.The Ability to Rejuvenate the Mind

There are so many reasons why the mind experiences fatigue. Being surrounded by negativity can wear down the mind. In order to keep a healthy mind one will need to remove the areas which cause the mind to become weaker. Being surrounded by negative beings can certainly cause the mind to become less productive and weak. “What is Said can Cause Mind Disturbances but There ways to Keep the Mind on the Right Track.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Unfortunately we may focus on the wrong areas and could experience a meltdown.

The Positive Ways to Incur a Rejuvenated Mind

  1. Engage in positive communications.
  2. Surround self around visionaries.
  3. Engage in fun activities.
  4. Read educational material.
  5. Focus on positive areas.
  6. Obtain proper rest.
  7. Take breaks when necessary.
  8. Think positively.
  9. Smile whenever possible.
  10. Spend less time within negative and controlling areas.

Some may not know exactly what it means to be positive. We’re not going to be positive at all times but we’re capable of being positive. To allow the mind to rest is of great importance. So many may focus on what is occurring and rarely spend time to just ponder on the most important areas. There should be time spent engaging in fun activities. “We’re not able to control what others will say or do but we can certainly control how we respond.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There are so many positive ways to experience the inner peace which is needed in order to experience proper balance.

No matter how negative an environment becomes there is something we’re able to do about the negativity and “that” (tanikkap) is to think positively. If any person expect to keep the mind rejuvenated then they’ll have to decide where and when to spend their time. Being in an extremely negative environment often can certainly break down the mind. There should be focus on elevation and living better. Society is riddled with confusions there are so many individuals trying to cause mind disturbances.

“The insanity in which so many tries to project could be the very insanity they’re left with.” By: Tanikka Paulk. The words spoken can either create joy or sadness. There are many choices and I’d rather choose to be positive however there will be times when i’m negative. It’s certainly not easy dealing with broken environments and individuals but there are books which can help create more positivity. There’s so many materials about in which will assist with creating a more thoughtful mind.

The attacks which are experienced haven’t caused my mind to fade. Although there could be some short-term memory there isn’t any insanity. Oh how grateful I Tanikka paulk am. The negative words were seen and heard but I’m refusing to allow any person to have control over my mind. My thoughts will continue to be positive. There is glory! I’m blessed because I’m able to think and able to experience peacefulness. There are so many individuals unable to obtain any peace at all.

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