Be who you Were Designed to be

We are who we are and not who people say we are. God created us in perfect inage because God is perfect He’s flawed free. When we enter this world. We may change but we’re still the person God created. We may make mistakes, have bad judgement, and make bad choices but those things don’t make us.

We all have our own set personality. We can “grow” and we can change somethings about us but we’re still God’s creation. Lots may not accept us for who we are and that’s something we have no control over. We shouldn’t hold it against them if they’re unwilling to accept us. If everyone is thrilled with us then we’re doing something wrong. Although we’re suppose to love one another. It won’t happen. Some will love us unconditionally and others may hate us to the core. As long as we love ourselves that’s what truly matters. We have to be accepting of ourselves.

We don’t live for the world. We live in it and we must understand that we won’t be able to please everyone and we should try. Some will be disappointed with who we are. They may not accept our flaws. We become flawed through actions. Entering a troubled world and allowing it to control our thoughts. Flawed or not. Someone will “love” us for who we are. They’ll love us for our flaws and all.

We can get better.That’s if we want to do so. It may take continuous efforts to be who we desire to become. We’re still who we were but when we make changes. We become a better form. If a person is unwilling to accept you for who you are then that’s their choice. We can recommend that people change but we can’t force them to do so. We have to desire change.

Our love for self will help us love others. We must first love who we are in order to embrace others. We shouldn’t even desire for everyone to be accepting of us. We should expect to be respected and although it doesn’t always happen which is dissappointing. We should expect it because even a person who has sinned a 1000 times deserves respect. We musr remember when we judge another. We’ve opened the door to be judged as well. Be who you are but if you want to change somethings about yourself then feel free to do so. We should want to become a better version of ourselves. That version before we allowed the world to change us.

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Surrendering to Love

The pain and the moments where suffering was great. It leaves us, it may not leave us right away, but eventually it will. The heartache and the thoughts of closure. Does love hurt? Well it can. The love that one may consider love. It can feel like there’s no room to breathe. Love isn’t suppose to be painful. It’s not suppose to control and abuse. It doesn’t ¬†belittle or fade. Love stays. It grows and it produces. Should we call a man a man when he harms a woman? Yes, he’s still a man, maybe a broken one.

Sometimes we have to spend our getting to know ourselves better. Finding that common ground. If we allow so called love to knock us down then we become slaves to it. No love will chip away at the mind. Love is compassionate, understanding, and kind. It listens and it goes the extra mile. Love doesn’t if it does then it was never there. Some fall in love with love. The idea of love. The thoughts a fairy tale. A long walk on the beach and a vase full of roses. How can anyone deny love?

Sometimes we may want to believe that love has found us but love starts with us. If one doesn’t love themselves then they won’t be able to love others. The love we feel for ourselves will grow into others areas and when people see how well the love flows then they’ll want to be apart of it. Love conquers. It doesn’t harass or attack. It attracts and it can travel near or far. Once we love ourselves then love will find us.

It can’t be hidden. It’s expressive and it encourages. Love doesn’t discourage. It’s continuous and it’s felt in all kinds of places. Who doesn’t want to be apart of love? Even if they behave as if they could care less about love. They’re displaying falsehood. Everyone wants to be loved. If we displayed more love then we would be happier people. Bitterness takes the love away and it can cause so much damage. Bitterness destroys and it can make people disconnect. Move further and further away.

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