No Other Love Like Yours

Love is a beautiful thing, there’s all sorts of love, temporary love. There’s peaceful love. Everlasting love and desperation love but the love from our Father and His son is like no other. That unconditional love can be brought. We should love one another and love ourselves. The deepest love comes from our Creator and without putting that love into our daily lives and in our relationships. There will be no “prosperity.” Not everyone believes in God and Jesus’s love but if we just look around we should figure out that a Higher Power exist.

If we remove love then all will fail. Love conquers and it overrides hate. When love is removed from our lives. We become bitter and we face many, many challenges. It’s best to put God into it. Jesus loved us enough to die for our sins. Is love runs deep. No one can love us like that. Our spouse, relatives, and friends may love us but they can never love us the way that God and Jesus loves us. Listening the words from our Father and His son will make our lives better. Our bad situation can turn into a peaceful situation.

We can generate more peace by loving one another and removing hate. Some are so fueled by hate because they’ve either removed God and Jesus from their lives or they’ve never had them in their lives. Even when we fall their love covers us. They love us in the good and the bad. Some may only love us when we’re doing well. God and Jesus’s love stays whether we’re up or down. The unconditional love can bring us out of darkness.

Even when we’ve suffered a setback. They will hold us up and put us back to where we need to be. Now that’s real love. Their love is fake it never fades. It stays with us and even when we feel all alone. They’re love is still there. They never forsake us and who else will feel that way about us? Having the love from a partner or from our friends is great but God’s love and Jesus’s love is eternal. It carries us from here to there.

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The Importance of a Spiritual Connection With God and Jesus

Are you waiting for a “breakthrough?” Just because we pray and we meditate on the Lord that doesn’t mean that we won’t go through those trials and tribulations but it does mean that we will be better equipped to deal with them. We live in a troubled world. Death was introduced through sin. No one is without sin. The Lord sent his only son to die for our sins and for that we should be thankful. John 6:40 says, “For my Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day.” Some may claim that this world is like hell on earth.

It may be hot and chaotic but this world isn’t like hell and if there’s no repenting and there’s no relationship with God and Jesus then we won’t see what heaven looks like, feels like, and sounds like. If you haven’t decided to give God your time. You can do so right now. As long as there’s breath in the body. You can give your life to Jesus. John 14:6 says, “Jesus answered. I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” If it wasn’t for God sending His Son to die for our sins. We would be lost, undelivered, unprotected. God may allow us to go through those storms but He loved us enough to send His only Son to die for us and He wants us to have eternal life.

We won’t always do good because there will come a time that we may slip and fall but thank God and Jesus that our mistakes can be washed away. Our past can be wiped clean. When we spend time with God and Jesus. We’re making them glad. We become renewed and freed. We need the closeness to go into those battles that will confront us. Have you ever been through a battle? In a battle you may come up against some wickedness so therefore you will need to go in constant prayer and keep your armor on. You may say, “what armor?” The Armor of God.

As we get closer to God and walk with Jesus.We will build greater faith and that pleases God. We must have faith and works. They go hand and hand. When you start spending time with the Lord. You will notice something different about yourself. The beginning of “transformation” will take place. The more you pray and worship. The greater your faith.The greater your faith. The better you will feel.

You can spend time with God and Jesus anywhere and going to church will allow us to worship and fellowship but we don’t have to sit in church every Sunday in order to build a relationship with God. There’s a misconception that one must go to church from sun up to sun down in order to build a relationship or make it to heaven. Some may think that their church going is the only thing that will get them in heaven. Oh no, Satan can go to church, it takes a personal relationship with the Father and the Son. It takes repenting and living righteously. Even a God’s Word Deliverer will stumble but that doesn’t mean that they will stay down. Asking for forgiveness is important and having that in our hearts is very important. God loves us too much to not give us the tools we need to make a life after this one.

We’re made in God’s image so therefore we’re perfect but our actions may not always align with that. Even if they don’t. We have an opportunity to ask God for forgiveness and continue on the path of righteousness. Some may not agree with what’s supplied here because they may not believe that God and Jesus exist but for those who do. It’s time that we stand up and stand firm. We can’t allow Satan to swallow us up. That’s why it’s so important that we pray and ask God for guidance. If there’s weeping now. The weeps may disappear tomorrow. You never know what tomorrow will bring so be hopeful that what ever you’re going through will pass. “Stay blessed!”

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