What oh What are They Doing?

Oh my ‘goodness.” Some just can’t resist coming up against the writer, blogger founder and advocate named Tanikka Paulk. I’m going to explain just what they are doing. Let’s see. Altering my information, Harassing me=(Tanikka Paulk), bulling and inside of my devices causing havoc. How can any claim good when they’re inside of devices, altering information, and sending hatefulness to my devices? Chuckles. They’re making some inmates appear to be angelic. Really? There are some who continue to be so irritating but I’m refusing to give the persons my undivided attention. “Some Need to Rehabilitated and There are way too Many not Receiving What’s Needed.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

They will attack, bully, harass and disrupt. They are mean, hateful, and will send all sorts of insults through my devices. They have altered “my information” and continue to monitor my every move. Perhaps soon enough there will be the supplying of consequences so that the individuals receive the help that’s needed. There are some who should be incarcerated because of their refusal to stop committing cyber crimes and other crimes. No person deserves to be severely bullied. There are a lot of youth who had to deal with all sorts of bullies. Some have taken their lives. So unfortunate that so many continue to be nuisances.

There should be more willing to create a better society. There are so many who insist on being problems and rarely are finding the solutions. Some really don’t deserve to be in my circle at all. Through the many observations, I’ve discovered that no matter what a person does, There will always be some individuals who insist on coming up against certain persons who want to become better individuals. There are some who deserve to be sent on the other side of the world because they’re not going to stop being evil. “The Injustices are Real and how Many are Willing to Make Sure the Injustices Receive the Attention the Injustices Need?” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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