we allow our minds to get the best of us. We end up slipping. There’s nothing that we can not bare. We may think that we won’t do well with the challenges that come before us.

Don’t settle for anything less than excellent. If we don’t face adversity then we won’t reach excellence. Everyone won’t go through the same obstacles. We’re different and we’ll start different we may finish in different manner. Whatever we face, we’re built to face it, we shouldn’t feel as if we won’t come through it. There may be some scrapes and bruises but they will heal. Our mindset will determine whether we come through it like soilders. The troubles are somewhere waiting but we have the armor to defeat troubles. Be brave and get through it somehow.

Featured Image Belongs to T. Paulk