Attacks Will Come but we Must Overcome

When we’re making changes in our lives, it can make a lot of people upset, not everyone wants to see change occur. It doesn’t matter if we want change or not. Change will happen. It may be difficult for some to accept change so therefore they will spill attacks. We have to “overcome” them.

The more we put our heads in the bible. The greater the attacks. Satan isn’t pleased when we’re trying to get closer to God. He will use people to try to stop our purpose. He destroys and doesn’t want to see us happy. If he can get us down then that will make him satisfied.

He lurks about. When we try to go higher. He tries to keep us lower. Even when attacks head our way. We should pray more. If we’re facing trials. We should focus on what God has instore for us. The more we read the word of God. The more we’ll understand when days seem so in tangled. It isn’t easy trying to transform in a way that God wants us to transform. That’s why we have to pray more.

We’ll need to meditate on the Lord. If people are upset about us making a connection with God then they may be a hinder to our walk. People become fearful because they want things to be a certain way. They may perceive things one way when it’s another. It can get pretty rough. We will come up against those that disagree with what we’re doing.

We should connect with those who are trying to go where we’re trying to go. Those who are angry with our goals won’t be supportive and may try to stop what God has for us. No one can defeat God but they may try to create difficulties for us. Even if we stumble. We should get back up and keep moving.

God can do all things so we’re not alone. Even in our troubled days, He watches over us, Jesus will lead us to His father. Each day we should become stronger. There could be devision between others, especially husbands and wives, one may want to go this way and the other may want to go another way.

This world is filled with road blocks and we have to decide whether those road blocks will stop us. We will make it through. The troubled roads get smoother. The turbulance won’t go on always. We simply have to find those posittive things that will help us get closer to our assignment.

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